Common usage of Sphinx


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It is a document that was presented at PyConJP2012.

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Common usage of Sphinx

  1. 1. SphinxCon JP 2012 Go Yamada
  2. 2. Agenda1. Self-introduction2. Example1: I want a smart file management.3. Example2: I want to make a Web site easily4. Summary
  3. 3. 1. Self-introduction2. Example1: I want a smart file management.3. Example2: I want to make a Web site easily4. Summary
  4. 4. Self-introduction: Go Yamada Twitter: usaturn Place of work  Net Support Co., Ltd.  Outsourcing industry  Im infrastructure engineer. Study sessions I have participated  Python  Mercurial  Vim  Agile Other  Programming languages ??have been used and are sh, awk, vbs.  I started learning Python a year ago.  I like "KAIZEN" and "improvement".
  5. 5. 1. Self-introduction2. Example1: I want a smart file management.3. Example2: I want to make a Web site easily.4. Summary
  6. 6. In the field of infrastructure and file server?Where even in the field ofinfrastructure,The contents of the fileserverIs pretty much the same.
  7. 7. ExampleCreate a directory for each department, each team in a large capacity file server, operating without clear rules. Making too much of a directory, files scattered. Acquisition of information is inhibited
  8. 8. In a huge file server?Boss: Im sorry. I do not have time to explain to you. Inunder this directory, Find files. I: Hi, Boss. There are about 6000 files here, Moreover, there are a large number of files of similar content. How do I do? Boss: Are working in the same way as everyone. Do something alone. I: Oh, no.
  9. 9. Managing Files with "directory" First of all, file names and directory structures are not enough for document management.
  10. 10. File management method was better than I thoughtSuch as Trac and RedmineTry to useproject management tool!
  11. 11. Managing Files with project management tools Documentation that came with Wiki  You can manage version!  I know who also had a history dating back to edit it, of course!
  12. 12. Managing Files with project management tools File management with version control systems such as Mercurial  That locate the desired file with a description by making a link to the file in the repository on the Wiki, I can not open the file is available.
  13. 13. However, the projects that I have participated in the past, ated in theI gave up that introduced a projectmanagement tool since it is difficult."It is troublesome tolearn how to use," says
  14. 14. Sphinx there!Not be a replacement forthe project managementtool. However, I caneasily put together adocument or file.
  15. 15. What I have tried I have to create a html document using the Sphinx, the projects that I was responsible. Rather than the Web server, place the html to the file server. I put a link to a file with a description using the directives ":download:" the binary files Excel, Word, such as PDF.
  16. 16. Evaluation of the document that was created in Sphinx Team member told "Sphinx" is "easy to read“ However, the team members did not use the Sphinx Ive created a single html "make shinglehtml" documents that need to be edited by team members. And I must be converted to Word format in MS-Word  Plug-in that will help 
  17. 17. 1. Self-introduction2. Example1: I want a smart file management.3. Example2: I want to make a Web site easily.4. Summary
  18. 18. I introduced the Sphinx in the company that I have served as I introduced the Sphinx in the e-mail newsletter for employees ① The manager of Education was acclaimed Sphinx. ② The manager began to create a Web page for employees Sphinx immediately.
  19. 19. Sphinx era came to our company! ? Ride this wave will spread Sphinx in the company! ! Holding of hands-on in-house Sphinx! ! -> However, people in a hundred employees, notonly to apply for one.
  20. 20. I did not give up. We are a business to send a human.  Members whose contract expires at the end of the month, in-house to wait occurs.
  21. 21. Many people waiting house① They say "Good morning" to come to work at 9:30 in the morning② Away on a self-learning③ Back to say "goodbye" at 18 Only so much
  22. 22. They are left alone I suggested Hack-a-thon by people that are waiting in the company
  23. 23. I suggested that Demonstration
  24. 24. That we decided Demonstration
  25. 25. Issues Daily We are sent by e-mail, to check the daily report of the past is difficult for me Those who make a daily report does not increase the motivation for you do not know whether you are someone check daily  Not increase motivation if you do not have someones response? There is a need to facilitate access to information
  26. 26. Why did you adopt a Sphinx Web apps are in daily for good is it?  Web app to make a simple but if developers who ... I have written to the companys SNS to you?  The fact that it is easy to return the response is appropriate  However, no information is organized in the framework of the daily reports. So try to use the Sphinx!  Sphinx can easily create a static page is possible.  By using the Index directives, it is easy to check daily you can be.
  27. 27. Devised for the Web site in order to view the daily report Ive created a page that explains how to use Sphinx. If you place the reStructuredText file to the file server, I have created a mechanism that automatically updates the Web site. I took advantage of the Index directives(pair).
  28. 28. Result Or three months have passed since we started it. We are still ongoing. We have become accustomed to a little reStructuredText. I have come to discuss daily report of the wait to see a lot of people. Im trying to manage the reStructuredText in RhodeCode using Mercurial instead of a file server then.
  29. 29. 1. Self-introduction2. Example1: I want a smart file management.3. Example2: I want to make a Web site easily.4. Summary
  30. 30. Summary Sphinx is not a versatile tool. However, depending on how the effect is produced in excess of their cost ease use from. Although this is not limited to Sphinx, there is always a backlash when you try to introduce new tools and new ways. We must think of the ideas that somehow overcome the repulsion.