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NP Company Presentation

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NP Company Presentation

  1. 1. Insert Date Here <br />Insert Client Logo here<br />ComPanyPresentation<br />
  2. 2. Neumann Partners Company Presentation<br />Content<br />Who we are<br />Objectives<br />NP Facts<br />Heritage<br />History<br />Advisory Board<br />What makes us different<br />Services<br />Executive Search<br />Neumann Management Colloquium<br />Board Services<br />Regional Competencies<br />Expansion Strategy<br />Western Europe: ourroots – Nordic – Southern Europe<br />Central Eastern Europe<br />Asia Pacific<br />The Americas<br />Values<br />Consultant Biographies<br />Offices and Co-operationpartners<br />Page 1<br />
  3. 3. Who we are<br />Objectives<br />Page 2<br />Our Objectives are...<br /><ul><li>To add value by creating solutions for our clients.
  4. 4. To be a different type of international executive search business – one that makes a lasting contribution to clients and candidates alike.
  5. 5. To be a fully integrated executive search business professionally led by owner-managers, who share common values such as loyalty, entrepreneurial as well as team spirit and empathy.
  6. 6. To be a company that embodies Excellence in Human Capital.</li></li></ul><li>Who we are<br />NP-Facts<br />NP is a fullyintegratedone-company firm withmorethan 150 employees, providingborderlessservicethrough 27 offices in 20 countries anddistinguished Co-operationpartners. NP consultantsworkwithenthusiasm, thehighestofvaluesandqualityexpectations.<br />NP - headquartered in Vienna - unites a European-led firm culture with global scope.<br />NP issupportedby a strong Advisory Board coveringknowledgeof global top executives.<br />NP is the pioneer of fast growing Emerging Marketsworldwide, focusing on CEE in thepast, on BRIC today.<br />Page 3<br />
  7. 7. Who we are<br />NP-Facts<br />NP worksconstantly on broadeningourserviceportfolio in ourclients‘ interest. As a resultwehavedeveloped Neumann Management Colloquium (NMC), Executive Mentoringandmoretocome.<br />NP isbigenoughto matter, smallenoughtobe flexible, flexible enoughtomake a difference.<br />Helmut Neumann providesuswith a nameand a face, Hans Jordawith a uniqueentrepreneurialvision in ourindustry.<br />Meeting ourclients‘ needsisourfirstpriority: wearedrivenbyquality, efficiency, speedandprofessionalism, addingvaluetoeachandeveryprojectthankstoour in-housemarketintelligence, workinghardwithenthusiasmand total commitment.<br />Page 4<br />
  8. 8. Who we are<br />Heritage<br />Page 5<br /><ul><li>In 1971 Helmut Neumann founded one of the first executive search companies in Europe. As one of the pioneers in this sector he was an early advocate of the importance of a continual training and development system to create and educate top search professionals.
  9. 9. When Helmut Neumann formed NP in 2002, Hans Jorda joined shortly after as CEO, tasked with developing the company into a truly global player within our sector. He has brought together a team of highly-qualified consultants who share the same values.</li></li></ul><li>Who we are<br />History<br />Page 6<br />1971 - 2002<br />2004 - 2005<br />2002 - 2003<br /><ul><li>Helmut Neumann establishes one of the first executive search companies in Europe
  10. 10. Trendsetter in executive search
  11. 11. Pioneer in Central Eastern Europe
  12. 12. Neumann & Partners is founded
  13. 13. Establishing subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia
  14. 14. Expansion in Germany – additional offices in Cologne, Munich and Hamburg
  15. 15. Adding competence centre “Neumann Legal” in Frankfurt
  16. 16. Establishing presence in US and Spain</li></li></ul><li>Who we are<br />History<br />Page 7<br />2006 - 2007<br />2008 - 2009<br />2010 - 2011<br /><ul><li>Business start-up in Poland, new office in Stuttgart (Germany)
  17. 17. Introduction of Neumann Management Colloquium
  18. 18. Expansion into Asia Pacific with regional headquarters in Hong Kong
  19. 19. Expansion into Latin America with office in Mexico
  20. 20. Business start-ups in Ukraine and France
  21. 21. Expansion into mainland China with office in Shanghai
  22. 22. Business start-up in Denmark for the Nordic region
  23. 23. Further Expansion to CEE with offices in Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Russia and Serbia
  24. 24. New office in Italy/Milan
  25. 25. Adding Co-operation partners in India and the US
