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Comenius project evaluation by pupils


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Comenius project evaluation by pupils

  1. 1. Class 1
  2. 2. Class 3
  3. 3. I had so much fun dancing and discovering other Country's dances . I hope to repeat and many many times this beautiful project!!!!
  4. 4. Class 4 1 In the last 2 years we communicated in English with children of other Nations, thanks to Comenius Project. We learned a game called Kwadrant. We were divided into two teams, the white team and the red team; the game consists on shoot the ball into the opponent's court and try to make a point for each own team. Another interesting thing was to draw the most beautiful places in Turin, to make it known to our partners. We have been much committed and we got a great result. The activity, which we called "the tastiest," was when we prepared with our teacher Nadia some recipes. Together we decided to make apple pie; healthy and above all tasty. We have prepared the recipes received from partners as well. We prepared "sandwiches in the shape of boats." Very tasty! Another activity (the most tiring) was a Polish dance: Krakowsk After having learnt it, we had fun and we liked it so much that we have revived it and the other dances during the show at the end of the school year. Finally, we have participated in the mini games with two very entertaining games: tennis ball into a hoop and 600 m running. When the teacher’s phone rang , our mate Patrizia always exclaimed: "Is she Rosa or your daughter?". Because Rosa phoned many time to ask about the activities These two years of Comenius have been full of emotions and discoveries. Thank you teacher Nadia for giving us this opportunity and accompanied us in this project and we send greetings and kisses to the children who are reading this text. Happy holidays from Francesca O, Francesca R. Ingrid P, Shelley S, Simone, Erika S, Rebecca, Julia, Issam
  5. 5. 2 In recent years we have participated in Comenius project and found it very interesting and funny. We learnt many things and discovered customs of other Countries. We had fun dancing Kracowiak, which is a Polish dance, Tip Tap ( Tacco Punta) that is an Italian dance and an English dance. The dances were filmed by the teacher and we been committed to the maximum. We danced them again in presence of our parents at the party at the end of the school year. In addition to dancing, the last period of school, we took part in European mini-Olympics among all the project partners. The games we played are: the ball throw in a circle at a distance of 15 meters and the race of 600 m. At the beginning of this year we played a Polish game "Kwadrant"; with other Countries . We exchanged various recipes like "Mazurian sail boats", "Apple Pie" made by us. We had a lot of fun. During the project we were able to exchange cards about Festivals in different languages, especially in English. Our teacher has been in contact with the teacher Beata (Poland) and we got to know her students directly. We communicated through letters and connections via Skype, all in English. Another important moment was when we met the foreign teachers in our school in Salsasio. We sang some songs as welcoming: "Hello friend", "We Are Friends together", "Happy Days" and "Inno alla gioia" the European anthem. In the gym we played Hit Ball involving our guests in the game. Then the teachers went to visit various classes. To those who came into our class we asked so many questions. We loved this project and we would like to participate again next year Group work with:: Davide, Maria, Michela, Kevin, Andrea F, Mattia, Daniela, and Andrea M.
  6. 6. 3 Salsasio, Thursday 28 May 2014 In recent years we have been participated in a project called "Comenius". In this project we have collaborated with many Country: Spain, England, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria and us, Italians. During the project we have learned so many things, games, dances, songs and English. Last year many teachers and professors came to visit our school; all of us together welcomed them with songs. Some teachers then came to our class and asked us our names in English, they asked questions and we answered. Also we have asked questions to them. In these years we have had the opportunity to know our European friends and their culture through exchanging video dances, Festival songs, traditional games and interviews to local sport heroes ... Through the contact between a teacher from Poland, Beata, and our dear teacher Nadia, who met each other during the meetings of all teachers involved in the project, we also had the opportunity to write and receive letters from children and we met also them via Skype. Comenius has been a great enrichment for us Group work with: Desirèe, Thomas, Enrico, Stefano, Elisa, Alessandro, Francesco.
  7. 7. INTERVIEWING OUR PARENTS Mum, have you ever heard of Comenius? I would say every day for the past two years and especially on your face I read how important it was for you! Mom, what do you think of Comenius? For you guys, I think it is a great opportunity to come in contact with children from various Countries of Europe and to learn English
  8. 8. Mum, when have you got the possibility to enjoy what we have prepared from the book of European recipes? Today, after the show and I must say I am very surprised by the diversity of the recipes, but also by their goodness Daddy what do you think about what you've seen today? I saw guys dancing with great enthusiasm the Spanish, Turkish, English, Polish, Bulgarian and Italian dances and I loved this exchange between European schools
  9. 9. . . Mum, did you like listening me when I came home and I told you of my European friends and all the things I have learned in these two years? Yes, a lot! Above all it was nice to see your efforts while you trained for sports activities before European Olympics games or when I saw you to write and speak in English Daddy, what do you think about the Comenius project ? I think that I saw my daughter doing things that I never thought to see done. Today you have brought those dances from various Countries. You were beautiful! I have never had what you have had with this project. Please make a treasure of it!
  10. 10. Mum, have you ever done a project like ours in your school? No, never and I'm glad you've had this chance! Mum please, can you take me in the Countries with whom we have collaborated for this project? Mmm, you could do this if you promise me to continue learning English and to put into practice what you have learned from the project: the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle without being too much on the computer or in front of the tv!
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