How Technology Can Help With Sales and Marketing Compliance


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Many times legal and regulatory in medical device companies may object to social media and "newfangled" marketing. However, there are many technologies available which provide extensive controls to allow safe marketing using new tools and social media.

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  • Thank you very much for the invitation to speak here today on How Technology Helps Compliance. Goal today give you an overview on some of the available technologies to help compliance at medical device, pharma and biotech companies. I am focusing on sales and marketing since they are often the last to adopt systematic technologies.I want this to be interactive so feel free to ask any and all questions.Before we get started let’s check in and see who is on the line.Great, let’s get started.
  • Today I am going to cover why technology is important for sales and marketing compliance.5 technologies that leading companies are implementing today and you can expect your clients to ask you about if they haven’t alreadyAnd, I will touch on integration at the end of the talk to tie all these disparate systems together into one master record.
  • There are so many technologies out there that 90 minutes wouldn’t do justice to. Here are some examples and a few places to start learning more.I am personally intrigued by Verilogue who has a system for audiotaping the rep presenting to the MD
  • I don’t need to belabor the costs of noncompliance with all of you as you could school me in this. However, I do want to point out that procedures without compliance doesn’t accomplish our end goal. Compliance is about behavioral change and enforcement. Let’s move on.
  • Paper is not compliance. And, training is not learning let alone behavioral change. We need to consider our sales and marketing audience first before looking at technologies b/c paper transformed to technology that isn’t adopted leaves us back at square one, or worse.Sales and to an extent, marketing, is a mobile oriented group where flexibility is rewarded. They are both highly verbal, and some would say, difficult to control.Not to mention that When something is a habit, the PFC signals the STN at a very low rateConserves cognitive resourcesMake decisions more efficientlyWhen doing something different, as simple as looking at dots in a different order, your PFC signals your STN at a very high rateDoing something new or making a difficult decision requires motivation. Without significant motivation, we default to our habits.Finally, I spent 20 years influencing sales to adopt marketing messages and technology. The most important thing you can do is to understand their daily habits. Sales tends to be a very verbal and mobile-oriented group. We want them face to face with the growing group of constituents to whom we sell as we see here in the lower right, not writing impressive tomes or reading copious amounts of written materials, correct?So, I will leave you with one question to close this section. If we listen to HBR’s compelling blog on “forget compliance. think environment”, how would you redesign promotional content creation and control to ideally meet both internal needs as well as the needs of a highly verbal, on-the-go, in the car, let’s say standing at the scrub sink sales group?[Additionally, Marketing is trying to respond more rapidly to more non-physician constituents than ever before and, in many cases, with this economy and healthcare reform, with less resources. I would maintain that you need to consider a promotional content review system that meets the individual needs of each member of this cross-functional group: regulatory, medical, legal, sales and marketing.]
  • Here is a chart I created for the market opportunity for Good Promotional Practices with a risk scale. As you can see here, there are a number of people who are involved with customers and selling or marketing to customers of one sort or another who do not work in the sales or marketing departments. So, we need to throw our net wider and include these people as we consider systems for change.
  • 30, 60 and 90 day word clouds of search terms to
  • Tell story from going from the library, to the UI, to final message.Instant, Multi-language product and pricing updates on a broad geographic area.
  • Upload in a few clicksHow tags drive the organization of business rulesStatus of what drives availability of contentVersion control and archiving
  • Maureen:To close on the criticality of now for revamping your promotional content and control procedures, let’s talk real-time search engines and social media. These real-time search engines have a 1 second lag. 1 second – the noun lag hardly seems appropriate. What is your company’s monitoring lag time for the stream of news, blogs, social media and the web communications that may or may not be disseminated appropriately? If you are relying on training, consider Reagen’s adage, “trust, but verify”. You don’t want one million people viewing an off-the-reservation video, having the NYT pick it up as a story and having it cut, re-worked, and re-posted hundreds of times the b/c it takes two days, like it did with Dominos earlier this year, to formulate an action plan.Backup:Domino’s learned firsthand the power of social media after two Domino’s Pizza employees posted videos of themselves doing disgusting things to food that they were getting ready to send out.  The results were catastrophic due in large part to Domino’s waiting two days to respond.  During their delay nearly one million people viewed the videos on YouTube and simultaneously blogs, forums and Twitter were ablaze with discussion of the incident.  The company responded by firing the two employees and issuing an apology via YouTube.  According to the New York Times, the damage was already done as consumer perception of the brand turned negative within hours and online forums continued to discuss the videos, which were cut, re-worked, and re-posted hundreds of times, long after the apology was issued.You need to consider social media as part of your promotional content review procedure.And, now Elsa Abruzzo will discuss how to work and respond effectively in this newly demanding environment.Next slide please.