  26. 26. Further growth in Germany through new office in Berlin/Potsdam</li></li></ul><li>Who we are<br />Advisory Board<br />Page 8<br />NP issupportedby a strong Advisory Board coveringknowledgeof global top executives:<br /><ul><li>Robert Büchelhofer</li></ul>The formerNo. 2 at BMW worldwideandat a laterstage Volkswagen worldwide<br /><ul><li>Gottfried Gröbl</li></ul>Oneofthebestknown FMCG Managers in Europe; Presidentof Mars CEE forthepast 10 yearsandmemberoftheworldwide Mars Executive Committee<br /><ul><li>Günther Hassler</li></ul>Former CEO ofMondi/Neusiedler, oneofthelargestpapercompanies in theworld, memberoftheworldwideMondi Group Executive Committee<br /><ul><li>Raimondo Nider</li></ul>Ex-Managing Partner of Egon Zehnder Italy, formermanagerof Korn/Ferry Southern Europe (Italy, Spain, France, Turkey andGreece) andex-memberoftheworldwide Korn/Ferry Board<br /><ul><li>Torsten Rasmussen</li></ul>Long-time COO of Lego International, Co-Chairman ofVestas, theworld’slargestwindmillcompany<br />
  27. 27. Who we are<br />Page 9<br />Neumann &<br />Partners<br />Local boutique <br />search<br />companies<br />Global, super-<br />sized executive<br />search firms<br />What makes us different<br />
  28. 28. Who we are<br />What makes us different<br />Page 10<br />Features of local boutique search companies<br /><ul><li>Limited resources (only able to conduct a certain number of searches at the same time and in one region)
  29. 29. Limited access to interesting candidates
  30. 30. Only local network
  31. 31. In-depth knowledge of local market
  32. 32. Committed client relationship management</li></li></ul><li>Who we are<br />What makes us different<br />Page 11<br />Neumann & Partners<br /><ul><li>Proven track record in assembling international project groups and global reach through Co-operations
  33. 33. Maximum candidate access
  34. 34. No global marketing and therefore limited brand recognition
  35. 35. Quality performance is valuable, therefore it has its price
  36. 36. Committed client relationship management
  37. 37. Private firm owned by consultants with very high commitment
  38. 38. Senior Consultants execute their own assignments
  39. 39. Big enough to matter, small enough to be flexible, flexible enough to make a difference</li></li></ul><li>Who we are<br />What makes us different<br />Page 12<br />Global, super-sized executive search firms<br /><ul><li>Often rely on junior consultants to conduct the searches
  40. 40. Strictly organized, no room for flexible solutions in accordance with local necessities
  41. 41. Off Limits-problems
  42. 42. Can afford to lose clients
  43. 43. Offices around the globe
  44. 44. Extensive resources and budgets (for marketing, ...)
  45. 45. Perfectly standardized processes</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Overview<br />Page 13<br />Executive Search<br />Neumann Management Colloquium<br /><ul><li>Executive Search is our largest service practice. NP assists its clients by identifying, assessing and on-boarding the most talented business leaders and specialists.
  46. 46. Neumann Management Colloquium is a state of the art process for evaluating professional competences along with selected aspects of the personalities of the candidates and managers in the commercial setting.</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Overview<br />Page 14<br />Board Services<br />Special Projects<br /><ul><li>We provide professional support in staffing supervisory boards and advisory councils. The focus is on continuous improvement in the performance of supervisory bodies as efficient tools for strategic company management.
  47. 47. We walk the extra mile when our clients require the support of a whole team of consultants to carry out projects that include complex, creative and tailor-made solutions – such as setting up entire organizations and teams.</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Executive Search<br />Page 15<br />Executive Search<br /><ul><li>Wherever your candidates are located, we will help you find them!
  48. 48. The business environment is global. Businesses have to deal with complexity that executives have to cut through constantly.
  49. 49. NP cuts through the complexity of finding leadership talent on behalf of clients by applying professional search methods that are both pragmatic and uncomplicated, yet also sophisticated.</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Executive Search<br />Page 16<br />Executive Search<br /><ul><li>The experience of our consultants enables them to set the benchmark for final selection and to support clients in winning the best candidates.
