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The mini-guide to the Goa Draft Regional Plan 2021

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Plan your village get involved

  1. 1. PIAN YOUR . VILLAGE GETINVOLVEDThemini-guide theGoaDraftRegional 2021 to Plan inpublic Published interest Goa by Bachao Abhiyan.
  2. 2. THISBOOKLETATTEMPTS BEAQUICKGUIDE TO FOR PARTICIPATION A REGIONAL ISA POLICY PLAN DOCUMENT BASED WHICH ON LANDGBA spearheaded a peoples movement against Regional 2011 2006. main the Plan in The USE PLANNING DONE. IS READ DOCUMENTTHEKITSUPPLIED. THE INdemands revocationtheRegional 2011 formulationthenewplan per were of Plan and of as73rd 74th & AmendmenttheConstitution ensures of which peoples participation.The Thepolicies described from are Government.need read policies You to the andGovemment constituted a Task Force prepare Draft to a Plan Regional 2021 under Town & verify onthe this ground. Decidethepolicies your if prepared suit village.Country Planning 1974. virtue being Act By of under outdated theDRP2021 this Act,doesnotfollow grassroots planning thetruespirit the73rd 74th in of & Amendmentthe to Chapter - Planning Goa.2021 | forConstitution, it opens doors yourparticipation but the for to ensure resources needs that and ofeach localbody identifled.hasmade are lt reference thisondocument XXXlll to page and Chapterll - Demography . and SpatialStrategies Trends havebeenmappedsuggeststwostage a process peoples for participation. endof thiscunent At the exerciseyou based a survey on 0f200tandvillages classifiedaccordingly. hasa bearing This onwillbeenabled accurately your to map Ward, your identify needs aspirations and througha theallowable andVPrating your FAR of village, discussed You request later. canquestionnaire through and interactions others. ideally with This should thebase mntrol form for fora revised zoning youdisagree theprojections. if withof surface land and utilization useof constructionforprotectionyour for or in village. you# Weurge to usethisopportunitymake to yourself heard push theGovernment and for to Chapter - Economic lll Sectors and LandUse- Below anexample what is ofamend outdated Acts(such theTCP of 1974) make State as Act to peoples participation mn happen. a jettyis marked canbeforfishing lf it boatsunder Fisheries orLEGALLY binding theGovemment itsagencies. Page Thisisyourright. on and (Ref. 34). Casinos underTourism policies. outunder what is meant Find RTI it for.(The DraftRegional document mentions onpage Plan also this 128, paragraph 9.2.8.) in you# Rememberallareas have choice change a to things thelarger in interest. Decide whether youwish keep or reject change to that or it. INDEX Example: newiettycansatisfyanypolicy, A makesureyou knowwhich The Village contents DRP2021 Kit Authorities Committee and Composition Exercise Checking theground 1, on your Exercise ldentifying needs 2, ECO Zones I 12 ECO Zones 2 Ghapter - Social lV Infrastructure Sectors yourvillage FAR, Rating, Delails affect that ( VP Road Widlhs, DPRs)-16 Chapter - Physical V Infrastructure Sectors NewIndustrial & Government Zones Acquisitions Ghapter - Disaster Vl Mitigation EcoSensitive and Zones Fraud Enor? or Compare 1&2 Maps (RTl) Right Infomation to Chapter - TheRegional UseMap Vll Land GBAdemandssample and letters Chapter - Settlement Directives Vlll Plan your Contact MLAs Chapter - lmplementation lX of RPG.2021
