How To Train A Horse To Rear


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Find Out How To Train A Horse To Rear

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How To Train A Horse To Rear

  1. 1. How To Teach A Horse To Rear Without The Risk
  2. 2. Horse training is indeed a beautiful experience with horses and also a very challenging one. When dealing with a very intelligent animal that has a strong character, you have to develop the ability to be able to relate to them in a natural way. Horse back riders or equestriennes put a lot of effort to teach horses how to walk, jump, run, bow, and paw. Horses are also capable of doing tricks such as dancing, smiling and kissing. But one of the risky tricks that most professional trainers get into is "how to teach a horse to rear. Rearing is when a horse rises upwards carrying his two legs with him. It’s like riding a motorbike and letting the front wheel ride upwards. Learning how to train a horse to rear must be done carefully as it is very risky. A horse could rise up to high and lose control that he will end
  3. 3. up falling backwards and on top of the handler. How to train a horse to rear will take a simple, but cautious procedure. The first thing you should do is to find a safe height, like a stable ladder, a tall ramp or what have you. Let the horse stand still and then climb the height in front of him. Carry with you a treat and have him smell it before climbing. When you’re on top bribe the horse and say ‘up’, encouraging him to raise up to get it. Do it repeatedly and reward the horse every time he gets it correctly. Let him only jump 2-3 times every time you give the cue word (up) so as not to tire him or get him out of balance. After he succeeds a few times, let him rear without any treat in hand. Have him practice rearing with only the cue word.
  4. 4. That’s how to train a horse to rear without much risk. For more Additional Horse Training Information.Please Visit