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Jefferson Young presentation


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Jefferson Young is a specialist talent acquisition and advisory business that delivers innovative solutions to clients that need to build or restructure their business.

The way organisations hire talent has evolved considerably in recent years. As a company providing human capital to these organisations, we have to transform the way we think, engage and operate.

Our model allows us to add real value to our clients over and beyond what internal recruitment functions, HR and RPO are mandated to deliver.
We operate in the Financial Services, Professional Services, FMCG, Technology and Digital markets.

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Jefferson Young presentation

  1. 1. Jefferson YoungLondon – Frankfurt - Stockholm
  2. 2. Who we areJefferson Young is a specialist talent acquisition and advisory business that delivers innovativesolutions to clients that need to build or restructure their business.​The way organisations hire talent has evolved considerably in recent years. As a companyproviding human capital to these organisations, we have to transform the way we think, engageand operate.​​Matthew Argent​ James Gardner Volker Wagner London & Stockholm London FrankfurtMatthew Argent is a Partner at James Gardner is a Partner at Volker Wagner is CEO of CTIJefferson Young based in London Jefferson Young based in London Services based in Frankfurt. Prior towhere he manages our Professional where he manages our Financial CTI Services, Volker held variousServices, Technology & Digital clients Services practice. management positions in the IT andas well as the Stockholm office. financial services industry. Within the financial and advisoryAs well as working on assignments for services sectors Mr Gardner has Volker was managing director ofcorporate clients, Matthew also works aided the top tiers of the industry to EDS Germany GmbH until 2004for Private Equity firms who need to deliver mission critical programmes where he managed staff of aboutrestructure their portfolio. that have enabled adherence to risk 800 employees and responsibility and regulatory requirement. for approximately € 120 million in sales.
  3. 3. About usIn an environment where demand for skilled human capital exceeds supply,Jefferson Young excels at acquiring talent for our clients.We have an established reputation in the Financial Services, ProfessionalServices, Digital and Technology markets.​With offices in London and Stockholm and a partnership with CTI ServicesGmbH in Frankfurt, we offer a wide geographic reach with particularemphasis on the UK, Western Europe, Nordics, Benelux, Central andEastern Europe and the Middle East.We provide capability throughout the hierarchy of client organisations,including chairmen and non-executive directors. Our candidates will be thecornerstone of our clients’ ambitions for the future.The process we go through to match clients’ requirements is meticulous,professional and precise, delivering thorough and timely results.Assignments are undertaken by highly experienced consultants with soundunderstanding of their sectors, and a comprehensive international trackrecord behind them.
  4. 4. Our philosophyCentral to our approach is our belief in building strong, long-lastingrelationships through incorporating fresh thinking, flexibility and quality.That means acquiring a thorough understanding of a client’s businessobjectives and culture; and a detailed appreciation of our candidates’ skills,character and ambitions.Our role is that of a trusted partner – an objective, expert consultant actingequally in everyone’s interests to bring the right parties together.Challenging where appropriate but committed to a successful outcome.Pivotal to this approach is a sound knowledge of our sectors: while no twobusinesses are the same, every sector also has its own, specific demands.We will not undertake a brief if we feel we cannot add value to therecruitment process through our knowledge and expertise.​The right solution is not always the obvious one - It’s the one that works.
  5. 5. Our approachJefferson Young provides a highly focused, discreet and professional talentacquisition service: an approach proven to deliver consistent results.By thoroughly analysing our clients’ requirements at the beginning of everyassignment, we develop a detailed candidate briefing document ready totake to market.Only by understanding our clients business, strategy and culture, andagreeing on the criteria which will determine success, can we expect todeliver successful results.We are constantly undertaking relevant market research to ensure that ourknowledge of our sectors and our clients’ competitors is right up to date,allowing each new search to benefit from fresh research material.​Our insight into what makes individuals excel - both from a client andcandidate perspective - enables us to deliver the best cultural match foremployer and employee, critical if each placement is to add value both to acompany’s business and to an employee’s career. 
  6. 6. ExpertiseJefferson Young focuses on specific key market segments:​• inancial Services. F• Technology, Digital & e-commerce.• isk, Regulation & Compliance. R• Professional Services.• FMCG• Outsourcing​These specialisms have developed over many years of successful delivery:our consultants possess a deep understanding of their sectors and thedefining industry players, together with the commercial and economicfactors shaping their present and their future.Within these sectors we constantly approach and attract leaders drivingbusinesses across all disciplines.
  7. 7. Jefferson Young’s Advisory Board​The Advisory Board of Jefferson Young was established to give a wide- ranging, cross-industry insight into our sectors of interest. Its members, leading figures from established and emerging companies, gain from a stimulating and intimate forum in which they can come together and talk confidentially about the opportunities and challenges we face.​The Board members are recognised as experts in their fields who provide awealth of experience and perspective through their sector knowledge.The Advisory Board helps to guide the activities of Jefferson Young byidentifying common opportunities and issues that key executives face and,crucially, is a partnership in which the value flows both ways.​Clients and candidates also gain because the Advisory Board gives us adiverse, broad and balanced range of skill sets and experience spanningthe clients we work with.​Our advisory board are available to meet with our network to offer in-depth,impartial opinion and
  8. 8. The JY ‘Digital Cloud’ communityJY partner with early stage mentoring and investment funds that enable usto match start up businesses to the right networks, ensuring a faster,focussed route to launch or growth.Jefferson Young deliver innovative recruitment solutions that enable earlystage companies to target the highly successful individuals that are notactively investigating new career opportunities. Whilst online recruitmentportals have their place and serve a purpose, we believe that critical hiringdecisions should not be made purely on a shortlist of actively lookingcandidates. Entrepreneurs Investment funds Start-up JY ‘Digital Cloud’ Business mentoring Networking forums Recruitment
  9. 9. The JY Financial Regulation EcosystemOur Ecosystem is a partnership that we have created with trustedorganisations that allow us to deliver considerable insight to our clients ontopics that maybe fundamental to their business strategy.We operate a “symbiotic” relationship with our partners, enabling memberorganisations to enlist the specific capability of their fellow partnerorganisations. This delivers the added capability to provide insight andstrategy over and above competitors in their sector, resulting in the creationof a relationship that is truly significant with clients as it is seen to truly add-value.At the current time the impact of regulation in the financial servicescommunity is paramount in the minds of all businesses that haveinvolvement within the sector, be they institutions or suppliers. It will resultin the need for organisations to construct strategy that will have deepimpact on commercial approach, technology enablement as well as thefocus of risk and regulatory compliance.The Jefferson Young Eco-system currently provides free events specificallytargeted at this
  10. 10. The JY Financial Regulation Ecosystem Management Consulting Technology Financial Outsourcing Services EU Regulation Policymaker Systems Integration
  11. 11. Contact information2-4 Great Eastern StreetLondonEC2A 3NWwww.jeffersonyoung.comPhone: +44(0)203 176 3585