  3. 3. A CHECKLIST YOUR OF VILLAGE KEPT YOUR KIT AT PANCHAYAT ILLUSTRATIONS SHOWTHEDIFFERENCES MAP2a 2b BETWEEN & Level of scale :25,000l) Taluka Map 1 1 ( EXAMPLE BARDEZ )2)Two Village Maps scale of 1:5000 showing and zoning general a) Eco Settlement in b)Settlement with break-ups zoning area-wise ( EXAMPLE PILERNE ) PILIRNg/MARRA SETTLEMENTS SETTLEMENTS ii:+a1t:l:ig:t9# sETTLEMENT ffi GA::gEtcERsE$(s€fiLEHENrl ffi oA?:€TTscHANGps{tNDUSTfflai: ::a-l:+i:,4;iir:: rrac: $Elriei,cxl a6 Fr* sArELLi.€ l--" n ssnlf*€i.lris?:3)The Regional (DRP) Draft Plan 202lDocument l:L-,,:.!:.-:,i?.E4) Explanatory onindex Land note of use. The covered bethesame both area will in except 2bshows break-up. maps, that the5) Hard Process Copy theParticipatory of6)TheVillage ( English/Marathi/Konkani) Questionnaire Note GMETTE 1: CHANGES beFINAL PROVISIONAL. islegal can or FINAL - whereas Pilerne been PROVISIONAL challenged opposed. canbe and has markedNote TheDraft has 1: Plan been mapped limited inadequate asofficially with and data (surprise) with Provisional shown Page changes Gazette in 31.supplied departments. youhave check your by Since a on immediate you surroundings.areexpected correct andsubmit to this information it maybeputonofficial accurate so record Note Satellite 2: is legal ground imagerynotnecesarily butreflect scenario. needs Thiswhen Regional isnotified. thequestionnaire the Plan Use your to identify needsand status theground dealt attheGram tobechecked legal for on and with Sabha if yourself thequestionsaspirations. donothave limit You to to asked. down points Put your on sheets paper.extra of it needs beregularized to ornot.
  4. 4. areas shownorange general Settlement are in maps(example2a). COMPOSITION LEVEL OFVILLAGE COMMITTEE Seftlement based officialdataASONDATE doesnotshowproposed is on & 1 - WardReoresentatives increasesexcept Government for proposals Policies different / (as colours). 2 - Representatives Gram of the Sabha Zoning mapsneed be checked on to with boundaries THEGROUND ON 3 - Local persons Rescourceffechnical residing theVillage in Area Panchayat !NYOUR AREA.Differences to be brought the noticeof the have - Ensure adequaterepresentation persons wellaswomen. of SC/ST/OBC as to Thecommittee consist a minimum 12oersons. will of of Village Committee yourPanchayat. Level of During entireprocess this it is veryimportant maintainacknowledged to copiesof documentation COMPOSITIONTALUKA OF LEVEL COMMITTEE submitted eachstage, individuals groups, futurereference. at by & for 1 - Town PlanneriDy. Planner TownAUTHORITIES - (Black is offcial thisstage theDRP text for of 2021Processwhile 2 - Dy.Director Panchayattherespective of Districtblue by yet indicates is recognized theConstitution notfollowed thisstage.) what at 3 - B.D.O theresoective Taluka ofWard Development Commitiee (WDCi bas*d existing on Gecgraphicai whose i1 W!l.ds, duty Engineer (Buildings)therespective 4 - Assistant PWD of Talukaistocoilate aspeithe2* functions $taied theConstitution. atscale 1:2000 data as iil tu1aps of 5 - Health Officer are bepreparedthis {mer:ti*ned to at levei onpage oftheDRP2*?1 108 dac*ment}. 