  • Shadow IT as a phenomena is increasing. When we say shadow IT we mean employees bypassing IT to create IT assets, like apps. This is happening for several reasons – the main driver is the potential that the end users see in mobility. Strong user demand for mobile appsIncreasingly technical user baseEasy (initial) app development Corporate policies lagging technology
  • To review the lifecycle of an iOS device, MobileIron provides and console where you can view all devices, makes sure that they are fully configured and secure, allows you to roll out devices on a large scale, enforces all of your security polices and updates the device silently, while allowing you to control costs and publish apps. [click][click]And allowing you to selectively wipe data and apps when the device is lost or retired.
  • And you can enforce restrictions. For example, one the left you see an iPhone with no policies applied. On the right you see the same phone with polices that disable the camera, iTunes, and some other apps and updates. In this way you can enforce the enterprise data boundary, with no user interaction necessary.
  • MobileIron uses the APIs provided by Apple to….[click]… help you control cost and quality, manage applications, enable advanced security, and enforce policies and settings. We’ve talked about these before, but let’s dive deeper into managing iOS devices with MobileIron.
  • How Technology Can Help With Sales and Marketing Compliance

    1. 1. How Technology Helps ComplianceFor EBG Life Sciences group, September 2011By Maureen ShafferPresident/CEO Mingletoe 1
    2. 2. Agenda  Why Technology for Sales and Marketing Compliance?  Key Technologies –Content Management –Social Collaboration –Social Media Listening and Engagement –AE reporting –Mobile Device Security and Control  Integration and Conclusion2 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    3. 3. What We Are Not Covering  Agg Spend – AggregateSpendID.aspx  Content development and approval – 091015135154phpapp01  CMS, ECM, DAM reference –  Copyright compliance for journals and reference text –  Grants –  Training – –  Verilogue (CareCoach/Recorded MD-rep interactions) –www.verilogue.com3 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    4. 4. Compliance: Yield w/o Disruption4 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    5. 5. Paper Doesn’t Work5 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    6. 6. Widespread Exposure >250k6 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    7. 7. Why Technology? Makes it easy to do the right thing by enforcing policies and procedures in the daily habits of employees 1. Reproducible programming=On label, or appropriate scientific or educational dissemination 2. Speed=Global changes in ~30 minutes 3. Built-in protections=Off-label information 4. Dashboards=Timely monitoring and auditing 5. Archiving=Quick production of discovery request7 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    8. 8. The Time is Now RT @ChristianeTrue @sairthebear: Dont think digital is that relevant to pharma? Check out these amazing stats! h?v=bidBKtN2mMg8 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    9. 9. iPad Only Tablet that Matters9 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    10. 10. Compliance Technology Criteria Sales and Marketing Focus  Easy  Efficient  Compliant –Approval workflows –Permission-based roles –Solid real-time monitoring/auditing Easy = Sales Adoption –Archiving –Recognized by Gartner Efficient = Compliant Save $ = Less Risk10 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    11. 11. Content Management for Approved MaterialsProlifiq SoftwareMaureen Shaffermaureen.shaffer@prolifiq.com415-341-6863 mobile 11
    12. 12. @GPPnews tweets on #digdevice  "gone are the days of the 4-page glossy brochure" per Medtronic at #digdevice #meddevice #medtech  @MedtronicANZ @1StevePeck: MDT saved "Hundreds of thousands of dollars" on paper print material by moving to the iPad. #digdevice  80% at #digdevice have released a #mobile app; most to internal sales force #meddevice #hcmktg  4 Reasons Why iPads are Sales BFF #pharma #meddevice #epharma12 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    13. 13. Why Content Management? “The Life Sciences rep of the future – the ‘information concierge’ – is remote, mobile, social, and commands multimedia. They live where controlled, “Approved materials that are compliant content meets altered, abbreviated or in any other way modified Speed for social media.” (including highlighting) are Sales Dale Hagemeyer considered unapproved Managing Vice President, Gartner, Inc. materials.” 235% Increase Compliance for Savings for Regulatory Marketing and Legal13 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    14. 14. Content Management is Needed14 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    15. 15. Med Device Sales Select, Send and Follow Up15 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    16. 16. HCP Receives Personalized or Branded message prescribed delivery message On message and Selected product tracked links content with image Persistent content Auto-embeds Auto-embeds your contact labeling and information disclaimers Click Here for Instructions For Use (2ml Product). Click Here for Instructions For Use (5ml Product).16 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    17. 17. Pharma Sales Creates Text is: •Benign •Prescribed •Pre-Approved •Compliant17 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    18. 18. GRP Request18 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    19. 