Teaching A Horse To Lunge With Ease


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Teaching A Horse To Lunge

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Teaching A Horse To Lunge With Ease

  1. 1. Teaching A Horse To Lunge With Ease
  2. 2. Horse domestication and horse riding are very common these days. That’s because horses make really good pets and good companions. But there are those who see more of these animals and venture into horse training. Horses are very intelligent and capable animals. Like dogs, they are able to perform tricks and put up a show for people. Equestrian alone is a world- known sport that involves horses and makes them such important animals. A horse, when controlled well can do a countless number of tricks, including the lunge. Lunging is when a horse is made to walk in a circle around its handler. It’ quite a simple trick but it’s sometimes difficult when dealing with a stubborn horse or someone who easily gets confused. Teaching a horse to lungecan be done in a few steps. You will of course need
  3. 3. a lead rope tied to the horse, and a bridle to cover a part of his sight if possible, so that he will stay focused on that circular direction you are leading him to. When all is ready stay in a closed field with the horse and hold the lead rope. If he moves a lot hold him by his mouth to get some control. If you need more back up prepare the whip. But don’t hurt him with it; just use it to get his attention. teaching a horse to lunge will sometimes need such training tools. Now pull the lead rope and make him walk. Stay in the center and lead him in a circular direction as if you too are rotating. Keep going until he gets it. Even if he makes half the circle give him a treat and show him that what he did was good. Do this repeatedly but slowly so as not to get the horse dizzy.
  4. 4. Now that you know teaching a horse to lunge can be quite easy if you know how, it’s time you learn to teach him how to halt, or lunge backwards. For More Additional Information. Please Visit http://horsetrainingguide.org