6 - GIRDA Reoresentative {Watd PlanningLEGALLY is RECOGNZEn, notye!impiernenled ground}. though onthe 7 - Dy. Town Vinod Planner Kumar, of R.P. 2021 representative Division VVillage Level (VLG) will Cornmittee who submit level Ward feedbackthePanchayat to and stitch into 1:5000 it the Village (The Map. Panchayat isLEGALLY RECOGNIZED and is LEVEL COMPOSITIONSTATE OF COMMITTEE also used in process). being thus this 1 - Chief (TCP, MinisterMinister & Chairman V 2 - Commissioner& Secretary -----Vice Ghairman [CP)------------ Taluka Level (TLC) inputs Committee receives ofconected andnotes maps from 3 - Edgar Ribeiro, AdvisorPhysicalPlanning----------:------------------Member Panchayats mergesinto and it Taluka mapping1:25000. level of :-----------Member 4 - S.T. Puftaraju, SeniorTown Planner------- (NOT LEGALLY though in process ease adminisfation). RECOGNIZED, used this for of 5 - Sanjit Rodrigues,Director, lndustries ----- -Member V District Flanning Committee whose it ist0collate th*Viilageifaicka duiy ali 6 - Director Panchayats of --Member {DPC} inputs iorm Distdct {LESALLY to a Pian. RICOSNIZS}pari thc73r* ai 0f &74!h 7-DirectorofMunicipalAdministration----------- ---------Member Afiendment Ccnstilution,n*1 t* the yet e{fectively iunctianinginegro!::d}, on 8 - Arch.Dean Member theerstwhileTask onRP2021 DCru2, of Force ---------Member 9 - Rahul Deshpande,Member theerstwhileTask onRP2021 of Force ----------Member State Level (SLC) Gommittee receives collated the (tris inputs theTLC shorld from have 10- Chief Town Planner Convenor DPC), oversees making theFinal been and the of Regional Plan202l Crcr tor
  5. 5. 1. FORACCURACYEXERCISE CHECK BYOVERLAYING MAPS DIFFERENT EXERCISECHECK ACCUMCY 1: FOR MAPS THE BEIWEEN AND GROUNDThefirststepis to getthebasemapcorrect planning before further. an lf Fields cultivation tobemarked themao if itsshown Seftlement under need on even as orangeSettlementit NOT markedarea been has DOES MEAN LANDFILLING CONSTRUCTION START 0R CAN unless has RIGHTAWAY itlegal sanction.Required foraccurateupdating- 1- Village Plan Sub-divisions 1:5000 Survey with atscale - Communidade have bemarked. whatever possible. lands to Use proof from Land the Department Survey lf you living ECO &ECO zones arewonied your are on 1 2 and that existing house 2 - Copy theTaluka of Utilization of RP2001 Surface Map - has been not marked Settlement ittothenotice authorities legal as bring of with fromTown Country & Planning DepaftmenUPDA documents ashouse telephone and such tax, bills other proof. ownership 3. Copy ODPsZoning of / Plans may that your overlap area - from Town Country & Depaftment Planning lf youownplotson ECO1 & ECO2 zones cannot you themor maydo develop so ina limited (asprescribed ECO zones). way under 2 4 - List Gazette of Changes- fromTown Country & Department Planning lf Settlementzones theMaps in Forested Steep cover hills, slopes Water or bodies in reality, needs bephotographed documented theground, this to and on with talliedTheseneedtobeoverlayed your with village aspertheVillage map Kit survey and to of Thiscanbechanged. numbers brought thenotice theauthorities.provided cross and brought thenotice the checked, differences and to ofVillage Commifte theTaluka Level and Level Committee. Document photographs, with surveynumbers, includeproofwherepossible and bring to thenotice your it of Village Level lt needs stamp the Committee. the of Note The 1: GBA can provided scanned resolution office help the high images of 300dpi format brought CD- scanning bedone TIFF are on may at ot Panchayat.toaccepted thenext be at level, theTaluka official or Level Committee, Printing copies CDs bedone cost. some Classic Panjim. in and of can at In €ses andsubsequently State the Level Commiftee. wemay maps, docheck ustoavoid certain have so with unnecessaryexpenditure.