  50. 50. Executive Search, as a reliable method, is only as good as the consultant managing the assignment:Our consultants are your guarantee for ethics, quality, competence, experience and professionalism!</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Executive Search<br />Page 17<br />Executive Mentoring<br /><ul><li>Executive Mentoring is a “Success Booster” for executives in new companies and/or new positions. Under this model, mentees speed up their productivity in a new environment while adding value to the overall corporation.
  51. 51. Early frustrations and misunderstandings can be avoided through fair and experienced peer input from the executive mentor. During an initial face-to-face session executives will define targets, milestones and deliverables for the critical period of the first one hundred days in a new position with the executive mentor and follow up on them on a regular basis.
  52. 52. These weekly follow-ups include best practice sharing, peer input and professional feedback in a confidential atmosphere of trust and support. Executive mentors have a strong business background in relevant industries and extensive leadership experience on a CEO level within large publicly traded corporations.</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Executive Search<br />Page 18<br />Competence Centre Structure<br /><ul><li>We believe that first-hand knowledge of our clients’ market, sector, products and services together with our global search capabilities are what make us the executive search partner of choice for clients across the globe.
  53. 53. With in-depth knowledge of and extensive contacts within the respective sectors, Neumann & Partners is best positioned to identify and motivate exceptional candidates. Our business is structured internationally in a matrix, including specialized Competence Centres:</li></ul>Competence Centres<br /><ul><li>Consumer / LuxuryGoods & Retail
  54. 54. Financial Services
  55. 55. Industry, Automotive & Energy
  56. 56. Life Sciences, Healthcare & Hospital
  57. 57. Legal & Professional Services
  58. 58. Sports, Media & Entertainment
  59. 59. Technology, IT & Telco
  60. 60. Asia Pacific
  61. 61. Central Eastern Europe</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Neumann Management Colloquium<br />Page 19<br />Neumann Management Colloquium<br /><ul><li>The Neumann Management Colloquium (NMC) is a state-of-the-art management evaluation tool developed by our experienced HR Consultants in partnership with a leading European University.
  62. 62. It enables clients to evaluate a manager’s fit to a role specification and/or company’s mission and to assess his/her potential for future development.
  63. 63. The NMC is available in all local languages of our subsidiaries – this is how we can ensure direct comparability of findings throughout the entire NP group. </li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Neumann Management Colloquium<br />Page 20<br />Neumann Management Colloquium<br /><ul><li>In comparison with traditional assessment centre scenarios or testing situations, the collaborative atmosphere of discussion has the positive effect of reducing the level of stress and improving the level of acceptance of the process. Our definition of the word “colloquium” simply translates as: an open discussion among peers.
  64. 64. Moreover the NMC provides a strictly confidential setting in which executives and senior managers can express their point of view on internal processes and structures, allowing us to act as our clients' gateway to further optimization.</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Neumann Management Colloquium<br />Page 21<br />Key Elements<br /><ul><li>The Neumann Management Colloquium entails two key elements:</li></ul>1.Professional Audit<br /><ul><li>The Professional Audit serves to determine a manager’s competency profile and to measure each competency in a very structured manner using bespoke questionnaires.</li></ul>2.Personality Appraisal<br /><ul><li>The Personality Appraisal primarily focuses on the evaluation / assessment of an individual’s character and personality traits.</li></ul>Evaluation<br /><ul><li>Evaluations are carried out in the form of structured interviews, always conducted by two consultants.</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Board Services<br />Page 22<br />Board Services<br /><ul><li>Surveys of both Executive and Non-Executive Boards often highlight significant deficits. Particularly in the case of Non-Executive Directors two key shortfalls show up regularly:
  65. 65. absence of a meaningful pattern ofcompetencies, as represented in the respective supervisory and advisory bodies
  66. 66. lack of relevant (and specific) industry/sector knowledge
  67. 67. NP has reacted to this demand by putting together a group of highly experienced and respected top executives and board membersto directly address these and other issues.</li></li></ul><li>Services<br />Board Services<br />Page 23<br />Board Services<br /><ul><li>We provide Executive & Non-Executive Director recruitment and advisory services, such as:
  68. 68. Advice on Board & CEO appraisal systems
  69. 69. Conducting Board briefing sessions
  70. 70. Advice on the composition of “tailor-made”Non-Executive Boards
  71. 71. Conducting Board & Executive assessments
  72. 72. Recruitment of Board members
  73. 73. Pre-screening of Board members</li></li></ul><li>Local<br />Regional<br />Internat.<br />Global<br />Expansion Strategy<br /><ul><li>It is our development strategy to grow fromLocal to Regional to International to Global.