19. Sales and Marketing Dashboards Top Messages Top Messages # Opens # Sent Top Messages Message # Clicks Generated Drill Down Click to View Message19 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    20. 20. Regulatory Real-time Monitoring Powerful Filters: User, Time, Message, Recipient20 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    21. 21. Content Library Upload in a Tags drive few clicks organization and business rules Quick Sync Status Full version control immediately updates drives and archiving content for Sales availability users21 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    22. 22. Prolifiq Compliance Controls Rules operate transparently behind the scenes Marketing By Message Globally  Brand  AutoAttach By message rules, plus  Cadence/  Data capture  Black and white Campaign lists, authorized  Disclaimers senders  Content dip  Message approval  Content approval  Formatting  Segment by user  Danger words  Mapping or group  WW propagation of  Persistent  Workflow new and revised, or content obsolescence in 30 minutes22 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    23. 23. Prolifiq Customers/Partners  Tech and media  Medical device and clients pharma clients and partners23 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    24. 24. Prolifiq’s Native iPad App Coming Soon!24 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    25. 25. Social CollaborationJive SoftwareStephen D’Angelo, Sr. Director Strategic 404-1146 mobile 25
    26. 26. Why Collaboration Software?  Internal use: One-stop employee communication  Hybrid: Clinical investigator portal  External: Disease awareness community  Functionality –Define user roles, profiles, access –Ideal environment for training –Wikis, configurable group, teams and community areas, blogs, content upload with tags and share functions26 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    27. 27. Jive for Social Collaboration27 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    28. 28. Jive Sales Home28 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    29. 29. Jive: Content, People, Places29 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    30. 30. Centralized Content Repository30 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    31. 31. Jive Content Background31 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    32. 32. Jive Content Editing Console32 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    33. 33. Jive for Apple Support Community33 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    34. 34. Jive’s Compliance Controls  Latest greatest content  Expiration dating  Permission-based content restrictions  Publishing rights based on login  Sharing permitted with specific communities  Customizable archiving, compliance monitoring tools, and archive search capabilities for HIPAA and SOX compliance34 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    35. 35. Jive’s Pharma Customers35 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    36. 36. Social Media Listening andEngagementRadian6Adam Draper, Business Development 452-9931 36
    37. 37. @GPPnews tweets on #sm  Robin Whalen @KCCorp #meddevice saw 10x return on monies removed from tradeshow budget and used for #socialmedia #sm #digdevice  For every 1 #heart valve patient, there are 4 caregivers per Adam Pick #digdevice #hcmktg #meddevice #Medtech37 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    38. 38. Why Social Media Monitoring?  Not listening is a PR disaster waiting to happen –@KCCorp first heard about AEs with patient feeding tubes on blogs –Your defense cannot be, ―we had a policy to not listen‖  Real-time search engines have 1 second lag scanning social media sites, blogs and web  Lightning fast action/crisis response plans –During Domino’s 2 day lag, nearly one million people viewed the videos on YouTube  To be credible, lawyers must have SM accounts (FB, Twitter and LinkedIn), per AMEX general counsel @djcompliance38 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    39. 39. Only 5% have Social Media Policy39 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    40. 40. | WHO USES RADIAN6? Marketing and PR Investor Competitive Intelligence Relations Market Product Research MarketingConsumer Affairs Sales Customer Recruitment Service and HR 40
    41. 41. | RADIAN6 PLATFORM PROVIDES ROI Insights know/discover/ understand Summary Dashboard share/realize/ inform Analysis Dashboardlisten/learn/measure Platform Coverage/metrics/global Mobile API engage/move/ Engagement Console Build/integrate coordinate find/collaborate/ /customize solve 41
    42. 42. | ENGAGEMENT CONSOLE 42
    43. 43. 43 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    44. 44. | API FOR CUSTOM 45
    45. 45. Radian Compliance Controls  Social rules engine forthcoming late 2011 –Widgets today –Keyword searches for AEs  Manual release by task owner  Manual or auto release by approver  Super user designation to configuration  Dashboarding  Archiving46 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    46. 46. Low(er) Budget Solutions  HootSuite Pro –$5.99/mo –Account provisioning  HootSuite Enterprise –$1499/mo –Message assignment –Limited permissions –Approval workflows  Sprout Social –Listening only –Very intuitive dashboard47 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    47. 47. Sales Reporting of PossibleAEsOnline AE scanning and reporting covered inSocial Media Listening and Engagement 48