  6. 6. EXERCISE. IDENTIFY 2 ANDPLANFOR NEEDS YOURCOMMUNITY. DRAFTREGIONAL THE OF PLAN2021INTRODUCES CONCEPT Participatedevelop preserve spaces youhave base to or your once your map GREYANDGREENINFRASTRUCTURE clear. questionnaire to begiven EACH A has to MEMBER theGram of Sabha out. add important you. andfilled lf youfindit unsatisfactory information to Example: ldentifo existing grazing pathways, picnic grounds, spots. Demarcate landscapes buildings hold collective heritage and which the memoriesyour of Submit totheVillage village childhood. and this Level marking themap. Committee additional for on Many commonareas interest of may saved wayandease be this disputes a later at Make you stage. sure Grey interventionshighways, Infrastructure toallhuman refers like buildings, keep copy anlnward a with What Stamp. bears stamp thePanchayat the of stadiums lt isshown orange/purple maps, isnecessary etc. as onthe and going theTaluka before to LevelCommittee have will recognition. official foreconomicdevelopment. aheadlmagine village to sustain asanindependent Plan - your had itself body, would plan how you yourspaces youcould so your maintain fresh water irrigate fields, supplies, the create place employment, markets and your waste. quick manage own A checkyoucanuseisthis- how isthe far closest School,Market,Health Center, Care CommunityCenter your from house? isthesituation your What in Village?Shouldthese relocated? be Youmay villages preserve need tieinwithneighbouring to to common landscapes water and experts professionals Co-opt sources. and when required. may from This vary surveyors, skills retired/working hiring using of GreenInfrastructure to ournatural refers heritage ashills such forests and professionals inthevillage, trusted residing or NGOs.listofwilling A that life This that in waterbodies support itself. is infrastructure isforgotten everyday economiccalculations. is theBasis ECO & ECO2 This of 1 Zones. people/groups been have printed attheendofthisdocument. on10
  7. 7. ECO1 . STRICTLY DEVELOPMENT NO SOURCES, PLATEAUS FORESTS PROTECT WATER YOUR HILLS, AND hills up water like sponge Hill Our hold our table a does. cutting and shortage. arecommunity deforestation towater lead These resources, anassault them anassault you. on is on Below a picture a four is of month hill with old cut water pouring thecenter thehill, from of a r-AHp us€€ 4B!{Mlei k*gfir8* *&!r!ri iliffi .Fi demonstration thewater capacityourlandscape. holding of :+:r::1 irl Fii*F-il =, "+ ti,it: ::.i:::.ii :::s4q u i h i$+i+ "d J ," r""&.e B".+iiB -.Ts "4a1€ ibffftq a6*t€"e effe6 !qfi*f"e F;.+**"e lf there a conflict is between & Settlement Eco zone, 1 precedes 1 Eco Settlement. s.ffiee #!turEq,ffiF The exampleofa No illustrated is - Development of gradient Slope 25% ormore. some In cases, thePilerne like Village it has Map, beenwrongly overlaid di,.j4i* ffi*€** with orange. Note 1:All to Settlement aresubject zones F S S f @ € 5 1 ++ Regulation thelaws Coastal of Zoning iSlopes/Mangroves first. orForests Ensure that isenforcedyour this in area.12