  74. 74. We combine local and regional market know-howwith the requirements of our internationaland global clients.</li></ul>Regional Competencies<br />Page 24<br />
  75. 75. Regional Competencies<br />Page 25<br />NP regions<br />Bulgaria<br />Croatia<br />Czech Republic<br />Hungary<br />Poland<br />Romania<br />Russia<br />Serbia<br />Slovakia<br />Ukraine<br />Central Eastern Europe<br />Belgium<br />France<br />Italy<br />Spain<br />Turkey<br />UK<br />Western & Southern Europe<br />Denmark<br />Finland<br />Norway<br />Sweden<br />Nordic<br />Brazil<br />Mexico<br />USA<br />The Americas<br />Australia<br />China<br />Hong Kong<br />India<br />Asia Pacific<br />Austria (2 offices)<br />Germany (7 offices)<br />Switzerland<br />ourroots<br />
  76. 76. Regional Competencies<br />Page 26<br />Gateway toLatinAmerica<br />Mexico City<br />Gateway toAsia Pacific<br />Hong Kong<br />Gateway to CEE<br />Vienna<br />Our Gateways<br />Our Growth is aligned to Fast Growing and Emerging Markets<br />
  77. 77. Regional Competencies<br />Europe<br />Page 27<br />NP isoneoftheleadingcompanies in the German speakingarea. In Austria, NP hasoffices in Vienna and Salzburg. NP Germany covers all regions in Germany throughitssevenoffices, strategicallyplaced in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Stuttgart andMunich.<br />More than 25 Partners and Consultants operate in Austria and Germany. Additionallywehave Co-operationpartners in Zurich, Switzerland.<br />Ourgeographicstructureandsectorexpertisemakesusoneoftheleadingexecutivesearchcompanies in Germany and Austria. <br />Ourroots<br />Hamburg<br />Berlin<br />Cologne<br />Frankfurt<br />Heidelberg<br />Stuttgart<br />Vienna<br />Munich<br />Salzburg<br />Zurich<br />Offices<br />Co-operationpartners<br />
  78. 78. Westrengthenedour European organisationbyopening an office in Copenhagen in 2009, whichistheheadquarterforourNordicoperation.<br />Long-standing, provenpartnerships in Finland, NorwayandSwedencompleteournetwork.<br />Nordic<br />Europe<br />Regional Competencies<br />Page 28<br />Stockholm<br />Oslo<br />Helsinki<br />Copenhagen<br />Offices<br />Co-operationpartners<br />
  79. 79. In additiontoourengagement in thegermanspeaking countries andtheNordicregionourfootprint in Europe iscomplementedwithouroffices in Milan, Madrid and Paris.<br />Our Paris office also conductssearches in AfricaandtheMiddle East.<br />Our Co-operationpartners in UK, Belgiumand Turkey completeourpresence in thisregion.<br />Western & Southern Europe<br />Paris<br />Madrid<br />Regional Competencies<br />Europe<br />Page 29<br />London<br />Brussels<br />Milan<br />Istanbul<br />Offices<br />Co-operationpartners<br />
  80. 80. Hans Jordaand Helmut Neumann werepioneerscreatingtheexecutivesearchprofession in Central and Eastern Europe. <br />NP isoperating in morethan 15 countries, providingclientswithspecialist Human Resources solutions.<br />The regionisclustered in 3 areas: <br />Central Europe (offices in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary), Southeast Europe (Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria) and CIS (Russia, Ukraine). <br />Central Eastern Europe (CEE)<br />Prague<br />Budapest<br />Bucharest<br />Zagreb<br />Belgrade<br />Regional Competencies<br />Europe<br />Page 30<br />Moscow<br />Warsaw<br />Kiev<br />Bratislava<br />Sofia<br />Offices<br />Co-operationpartners<br />
