artificial intelligence automatic control fuzzy logic machine learning information retrieval neural networks natural language processing bioinformatics data mining mechatronics parallel processing hybrid intelligent systems knowledge representation programming languages knowledge-based systems ai algorithms robotics pattern recognition multimedia testing software & hardware deep learning computer vision cognitive informatics cad design & testing data mining and machine learning tools intelligent system architectures artificial intelligence tools & applications computational theories of learning ambient intelligence heuristic and ai planning strategies and tools computer vision and speech understanding multimedia & cognitive informatics big data applications classification machine translation soft computing cad design dialog systems database web intelligence applications bayesian network question answering information extraction learning problems knowledge management • automatic control convolutional neural network nlp lexical semantics discourse semantic processing learning in knowledge-intensive systems reasoning • fuzzy logic aritificial intelligence ontology reasoning and evolution data science pos tagging morphology phonology parsing / grammatical formalisms paraphrasing / entailment / generation nlp for language documentation and preservation nlp for educational purposes nlp for digital humanities machine learning in nlp linguistic resources chunking / shallow parsing learning methods and analysis big data analytics data visualization image processing clustering convolutional neural networks information technology • data mining transfer learning soft computing theory and applications artificial intelligence tools transformer svm ann generative adversarial network cad design and testing audio analytics text analytics content based analytics social media analytics artificial intelligence tools and application analysis • bioinformatics semantic web techniques computer science artificial neural networks image classification • neural networks • knowledge representation • mechatronics • information retrieval web intelligence applications & search ai iot databases generative pre-trained transfo data augmentation fuzzy systems gpu cnn machine learning (ml) artificial intelligence (ai) computational linguistics video analytics. object detection biometrics learning active robotic prosthesis human-robot interaction ai planning strategies • natural language processing web intelligence • robotics • parallel processing • artificial intelligence software & hardware architectures expert system reinforcement learning fuzzy expert system cloud computing classification time feature extractions stacking classifier cyberbullying detection stacking ensemble learning feature extraction ecg signal cardiovascular disease wavelet scattering transform narrowband analysis classification filter submerged target target analysis passive sonar neural information processing social sciences tolstoy artificial neurons maturity model industry 5.0 automatic modulation classific resampling techniques imbalanced class data face recognition (fr) convolutional neural network ( disease classification ecg cvd autonomic computing computer architecture learning decision yolo pedestrian safety information theory independent component analysis linear discriminant analysis big data mining big data tools visualization semantic segmentation supervised learning cancer diagnosis machine learning tools fuzzy mathematics fuzzy clustering fuzzy logic systems procedural generation transformers finance stock market prediction enhanced receptive field lightweight deep neural networ efficient edge detection multidisciplinary document similarity naive bayes chatbot psychological emotion camel-vehicle collision wildlife-vehicle collision yolov5 symbolic machine learning e-medicine software agents machine learning algorithms knn evolutionary computing machine learning applications software testing unsupervised machine learning intelligent system architecture graph mining log messages edge strength complex networks microarray k-means cluster linear regression. inception network object detection algorithm data bases  learning problems biotechnology weighting method multi-objective problems quadratic programming legal argumentation logic fallacy  parallel processing  neural networks  programming languages  knowledge representation  information retrieval  fuzzy logic recent trends web intelligence application technologies network analytics network social networks ant colony optimization multi-depot periodic arc routing problem performance engineering semi-supervised learning hybrid algorithms capsules networks navigation autonomous neural network humancomputer interaction emerging technology fourth industrial revolution deep machine learning road accidents maps images bio informatics game based learning biomedical engineering télécommunications feature-based object recognition ai planning iris human-machine interface intentions prediction learning difficulties • multimedia software development programming depth information human motion • software & hardware • knowledge-based systems communication shape recognition multi-level feature fusion & deep learning person re-identification xgboost feature selection adaptive learning summarization bert segmentation recognition recommendation system knowledge representation. anomaly detection attention frascati guideline pre-processing techniques data mining applications data mining and machine learni human language technologies embedded system strategy & digitalization soft computing theory modulationn recognition embedded systems hybrid information technology internet of things (iot) conv ai in it convergence fuzzy system in multimedia possibility theory type 2 fuzzy logic engineering machine learning trends cloud application cloud based transformer model text summarization human language ml digitalization strategy modulation recognition learning from instruction hybrid learning algorithms case based methods text mining /shallow parsing phonology and morphology networking and communications modelling and simulation principal component analysis ( recent trends and developments regression trees connectionist networks assistant applications elderly employees webmai arabic voice commands voice recognition technology fréchet distance unsupervised learning expectation maximisation algor recognition by alignment handwritten arabic characters cubic order of spline curves spline models language processing rydarab text-totext transfer transform arabic mathematical notation latex mathematical documents machine translation system coding theory information theory in statisti indicbert indic languages indian national congress bharatiya janata party karnataka elections sentiment analysis machine learning methods self-organizing map kernel method growing neural gas stereotypes arts & design history machine learning techniques principal component analysis iot applications internet of things financial modelling image analysis blind deconvolution fuzzy database agents logic dlv clingo asnwer set programming regression multi-task learning uncertainty estimation model pruning model ensemble faster rcnn weapon detection alot design and implementation al for alot applications student covid-19 artificial intelligence