  8. 8. DEVELOPMENT ECO LIMITED 2. zones actually forests look this Note Orchard may 1: be or like # You have right decide youwant keep area forest NOT a to if to an as and - however marked Orchard # ECO 2 zones notfordevelopment - are lands as justorchard theinterest yourchildren. in of Check yourneighbourhood if forests andbeing forthepurpose agriculture have used of may development. limited have beenmarked Orchardthemap. as in fordevelopmentdetailed intheDRP # Circumstances are out 2021 document. # Plots overlap that Orchard/ForesVCM push fullplot SettlementAND cannot the # Photograph and number themap. this check thesurvey with on Senddetails FAR thesettlement asthisdefeats very into area the pupose planning of built-up to your Make thechange sent a stamp Village Committee. Level sure is with of areas. theactual Only Seftlement may taken plot insuch area be as area cases thePanchayat Taluka Committeerecord. tothe Level for14 15
  9. 9. THAT DETAILS WILLAFFECT YOURVILLAGE MEGAHOUSTNG FAR(FLOORAREA AND RATIO) FAR a is ratio built-up totheplot of area area. _g E o .z (FAR) RAT|O FLOORAREA = 6 o 6 E -0 c 6 VILLAGE PANCHAYAT (VP ZONING Zoning) E has ( AREA Thisdevelopment an FAR FLOOR RATIO OF80% 80in short. ) or ROADWIDTHS PLANNING DEVELOPMENT (DPRs) REGULATIONS Exampleexcessive of tocommercial conversion using of in zone. zoning, Cl FAR 200 200%) a village ( 1116
  10. 10. (S/R) (C)SETTLEMENT/RESTDENTTAL COMMERCIAL AND THISDRAFT PLAN REGIONAL 2021LETS ABOUT YOUDOSOMETHINGZONINGHAVE FARS DIFFERENT MEGA PROJECTS DECIDING FAR YOUR BY THE OF VILLAGE Villages categorized VP1, orVP3based Population are into VP2 on and census -]3 ,; A- of You for to VP with pressure development. canrequest changes a lower Rating ir#tD * rr d., ;1 n **e1} J (gU);" { x s,.s at : reasoning. forinstance requesting this. your Parra is for L":e(4 $; , .p ffi fi *u ) f,t -:i :*_ E r:) ,. "Q *) er) LLAS *a ;1 xi ,"! (-) s VPl vPe vP3 * -ro o s crtr *, ;"i f 3 A ( w ww ;; {-) -c:om :l- x ;* u ) & . 40 (:Jnu o ;{ S& o s P ed) sE*ll p. atr a t6 { ) lJ t ffiGs d1:,i @{S d") -{: -c+$ a1 dj CC J( q L .rr4 :d s tl fi5 a r: LLt -fifl* fi *s -13 {.} no -rJ ,* }{ ffiT cs *** r$ "!! "qe* {s l-1".3 & & &AA "w {-} "ln ( *s e @ s & s& & & sc **o *&*e& &s"s&& ,s,&&&& & AdA A &&&&e &&&A& 19
  11. 11. BELOW (R) ARETHERESIDENTIAL FARs ALLOTED VILLAGE PER EXAMPLE 80FARONA 350SQUARE OF PLOT METRE PANCHAYAT (VP RATING RATING- Notethatit reduces larger ) for plots. Residenttal($ ) Zone For Plotsbelow For Plotsof4000m2 ? 4000m2 and above lPl R2 (80) R2 (60L_ *r*yrw b* rx**&d iE&e nW- R3 (60L__lRl (40) vP3 R4 (s0I****** **_R, (40) Note Plots upto square 1: of rating, a special as 350 thought to meters beallowed FAR will personal 80 regardlessVP housing. VPrating help Lower of will against I mega-projects affect holdings. agreeable village? andnol small lsthis toyour Ask clear for wordingprevent to developers misusing bysubdividing from this plots. $roE vtEw BELOWARE COMMERCIAL FARs THE (C) ALLOTED VILLAGE PER PANCHAYAT (VP plots, RATING RATING- Notethatit reduces larger ) for Commerciel(C) Zone For plotsbelow For plotsgf"*CIlgna 4000m2 andabove J (80) vPl ."......".".9j! c3 (60) YP2 c4 (60) c4 (40) vP3 C4 (60) c4 (40) TOP VIEW20 21
  12. 12. Village groupings shown page Panchayat are on N0.120 theDraft DIDYOUKNOW BUILT AREA SALIGAO THAT ACTUAL THE UP IN of V|LLAGE APPROXTMATELY (8%) tS 8 FAR? lf your Regional document. village itwould lower Rating, Plan feels like VP lmagineit wasbuilt to a full80FAR! if up Settlement isenough Their zoning feel to demand Askforreasons/census under to challenge for50years free it. data RTI assumingthepopulation double then. will by your Choose VP this, with-ctrrent andyour plans. compare status own wisely challenge projections be. Rating and the if need your surveyors. Hire own Salavador-Do-Mundo for example marked yet is VP1 candemand belower to Goas character built plus isGround One, twoor storeys. FARs our The that through DPRs outdated Actsupports TCP its havebeenBORROWED from r-l ,a- ,t ourneighbouring and based a general states are on standard. national Ourreality different, letsplan differently! must discussed is so it FAR be now.22 23