    48. 48. @GPPnews tweets on AEs  Smart! @KCCorp #meddevice division hired a nurse to monitor and respond to medical questions online #digdevice #hcsm #hcmktg  @wtongen: Only a few! @NucleusMedMedia: Roche, Boehringer and Pfizer received 1-2 #sm comments that were adverse events #digdevice49 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    49. 49. Field Reporting50 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    50. 50. Field Data Report Database and/or Email51 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    51. 51. Mobile Device Security andControlMobileIronStephan Keller, Director NA VAR 776-8767 52
    52. 52. @GPPnews tweets on #mobile  Maquet uses @mobileiron for Mobile Device Management--transparent pushes of new apps. No need for sales to download. #meddevice #digdevice  38% of physicians have seen #sales reps with iPads: what they think about it here #meddevice #digdevice53 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    53. 53. Why MDM?  Software Distribution — The ability to manage and support mobile application including deploy, install, update, delete or block.  Policy Management — Development, control and operations of enterprise mobile policy.  Inventory Management — Beyond basic inventory management, this includes provisioning and support.  Security Management — The enforcement of standard device security, authentication and encryption.54 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    54. 54. MobileIron used by Med Devices © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    55. 55. Mobile OS Evolution 2007 2010 2013 • Touch wins • Consumer UX wins • Global IT will have to support 3-5 OS56 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    56. 56. Mobile apps are catalyzing a new breed of Shadow IT The new Shadow IT: End-user Solo developers Desktop Datacenter Mobile Contractors (client-server) Small teams Highly fragmented Highly decentralized “IT bypass” catalyzed by: Corporate • Strong user demand for mobile apps • Increasingly technical user base IT • Easy (initial) app development • Corporate policies lagging technology57 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    57. 57. Enterprise Lifecycle Support 2 Configure fully Support for all iOS configuration and security options Enforce security and 1 See all devices 5 profile updates silently 3 Configure securely Control international 6 roaming costs Multi-OS console for employee- and company- owned phones Over-the-air, protected Publish approved apps via SCEP 7 & monitor rogue apps Wipe (full or selective) 9 when lost or retired Roll out at scale 4 Control access to By group and policy 8 ActiveSync59 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    58. 58. Business Needs and IT Meet End-user needs IT needs Bridges the gap between what end users demand and what IT requires • Get up and going with • Know who and what’s out easy self service there • Gain secure access to • Block unauthorized enterprise resources devices • Easily get needed apps • Provision, secure, and configure at scale, per • Help make sure services user are working well • Update policies over time • Have an simple, intuitive enterprise experience • Enforce the enterprise data boundary for user- owned iPhones 6060 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved. 60
    59. 59. Silent Enforcement Zero-Touch Security  Provision & modify enterprise policies & certificates  Enforce restrictions  Enforce enterprise data boundary – selectively  Alert on device No User Interaction events such as Required storage usage or compromised devices61 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    60. 60. MobileIron Compliance Controls Notifications Cost and quality Management and security platform Int’l roaming detection Service quality (user-driven) Rogue app protection Application delivery Application lifecycle Access control Installed app inventory Enterprise data boundary Advanced security Certificate delivery Device-side APIs and services Inventory and detection Zero-touch enforcement Policy and settings Profile delivery Profile creation62 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    61. 61. MobileIron’s Customers63 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    62. 62. Tie It All TogetherSimplifying Multiple Systems of Record 64
    63. 63. Consider…  Policies before technology; Revisions later –Flow charting data, responses, and responsibilities –Broad team participation in policies –Easy, intuitive interfaces (―skins‖) or build interfaces for different roles  Strong integration partner for large enterprises, e.g. Accenture (top in LS), Deloitte, IBM  Built on known platforms, e.g. Sharepoint  Well-respected integration technology, e.g., Oracle, SAP65 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    64. 64. Why Software?  Flexible integration to legacy systems via APIs  Not a core competency to regulated industries  Smart and sustainable: SaaS/Cloud software learns rapidly from the community and every benefits  Cost efficient Easy = Sales Adoption  ~Hardware agnostic Efficient = Compliant Save $ = Less Risk66 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    65. 65. Contact Information Maureen Shaffer, President/CEO Mingletoe LLC © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    66. 66. Best eDiscovery Cost Slide Ever68 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.
    67. 67. Digital Marketing Cuts Sales Reps  Some of the drug giants have already begun slashing their sales forces and experimenting with digital marketing. Sanofi-Aventis has, AstraZeneca offers Touchpoints, and Merck has – all of which offer 24×7 information. tcounterpoint-digital-tools-replace-sales-force /69 © Mingletoe LLC. All rights reserved.