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Mid term presentation


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Mid term presentation

  1. 1. ChuChu Sun Xiaoyi TangDylan Weinberg
  2. 2. Coca-Cola Company’sIntroduction: • The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s number one maker of soft drinks, selling 1.3 million beverage serving every day. • Coca-Cola’s red and white trademark is probably the best-known brand symbol in the world. • The company also operates one of the worlds most pervasive distribution systems, offering its nearly 400 beverage products in more than 200 countries worldwide. Nearly 70% of sales are generated outside North America. Read more:
  3. 3. • Coca-Cola was first invented by John Stith Pemberton in 1886 as a drink meant to impart good health and stamina. Pemberton was a pharmacist from Georgia who originally made a cocawine called Pemberton’s French Wine Coca in 1885.
  4. 4. General Environmental Background • Since its beginning in the spring of 1886, Coca-Cola has grown to become the most recognized trademark in history. Operating out of more than 200 countries worldwide, Coca-Cola is the most popular beverage on earth and is enjoyed over 773,000,000 times daily.
  5. 5. 4P :Product, Promotion, Price & Place • There are more than 300 beverages are produced by Coca Cola Company. • One of the well-known products by the company is Coca Cola, recognized by over 93% of the population. It holds an amazing reputation on the market.
  6. 6. PriceThe price of Coca Cola brands will vary on the size and the product. Thepopulation readily accepts the prices offered by the firm. This is due to theincrease in the rate of demand for the products.Promotion is another important issue also involved with the marketingmix. The brand promoted from the very start in an effective manner to ensurethat customers remained attracted to the product. Coca Cola utilisestelevision, radio, Internet, billboard and pamphlet advertising.PlaceCoca Cola is a leading brand that is easily available across the world. Youwill find the product in nearly all shops due to the huge rate of demand for it.Anywhere, at whatever time, youll have access to the brand because ofstrategies implemented by Coca Cola.
  7. 7. Target Market-With so many brands under the Coca-Cola name, the target market is basicallyeveryone or every gender and age.-It’s best selling product, the classic Coca-Cola, would most likely be targeted at theteenage group and young adults.- It is seen as hip or cool at this age to drink Coke and it is also very affordable. Older people on the other hand might not buy as much Coke because of high sugars.-Coca-Cola also produces Poweraid, a sports drink which targets athletes andactive people around the globe.-Dasani is also produced by Coca-Cola and targets anyone.
  8. 8. SWOTStrength: A strong marketing ability, corporateadvertising.Brand impage deeply. product has theconvenience and price reasonable.Weakness: coke contains caffeine and otheringredients, and easy cause health problems suchas obesityOpportunity:cook drinks more accord with youngpeople demand, the young man ratio is increasedrapidly,and sales good.Threat: other Carbonated drinks(diet cole,pepsi)
  9. 9. Long-term Competitive Advantage-Brand advantage and the good enterprise image.-The product has the mysterious formula. Aspartame-Market share rate is high and for the industry preferred entrants, leadersand defender.-Research and development ability and marketing ability.Strong advertising
  10. 10. Objective of Marketing Plan-To remain at the top of beverage distributors around the globe.-Even with great success over more than 100 years, Coke is always looking todevelop or purchase new products for sale to market to the community.- Coke has greatly marketed their products over the years, but there can always be improvement. The company’s objective is always to make more money and profit no matter what.- There is no plateau at Coke.
  11. 11. Future action1. strive to offer beverages for every lifestyle andoccasion while providing quality that consumerstrustCarbonated drinks2. support active healthy lives through product variety,nutrition education and physical activity programs3. Foster sustainable communities through economicdevelopment,and the creation of economic and socialopportunities
  12. 12. Suggestion-Coke has been a world leader in Sales worldwide in the beverage industry.-They have covered almost every age group and gender for their products.-Possibly a push into the baby and young child industry.-Coca-Cola’s flagship beverage coke is 78% of the company’s sales.Possibly Coca-Cola should focus more on the sales of their other products toproduce a more even selling.
  13. 13. References:•• Cola-Company.html• Cola_125_years_booklet.pdf• archives/coca-cola-company-history-in-brief/•• iconic/• groups.html