  13. 13. BEAWARE ROADS. avoid OF To confusion, have these been referredas to Roads MPR MainPanchayat or Right-of-Way descriptions page125para oftheDRP with on 7 2021docurnent. widths Main Road of Panchayat are10m a single or Roads as lane 15m a double This as lane. includesdrainage side-walks. and NATIONALHIGHWAY your Check existing widths mark road and them they not if are reflected thedocument theyarenow. in as (PROPOSED) NATIONALHTGHWAY STATEHIGHWAY MAJORDISTRICTROADS - _lF__. l_ MA.JOR ROAD (PROPOSED) DTSTRTCT MAIN PANCHAYATROADS # Roadwidthsdetermine type development the of alongside canchange and the characteryour of village. # Roadwidths to TOTAL refer WIDTHwhich includes sidewalks drainage. and in Examples10metre roads colonies. of wide (Refer regulations PDA available PDA ortheGovernment press.) atthe office printing # Remember developers their that get passed PROPOSED plans on Roads. # 6mroadsallow further for development, 5mroads not. lf youalready while do have 5mroads, isfineastwovehicles pass this can unobstructed. caninsist You on keeping especially ispart anexisting uplane. this if it of built # Check Major for District Roads (MDR) 25mwhich cutthrough property. of may your Theseconnectvillages area state and concern. can1)Suggest You re-alignment 2)AskforSpecial where status areasalready uparenottouched thenew built yet constructions to keep need setback 3)Oppose withadequate or this reason.24 25
  14. 14. BEAWARETHAT MINIMUM 10METRE A OF ROADS ALSO ARE MENTIONED C1ZONING, STOREY FOR 6 BUILDINGS 150FAR!! OR YOU AFFECTED ARE IFYOURVILLAGE ZONED VP1. IS AS-q E.gE=.9.; This shows inappropriate minimum width graphic how this road toFAR lt allows commercial without is. for activity regard6 forinfrastructureparking. and Youcanoppose anddemand lower this for developable on FAR Details asroad such widths setbacks mentioned and are under l0metre wideroads.while Regional is open debate. the Plan for It isa callous approachtowards development wehave example and the and (DPRs) Regulations Development Planning pages between 122 of Panjim June with 18th road parkingproblems. area noteven The has used and126 theDraft of Regional document. Plan HALF total the allowable FAR!! It affects dogothrough you, them.26 27
  15. 15. NEWINDUSTRIAL ZONES ANDNEWGOVERNMENT ACQUISITIONS Examplewhat gowrong: of can foodpark wasacquiredthe Quitol land in time theRegional 2011, ofwhich advertiseda golf of Plan half was as Note TheGovernment acquire forpublic 1: can land purposeonly. and luxury bybuilders. course 800 villas lf youseelarge industrial marked zones which notalready do exist, use Right Information askwhyland acquired forwhat To and was and purpose. Especially much theexisting as of industrial estates vacantl! are lFt6il** F*t*t* {r|H.rfrl+tt ffi *{JuETFIA& fsr€1L - -l i.SttrF"*4 ffi€TEEffi Pe **f*l*ffisfi.**rss g.*#h +*a"*"HF* s##ffiiqF&,E.+e€q#T€S.6 .* fr*l rr aFf tS ffi 5.f :: ,- .= + - #- ffift1# 4!Wi;€,iE*6rt#*# Il*rr-* SffiJkparyr-ct flX&*- FElefd ffi f$qelr$ | rJ rf. eer tFlfit *hffilm ts FubliEl28 29