  81. 81. NP assistsitsclients in findingtheright mix ofexpatriatesandlocalmanagers in thisexceptionallydynamicregion.<br />Havingopenedits regional headquarters in Hong Kong in 2007 tobeclosertoitsbusinesspartnersanditscandidateswithintheregion, Neumann & Partners havefurtheredtheirexpansion in mainland China throughtheestablishmentof a 100% subsidiary in Shanghai in 2010.<br />OurAsia Pacific specialistteam in Cologne, Germany, hasmorethan 20 yearsexperience in thisareaandhasachieved a solid track-record in placingseniorexecutivesas well as in providing innovative andcomprehensive HR solutionstoitsclients in China, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia andother Asian countries.<br />Co-operationpartnerships in AustraliaandIndiacompleteourpresence in theregion.<br />Asia Pacific<br />Regional Competencies<br />Asia Pacific<br />Page 31<br />Shanghai<br />Hong Kong<br />Bangalore<br />Melbourne<br />Offices<br />Co-operationpartners<br />
  82. 82. Tomeetourclientsrequests in the US weprovideourservicesthroughouroffice in New York as well asthroughour Co-operationpartnersattheeastand west coasts.<br />Our Co-operationpartner in Georgia focuses on serving European companies incorporated in the US.<br />The NP Mexico officeservesasourdirectgatewayintoLatinAmerica – weconductsearches in such countries asBrazil, Columbia, Argentinaandother South American countries.<br />The Americas<br />The Americas<br />New York<br />Englewood/NJ<br />San Francisco<br />Woodstock<br />Mexico City<br />Sao Paulo<br />Regional Competencies<br />Page 32<br />Offices<br />Co-operationpartners<br />
  83. 83. Values<br />We believe in…<br />Page 33<br />Our Values<br /><ul><li>We give respect to our partners. We earn it for ourselves.
  84. 84. We share our findings openly with our clients and pass on all relevant information to our candidates.
  85. 85. We are experts in what we do. We recognize our responsibility to maintain a high level of expertise in all relevant sectors – this means continuous learning: We will continue to develop our skills, our experience base and our tools so that we can provide our clients with the best performance and service.
  86. 86. We value diversity. Our group consists of people from different cultures with different backgrounds and interests. We encourage the members of our firm to utilize their unique experiences and skills and to investigate their areas of interest.
  87. 87. Hard work can be fun. We enjoy what we do and we enjoy the people we do it with.</li></li></ul><li>Biographies<br />Consultant‘sname: First Last<br />Page 34<br />Pleaseputyour CV HERE.<br />
  88. 88. Our offices<br />Page 35<br />Headquarter, Austria/Vienna<br />FRANCE/PARIS<br />CHINA/SHANGHAI<br />AUSTRIA/SALZBURG<br />CZECH REPUBLIC/PRAGUE<br />CHINA/HONG KONG<br />DENMARK/COPENHAGEN<br />BULGARIA/SOFIA<br />CROATIA/ZAGREB<br />137 bd Haussmann<br />F-75008 Paris<br />Tel.: +33 1 76748120<br />Fax.: +33 1 53 75 14 92<br /><br />2/F Shanghai Universal Center, 175 Xiang Yang<br />Road South, Shanghai, 200031 P. R. China<br />Tel.: +86 21 5465 9217<br />Fax: +86 21 5465 8637<br /><br />Lautrupsgade 7, 6th floor<br />DK-2100 Copenhagen<br />Tel.: +45 39 10 70 70<br /><br />Schwarzenbergplatz 3<br />A-1010 Vienna <br />Tel.: +43 1 20 55 88 0<br />Fax: +43 