Five things we have learned about mobility from our clients -- IBM, Alistair Rennie


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Alistair Rennie's keynote presentation from the IDC Enterprise MobileNext conference in San Francisco, 1 December 2011.

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Five things we have learned about mobility from our clients -- IBM, Alistair Rennie

  1. 5 things we have learned about Mobility from our clientsAlistair RennieGeneral Manager,Social Business & Collaboration SolutionsIBM 1
  2. 1 Consumer rules Enterprise follows Enterprise questionsConsumerbuysConsumer choice is the driving force in enterprise mobile device adoption 2
  3. Enterprise IT reacts "At IBM, we are taking steps to fortify the infrastructure and "People were asking, device management to Why cant I get my [work] guarantee that the phone has e-mail on my own phone?" not been hacked or jail-broken." Bill Bodin, IBM Mobility CTO Linda Van de Wiele, Director of Collaboration, Computerworld, October 2011 Global IT, Colgate Palmolive MIT Technology Review, August 2011 3
  4. 2 process change Mobile and Social are catalysts to businessForward thinking organizations arebecoming “Social Businesses”... 4
  5. Our forward looking clients are embracing these mobile &social drivers to transform their business processes 6
  6. Mobile Social CollaborationDeliver critical social and collaboration services as mobile apps Social Collaboration Applications Mail Calendar Social Docs UC Meetings
  7. Demonstration 1Mobile Social Collaborationcapabilities you can deploy now 16
  8. Mobile CRM Improved insights and awareness on Dan client activity to improve relationship and customer service 7
  9. Mobile Sales/ERP Integration Matco Tools ● Mobile sales extranet portal integrated with ERP systems ● Allows dealers/distributors/ sales to look up product availability, pricing and margins at customer site 8
  10. Mobile Business Intelligence 9
  11. Demonstration 2Cognos Business IntelligenceAnalytics for Mobile users 10
  12. 3 risks are significant but Mobile and social manageable● Expands the universe of things we need to monitor● Raises risk and velocity of content leaks● Raises new challenges of managing within regulated industries● Requires overall social business policy for our enterprise Social systems will require the same level of governance and compliance as Enterprise “systems of record”.... 11
  13. Mobile Risks are Manageable potential risks malware/virus device lockdown firewall intrusion Corporate content protection Identity and passwords solutions device loss policy management Threat management encryption partial/remote wipe Secure connectivity device inventory On premise or cloud* 12
  14. 4 There should be one architecture for both mobile and enterprise applications 13
  15. Architecture for secure mobile access Create, deliver and mange mobile enterprise apps cost effectivelyIBM Mobile Technology Preview on Developerworks 14
  16. 5 Innovate Exploit Re-invent Elevate 15
  17. Demonstration 3Mobile Social User Experience 18
  18. Summary1 consumer2 process3 the risks4 get started5 innovate 19
  19. Thank you 20
  20. Whats next?Defining Social Business 17
  21. Social business process innovation Traditional process Indirect engagement with target users slows response time Social Business process Direct engagement model enables faster better result 5