  16. 16. . FRAUD ERROR?COMPARE OR MAPS AND2 1 TALUKA map202l showing - 2008 zones released September in Thefollowinganexample gross is of zoning village increase Settlement inPilerne of lmage Satellite Pilerne outlined yellow showing lake in VfLLAGEmap2021 showing 2008 in November between release theTaluka Inthetwomonths the of Maps from hands the the of Task Force therelease theVillage till of Maps theTCPDepartment, by certain found wayinto maps. changes have may their the your Check maps such for additionsand question them. some In cases maybeclaimed these it that are Provisional Gazette - Provisional changeshowever changes suspect can are and bedisouted. Gazette canbeprocured theTown Country TheNotified lisi from & Planning ;3-. Deoartment theGovernment stated it willhonour and has that these. is also lt putuponthesavegoa foryour website reference. Notified Gazette changes Note1: Other villages with areas release this Settlement detected increased till of booklet havebeenLoutolim, & your Arpora Calangute. youchecked village? Have havebeenmarked thetimeof the release theTaluka at of maps.30 31
  17. 17. Abig6il Femandis : lL:."-TTjtXi:* yoarAddress f"flil$ i : Date; 24hMarch 2008 The PIO NCPDA Mala Panjim, The PIO and Coa 403001 address at the reletent departflrent Sub: Appfication under the Right to Information Act, 2005 (CentralAct No. 2212065). " Ibur Introduction ( RTt usER|GHT TNFORMATTON TO ) We ale nwre that individul roquase lor chmge ib ,oding of propfiietsuryey lMbeF N not to be otmined as mmrioned io de PDA regulations, onty objecrions. As per S4tion 35(3) rhe Piaming and Deltlopmst Autbority shall appoint s coffiifte coosisting of the To@ Pl.ming Clffics md not more thaDso of ib otbtr frmb.s, b €orrider tlr€ objsdoB rec€ived mdet sub-wtian(l)bdlorcpoilwithirsuGlrtirc6thePltuingsdDevetopmatAuthoritymtyfitiathisbehalf,vithreSrydsto: IFINDOUBT LAND ORVIOLATIONS OF USE tbe mdits or otieruis. of the oblstloDr. Pldse provide me hfomatim with rcgard$ to the "objetio$" (as wcll as individe! reqosb) teeived by the NCPDA pswl :#Askfor inspection filesif youcantwaitfor 30days of to publicdrion ofthe drdft ODPS2011 fo. PaEjim ad Mrpusi lour qaestions l.The d6te when the comite ir qpoctcd to $ubmit its repofr, # Askfor documents too 2.Nmes of the |lMb€fi of the Comiflce he&ing the "objetiotrs". : In your reply to me, pl@w rctypo my questiu followed by yoor sffiwer for eeh of lhe questios in I hbulaed fomt. If you arc of ihe vieir ihat thc ibove rcqu&ted iniomatioa dGs not pefrin to your depatuent, then ple6e follow the ptovitions of Setiotr : # Example application of shown theright + on 6(l) ot$e RTI Ad 2005. I em horcwith psying the appli€tiotr fec (Rs l0) by woy of .lfried 6!rt fee st ml, is pq the CN God, gffi rotifision Seris i lNo.l7dstcd26dtuly200?pg619asffd8enttotheRdsofrheRTlA.t200Sudde.notiticdtiotno.DulufiRTltsilt0r/1129.: I look foNard b you providing me rhe ihfffition within the prcssibcd time limh of rhc RTI Act 2005. Also. as pc the poviiions oftie Rft Act, 2005, kildly pmvid; the deil6 (ircluding 6he and dsignaiiot) ofrhe fiFr sppellate : aulhority witl rcgtrds to yow Fply !o lhe above rcqust beforc whdfi I my, if reqlired, file my fi$t upp€l Standard endiilg asksfor information - who to go to next for appeal in case they da net eo-opsvate i Tharldag you l0l Rs, Abigail Fmandes Alftx Rs.l0/- courtfee stamp 33
