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Get Changed Makes History


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In 2014 Get Changed Theatre Company - an arts and drama charity for adults with learning disabilities - carried out an impressive project called Get Changed Makes History in collaboration with the National Trust Castle Drogo. The project included visual and sound installations, glimpse theatre, Edwardian photo shoot and the grand finale performance Raise the Roof.

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Get Changed Makes History

  1. 1. A collaborative project with National Trust Castle Drogo in 2014
  2. 2. A three part project: Element 1 Art installations in place March 2014 • Silver sound trail • Wind spinning portraits • I Hear Here • Windmill poppy memorial • 11 ages of man
  3. 3. David squashes forks and spoons Drogo visitor plays the sound trail D & S help with the task No castle silverware was used!
  4. 4. Our portraits were made double sided to show two portraits as the frame turned in the breeze…..what we did not anticipate was the hurricane force winds across the Teign valley!! Plan B: we recreated the portraits on a banner and displayed them that way……….
  5. 5. A series of poems were created by the Get Changed participants – here is the war poem written by David and displayed next to our Windmill Poppy Memorial.
  6. 6. Inspired by an inlaid box in Mr Drewe’s bedroom – the 11 ages of man were recreated and displayed at Drogo in the bedroom corridor
  7. 7. A three part project: Element 2 Glimpse Theatre From April to August 2014 • The Lord’s Leeks (Silent Movie with seat of the pants orchestra) • Ghosts of Drogo Past • White Stag of the Teign Valley • Flash Bang Wallop - Edwardian picnic • Hide and Seek (Victorian style)
  8. 8. Filming for the Lord’s Leeks Live performance to Drogo visitors
  9. 9. Girls and lads were filmed in Drogo rooms and alcoves (next door) and projected live onto various Drogo ceilings!! Children and adults were encouraged to direct the projections.
  10. 10. Real time flash accompanies the 1900 camera. Visitors to Drogo pose for picture. “Bun Sir?” “I couldn't possibly.” Get Changed member gets to grip with camera.
  11. 11. The Hiders and the Seekers To promote Raise The Roof, our members dressed up and played with the visitors at Drogo – teasing them by telling / asking them if they had seen the others. The ‘others’ having told the visitors to say they had not seen them!
  12. 12. A three part project: Element 3 Promenade performance 4-7 September 2014 A celebration of Victorian life and the history and stories of the Drewe Family during that era.
  13. 13. Early ideas for the show and creating musical ideas
  14. 14. Getting ready for showtime! To view pictures of the show
  15. 15.  I think having this group around and working with staff and volunteers over the last several months has created more confidence for the team in understanding how to welcome and engage with disabled visitors which is really positive. Heather, General Manager of Castle Drogo  I was able to be there unexpectedly and was amazed by the humour and enjoyment that the play provided – the atmosphere was brilliant and the skill of the group, both leaders and participants was clear to see. There were points when it was genuinely moving (the rendition of Old Man River by Mr Marconi was a highlight for me). Ruth Lewis, Visitor Experience Consultant, National Trust
  16. 16.  I want to congratulate you on such a brave and interesting project and partnership. The show was one of the most inspired and funny I’ve ever seen at an NT site. Hannah Jones, Volunteering and Community Involvement Consultant, National Trust  That really was a tremendous evening, so special & very kind of you to ask us. Bunny Johnstone (Julius Drewe’s great-grandaughter)
  17. 17. Thanks to the following funders