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  1. 1. Geometry By dakg8m
  2. 2. Lets Review!
  3. 3. Circle                                                                                (pie x radius squared) pie=3.14
  4. 4. Parallelogram Area of a parallelogram= bh (base x height)                                       
  5. 5. Triangle Area of a triangle= bh÷2 (base x height ÷ by 2)                                                                    
  6. 6. Rectangle Area of a rectangle= l x w (length x width)                                                         
  7. 7. Trapezoid Area of a trapezoid= (b1 + b2)h÷2 (base one + base two x height ÷ by 2)                                             
  8. 8. Area of a square= b² or lw (base squared or length x width) Square
  9. 9. Rectangular Prism Surface area of a rectangular prism= 2(lw+lh+wh) (length x width + length x height + width x height)                                       
  10. 10. Volume volume= l x w x h (length x width x height)
  11. 11. volume of a cylinder= πr²h (pie x radius squared x height) pie= 3.14
  12. 12. Triangular prism Volume of triangular prism find the volume of the three rectangles on the sides then find the area of the triangle on top x 2 and then add them together.
  13. 13. Pythagorean Theorem formula a²+b²=c²