  18. 18. Date: GBADEMAND -1 ffi To, Thisprocess peoples of inputs NOLEGAL has STANDING unlessthe Shri/Smt. _ Honourable d- MLA - Constituency, Governmentofficially amends GoaTown Country the & (TGP Act Planning ) Goa Legislative Assembly 1974, perthe73rd& 74thAmendment theConstitution1992 lt is your as to ( -Goa ). RIGHT an Indian as citizen planfor yourarea. to Demand the outdated that Subjecl: Reoeal The GoaTown& Gounfv Plannino of (Amendmentl 2008." Act. GoaTGP of 1974 otherrelevant Act and Actsbe amended theConstitution with Ref:1.The GoaTCP(Amendment) Bi11,.2008. No14of 2008]Passed fie coa L€gislative [Bill by or the exercise be made may invalidanytime. Assembly March in 2008. TheGoaTCP(Amendment) 2. Ordinance, 2008.lordinance 4 of 20081 No published notification 8/4/200&LA vide No. dated February 29 2008. GBADEMAND.2 Respec{ed Sir/Madam, Amendment & 16A wasmade theGoaTCP 16 to Act,whichallowsthe ThesaidBillamending Seclions and16AofheGoa 16 Town County and 1974, give PlannirgAct, b Government OVERRIDE Regional ANYTIME. means youwill to the Plan polveB he Shte andCenlral to Ciovemment underlake to anypublicprojeddschemeddevelopmentworks lt that whid neednotconform he prodsionsofhe Regional for Goaas maybein force,hassince to Plan not knowof projects untiltheystartbuildingthemandyouwill not havea become Actof law. an chance means Government breakits ownrulesofficially. to the can Urderf|e guiseof development, beli€r€ projedsof greatimpac,t bethrustuput uswifrouta we bat will deck ongrouMrealities, a windor for he people discuss Theonlylegalremedy nor to it. available he to AskwhatyourMLAs standis anddemand theywithdraw for thesake that this said is a freshlegislation con€c{ unfstterdpoweFgivento theGovemment; sewants Ad to he ifs and of democratic rights. evenitsagents alllimesin he fufure. for Thisaction lhe Govemment so amend saidAct of to hs through sudra legislalionpassed wittputdetailed GBADEMAND.3 discussion theLegislative in Ass€mbly tanhmount theGovemment is to initialing parallel a process bring to inProjeds Schemespradically and nullifuing purpose preparationa RegionalPkmlor he for of CnN21. Insistthatthe FinalRegional 2021 openfor villageinputs90daysfrom Plan is Weexpect you,as an elec{ed hat represenhtive thepeople a padof he legislalive of and body,prevail the release the kitsto the Panchayats. addition mustbe opento public of In upn theGwemment Goalo move Billin be fodhmming of a Session fte GoaLegislative of Assembly in it 2ffi9, to repeal revoke (Amendment) 2008aswellas and The GoaTovn& CountyPlanning Ac{, for a clearmonthbefore as you beingnotified this is the onlychance haveto The GoaTCP(Amendm€nt) Ordinance, 2008.[Ordinance 4 of 20081" preceded No tut it, wih refospedive efiec-t. seethatyoureffortshavegonethrough. do notwanta repeat RP2011. We of Theprucess thereviely anyaM all publicprojects/ for of schemes/Development caniedunder wods lhe saidOrdinance and/orAc{mustbecanied andrefiedialac.tion out taken fansparency public wih and accountability is ourdsmocralic as right. Wewishto infomyouthatwe rejec{ fupndmentandaskyouto initiate bis actonto dotheneedful the in Theabovedemands to be senton yourPanchayat are letterheadsto oming Session theGoaLegislaliveAssembly. of Town& CountryPlanning yourMLAandthe ChiefMinister. Board, you, Thanking Youcando this as affected groupstoo,on yourown letterhead. Copy - TheHon.Chie{ to Minister, Chairman lhe Task of Force RP2021, - Govemment Goa, of Secretadat,34 35