advanc ai in healthcare natural language computing video game application answer set programming n gpt cipher text generation argumentation mining non-contact vital sign monito millimeter wave radar remote vital sign monitoring planning optimization production process management ims clahe pre-processing face recognition random forest algorithm accurate flatbuffer arrhythmia classification edge computing convoluted neural network virus variants text classification financial news multiple instance learning u-net. x-ray computed tomography additive manufacturing bayesian networks wasserstein distance static analysis. numerical accuracy linear programming formal methods code synthesis computer arithmetic deep learning. human intention prediction erasing augmentation qa systems signal or image processing wavelet rough sets e-commerce morphic computing probabilistic reasoning human-system interface explanation anti-drone uav predictive learning supervised machine learning false alarm rate detection rate adaboost weka nsl-kdd kdd topic prediction. data processing geographical information systems / global navigati fuzzy logic / systems e-commerce and e-medicine prediction ph sensing. sequencing statistical models biomarkers semantics-driven language processing natural vs. artificial intelligence natural logic human-computer-interaction learning environments classroom acts literacy adult education electromyography emg electroencephalogram eeg brain computer interface (bci) brain control interface amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als) smart brain controlled wheelchair (sbcw) convolutional neural network (cnn) opinion mining - arabic - bag of words - feature s big data analysis common good. mnist benchmark. intrusion detection chlorophyll-a remote sensing deep learning estimators arduino arabic spelling descriptors neighbourhood overlap. opennmt neural machine translation parallel text corpus arabic amharic centrality maximal cliques simulated annealing algorithm. meta heuristic machine learning. load and stress testing optimization. grey wolves optimization algorithm invasive weeds optimization algorithm linguistic creativity ontologies interactive approach. support vector machine (svms) algorithms in prolog. business intelligence strategic marketing cassandra kpi tabu search& simple random sampling. maximum relevance minimum redundancy medical data mining parkinson’s disease ubiquitous machine learning ml for nlp neural networks / deep learning machine learning recommender systems machine learning models and applications faster r-cnn computational science computing computer science & engineering data sampling ensemble classifier meta-classifiers imbalanced data roadway traffic safety spatial pooler parallel actor programming model htm cla cortical learning algorithm hierarchical temporal memory logistic regression decisiontreeregressor pre-trained models classification. oversampling supervised kaggle hashtags 2019-ncov twitter geometric shapes. unsupervised methods supervised models crime pattern analysis knowledge graph embedding negative sampling video analytics neurochip graphics processing unit (gpu) field programmable gate array (fpga) central processing unit (cpu) artificial neural network (ann) application specific integrated circuit (asic) linear regression search engines r hadoop feature selection. software defect prediction trends in ml advanced machine learning lending club heloc protodash anchors shap girp brcg explainable ai credit scoring complex networks. mknn core periphery structures overlearning overfitting transfer rate moodle data learning analytics student achievement blended learning recruitment policy procedure practices hiring process decision making contextual elements contextual graphs digitized mammograms back propagation neural networks neuro fuzzy inference systems full vehicle with neuro fuzzy controller intelligent portfolio management cosine similarity tf-idf textual analysis stock market computational (time/space) efficiency 3-tuple configuration in-core neutron noise detector/signal (in-nd/ns) v pressurized water (nuclear) reactor (pwr) on-line monitoring (olm) spoken language processing knowledge representatiomultimedian geometric shapes automation  applications d classification statistical learning performance prediction computer hardware • pattern recognition hardware architectures augmentation neighbourhood overlap semantic  data visualization  vision recognition  morphic computing biomedical interactive approach support vector machine algorithms in prolog knowledge-intensive systems  natural language processing  pattern recognition  multimedia  mechatronics  knowledge-based systems  bioinformatics  automatic control submissio learning methods knowledge simulated annealing algorithm artificial intelligece cpu utilization stress testing optimization algorithm data minin web intelligenc • telecommunications • machine learning • soft computing heuristic machine leraning information control descriptor extract-transform-load (et brain computer interface smart brain controlled wheelchair computational theories adjective lexicons web techniques • hardware implementation data analytics • distributed optimization • neurodynamic optimization • deep neural networks • classification learning algorithms • neural networks model rehabilitation memory eeg signal • web intelligence • programming languages • cad design • computer vision agile software development gyroscope smartphone human activity recognition accelerometer interface controller nonlinear active suspension system neuro-fuzzy control fpga computer network optimization cuckoo search gait prediction lstm elderly people fall transfer learning. statistical test semantic web techniques and technologies feature engineering ad event prediction digital advertising • web intelligence applications & search • ai algorithms infomation re communications expectation maximization algorithm. tracking prediction module runtime checker smart toy improving communication speech disorders random forest (rf) and probabilistic neural networ phishing discovery and generalization mechanism diagnosis and management of viral hepatitis job market economic development human future decentralized control. collaborative robotics q-learning genetic fuzzy system and semantic web. machine translation (mt) instant translator homographs and homonyms artificial intelligence. double-blind crowdsourcing device network beacon association rules. calculus engine knowledge and information processing data and information networks information system architecture topic modelling resume classifier application dynamic classification ensemble learning clinical assertion bilstm adaptive algorithm captcha • ai algorithms • artificial intelligence tools & expert systems use case point effort forecasting fuzzy neural networks argumentation theory argumentation semantics stable semantics abstract argumentation framework mobile computing. mobile profiles behavior-based security recurrent neural networks dialog generation big data. gradient boosted tree algorithm knime esb prognostics and health management industry 4.0 predictive maintenance remaining useful life industrial iot "private life" "reflections" the ability to "read and write" learning in a group "making sense" agent robot
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