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Stand & Stare Presentation

  1. 1. Site-Specific PerformanceBath Spa UniversityFriday 3rd DecemberLucy and Barney HeywoodCo-Founders, Stand + Stare Collective
  2. 2. Stand + Stare CollectiveNew stories : immersive experiencesStand + Stare produce theatre in non-traditional spaces andplace key importance on the role of audiences. We aim to createtheatrical experiences in which people feel immersed and part ofthe performance without being made to feel intimidated.
  3. 3. What we do• Large scale shows. • Smaller experiences. - Extravagant in terms of time, - Often interactive. people and resources. - Sometimes with no live - Site-specific. performers. - 2/3 weeks intense devising - Either for commercial clients and production period. or to tour.
  4. 4. Stand & Stare 09• First show.• February 2009.• Directed by Rob Tannion and Greg Banks.• Over 60 local and international performers, artists, designers, and technicians.
  5. 5. Stand & Stare 09 promo vid
  6. 6. Premise• The building represented Rosemarys life, containing all her memories.• The audience experienced them in a non-linear way, until the final scene.• Rosemary was a female Elvis impersonator. Therefore Elvis acted as the continuity throughout her life, as well as providing a soundtrack.
  7. 7. Composed Music• Thomas Johnson.• Choral arrangement to the words of Leisure by WH Davis.• Other songs composed performance. for the- Christina. Performed by Naomi Said.- Yes. Performed by The Lazy Susan’s.
  8. 8. Action Over Discuss• Met on a local common in our cars.• Used what we had to experiment with ideas. Some things worked, others didn’t.• Easier to develop an idea that is already a reality.
  9. 9. The Car Show• Four shows all performed in cars.• Each between 5 and 10 mins long.• Audience are greeted by our sales team who book them into one of the performances.• Various technologies and performance techniques used.
  10. 10. The Car Show 09 promo vid
  11. 11. The Shows• Nobody Smiles In Frisco • Robomance- Film Noir, drive-in movie, mini - Two wind-up robots fall in projector, McGuffin. love, operated by puppeteers.• The Flight of The Princess • The Secret Car Club- Binaural audio recording, no - Short wave radio signal picked live performers, headphones and up by car radio, miniature blind fold, found and people inside car instruct manipulated audio recording of audience to do things. Princess Diana.
  12. 12. SS ARCADIA• Second large scale show.• May 2010. Part of Mayfest (Bristol’s festival of contemporary theatre)• Directed by Rob Tannion.• Over 60 local and international performers, artists, designers, and technicians.
  13. 13. SS Arcadia promo vid
  14. 14. Premise• Audience entered as passengers • Lower decks contained the on an ocean liner. galley, chapel, engine room, and hold.• They were free to explore with gentle guidance. • The central story line focused on the captains demise and the• Upper decks contained a casino, guilt he felt for his neglected son. This was manifested in a cabins, hairdressers, boutique (where audience could dress series of stowaway’s. up), cocktail bar, beach, lift, and dinning room. “That constant niggle”
  15. 15. Floor Plans
  16. 16. Time sheet• Table shows what is happening in every room, minute by minute.• All performers and technicians start there stop watches on the bell.
  17. 17. The Children of Modernity• Set in the early 1970’s on a • Accommodates up to 8 audience commune. members at a time.• Rossie, our protagonist, has • Lasts between 25 and 30 mins. gone missing. Through a series of interactions and explorations, we invite our • No live performers. audiences to find out what has happened to her. • Uses audio, video projection, and interaction with objects.• Takes place in a bell tent • Chapter 1 of a larger story we erected indoors. are developing.
  18. 18. Project Europa (Forthcoming)• Distributed story delivered • The story is centered on Dan across multiple locations and Alder, whose fiancée has been media. brainwashed by a modernist cult named Project Europa. He• Audience enter a world and must unpick the past in order to save their future... and become part of a story that unfolds over a month. ours.• Continuation of The Children of Modernity.
  19. 19. References and Inspiration• Nonchalance - • 1929 - The Jejune Institute Hall Elsewhere Public Works Agency Threshold• Punchdrunk- • Shunt - The Night Chauffeur Money The Duchess of Malfi The Lounge Mask of the Red Death• Rob Tannion - DV8 Complicite Stan Won’t Dance
  20. 20. The Jejune Institute
  21. 21. The Night Chauffeur
  22. 22. Crece - Ignacio crosses the moon
  23. 23. Any Questions?