1 20 55 88 22<br /><br />1205-06, Kinwick Centre,<br />32 Hollywood Road, Central,Hong Kong<br />Tel: +852- 3798-2888<br />Fax: +852- 3583-0855<br /><br />Hubert-Sattler-Gasse 13<br />A-5020 Salzburg<br />Tel.: +43 662 87 00 41<br />Fax: +43 662 87 00 41 22<br /><br />Národní 10<br />CZ-110 00 Praha 1<br />Tel.: +420 224 951 530<br />Fax: +420 224 933 575<br /><br />Slavianska 11B, office 5<br />BG-1000 Sofia<br />Tel.: +359 2 422 55 55<br />Fax: +359 2 422 55 53<br /><br />Gajeva 2a/IV<br />HR-10000 Zagreb<br />Tel.: +385 1 5493 830<br />Fax: +385 1 5493 833<br /><br />
  89. 89. Our offices<br />Page 36<br />GERMANY/BERLIN<br />Lindenstrasse 63<br />D-14467 Potsdam<br />Tel.: +49 331 2901 896<br />Fax: +49 331 2901 897<br /><br />GERMANY/FRANKFURT<br />GERMANY/MUNICH<br />GERMANY/HAMBURG<br />GERMANY/STUTTGART<br />GERMANY/HEIDELBERG<br />GERMANY/COLOGNE<br />HUNGARY/BUDAPEST<br />Stephanstrasse 10 (Ecke Broennerstr.)<br />D-60313 Frankfurt am Main<br />Tel.: +49 69 789 876 0<br />Fax: +49 69 789 876 25<br /><br />Herzog-Heinrich-Strasse 13<br />D-80336 Munich<br />Tel.: +49 89 922 994 0<br />Fax: +49 89 922 994 78<br /><br />Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 30<br />D-69117 Heidelberg<br />Tel.: +49 6221 38 93 10<br />Fax: +49 6221 38 93 168<br /><br />Anna-Schneider-Steig 22<br />D-50678 Cologne<br />Tel.: +49 221 650 751 0<br />Fax: +49 221 650 751 75<br /><br />Neuer Wall 72<br />D-20354 Hamburg<br />Tel.: +49 40 37 47 20 0<br />Fax: +49 40 37 47 20 29<br /><br />Schlossstrasse 70<br />D-70176 Stuttgart<br />Tel.: +49 711 75 85 88 0<br />Fax: +49 711 75 85 88 25<br /><br />Ali u. 8<br />H-1025 Budapest<br />Tel.: +36 1 489 4 489<br />Fax: +36 1 489 4 488<br /><br />ITALY/MILAN<br />Via V. Monti N. 8<br />I-20123 Milan<br />Tel: +39 2 46712 743<br /><br />
  90. 90. Our offices<br />Page 37<br />SERBIA/BELGRADE<br />SPAIN/MADRID<br />SLOVAKIA/BRATISLAVA<br />MEXICO/MEXICO CITY<br />ROMANIA/BUCHAREST<br />RUSSIA/MOSCOW<br />POLAND/WARSAW<br />UKRAINE/KIEV<br />USA/NEW YORK<br />Ventúrska 5<br />SK-811 01 Bratislava I<br />Tel.: +421 2 5441 2602<br />Fax: +421 2 5443 3954<br /><br />Warsaw North Gate, Ul. Bonifraterska 17<br />PL–00-203 Warsaw<br />Tel.: +48 22 332 5810<br />Fax.: +48 22 332 5701<br /><br />Tel.: +1 917 882 8573<br /><br />Spanskih boraca 24/17<br />RS-11070 Belgrade<br />Tel.: +381 11 3133 113<br />Fax: +381 11 3133 071<br /><br />c/o Jorge Juan No 30/5<br />ES-28001 Madrid<br />Tel.: +34 659 902109<br /><br />Calzada de las Aguilas 1820-6<br />Lomas de las Aguilas<br />México DF 01730<br />Tel.: +52 55 56 35 86 25<br /><br />Business Center Riverside Towers<br />52/3, Kosmodamianskayanaberezhnaya<br />RU-115054 Moscow<br />Tel.: +7 499 576 66 04<br /><br />M. Hrinchenka Street 4, 2nd Floor, <br />office 147, UA-03680 Kiev<br />Tel.: +380 44 390 5996 (7)<br />Fax: +380 44 3905900<br /><br />6 Zborului Street, 4th floor, Sector 3<br />RO-030595 Bucharest<br />Tel.: +40 21 326 46 17 and 18<br />Fax: +40 21 326 46 19<br /><br />
  91. 91. Our Co-operationpartners<br />Page 38<br />Australia/Melbourne<br />INDIA/Bangalore<br />TURKEY/ISTANBUL<br />BELGIUM/Brussels<br />NORWAY/Oslo<br />UNITED KINGDOM/LONDON<br />BRAZIL/Sao Paulo<br />SWEDEN/STOCKHOLM<br />USA/Englewood/NJ<br />FINLAND/Helsinki<br />SWITZERLAND/Zurich<br />USA/san francisco, CA<br />USA/WOODSTOCK, GA<br />