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NGMG Company Overview - 2016


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NGMG Company Overview - 2016

  1. 1. Your On-Demand Marketing and Product Team
  2. 2. We are a national team of highly accomplished marketing and product executives who have in-depth experience and knowledge developing, launching and marketing a wide variety of innovative products and services. We offer resources who can serve as Advisors, Project Leaders, or Marketing Contractors to help you design, develop, launch, manage, measure and market your overall business and key products. Our team has led the marketing and product activities for numerous top branded companies as well as early-stage firms across multiple industries such as: Who We Are 1-319-887-5665
  3. 3. NextGen Marketing Group™ - Our Expertise The NextGen Marketing Group™ is available to help your company develop marketing strategies or launch new products with specific expertise and knowledge in the following areas: Marketing Strategy Product Management Product Development Metrics and Analytics Launch & Post-Launch • Go-to-Market Plan • Channel Strategy • Business Planning • Competitive Analysis • Strategic Partnerships • Value Proposition Design • Trade Promotions • Consumer Promotions • Brand Positioning • Product Strategy • Product Description • Lifecycle Process • Change Management • Product Management Process • Pricing Strategy • Product Reviews • Funnel Management • Stage/Review Process • Core Team Process • Project Requirements Documentation • Reporting and Project Tracking • Testing Plans • Integrated Systems Testing • Innovation Pipeline Development • War Room Process • After Action Reviews • KPI Planning • Forecasting • Digital Dashboards • Project Mgmt • Marketing Automation • Data Analytics • Web Analytics • Launch Planning and Process • Launch Execution • Launch Acceleration • Post-Launch Reviews • Corrective Actions • Customer Feedback 31-319-887-5665 Strategy Design Development Launch
  4. 4. Core and Enhanced Client Programs Core Programs • Marketing/Sales/Product Assessments • Product Launch Playbook • Product Development Processes • Product Management Program • Branding and Messaging Model • Marketing Plan Toolkit Enhanced Programs • Interim Marketing and Product Leadership • Marketing SME Consulting • Project Leadership/Support • Program Design/Implementation • Product Launch • Strategy Reviews 1-319-887-5665
  5. 5. We Are Uniquely Experienced In Digital Product Transformation Product Innovators Provide Proven Solutions To Sustain Success Real-world experience leading complex digital product initiatives Advanced expertise in launching tech-based products/services Experience in best practices for improving business agility/speed-to-market Breadth and depth of talent to form the right team for your project Bias for action and “making it happen” Understand your industry and speak your language Digital product experts, from infrastructure to design to launch and analytics Complete life cycle knowledge having driven strategy, product development, market launch, and market growth across several organizations 1-319-887-5665
  6. 6. Leadership Team – Managing Directors Definition Launch Management Measurement National Team of Top Marketing/Product Leaders 1-319-887-5665 Greg Crosby Founder Iowa City, IA. John Franklin Managing Director Minneapolis, MN. Mike Grubbs Managing Director Overland Park, KS Team Professional Experience/Expertise: • Executive/Chief Marketing Officer/VP/Dir Roles • Marketing and Product Strategy • Product Launch Management • Branding and Messaging Strategy • Product Development Process • Product Management • Sales/Channel and Business Development • Revenue Growth/Churn Management • Customer Support Strategy Team Industry Experience/Expertise: • Technology Sector • Pharmaceuticals/Digital Health • Energy • Smart Home/Internet of Things • Consumer Packaged Goods/Food and Beverage • Professional Services • Software/Data/Networking/Wireless • Transportation • Healthcare Jan Bell Managing Director Iowa City, IA.
  7. 7. Strategic: • Marketing and product assessments – strategic, process, and structure. • Development of a business plan/product requirements/strategic marketing plan • Brand/messaging strategy and value proposition design • Product strategy and roadmap • Digital product launches • Launch of a new product/service or business – complex/eco-system service platforms • Distribution strategy • Product development leadership, best practices, organizational effectiveness • Creative – development of new materials, creative look/feel, advertising Tactical: • Leadership for projects that have limited internal resources/experience • Fill open positions during hiring freeze or lengthy recruiting process • Operational management for start-ups and early stage companies Typical Projects We Handle 1-319-887-5665
  8. 8. Our Experience and Business Model Reduce Your Risk Executive staff, expert execution Work with top industry experts to incorporate best practices Single point for all your marketing and product support resources Strategies and best practices to optimize the use of your resource budget Create opportunities Identify gaps Get it right Instill comfort and confidence 1-319-887-5665 Our Vi Efficient and Affordable Rates: • Hourly Advisory Sessions • Flat Rate Project Fees • Standardized Program Flat Fees • Monthly Retainers • Monthly Hour Tiers for Support • Customized Rate Plans
  9. 9. Enhance Your Marketing Strategy or Product Launch With the NextGen Marketing Group™ • Work with top marketing and product experts across the country to create winning strategies and learn best practices. • Enjoy a “one-stop-shop” for all your marketing or product resources. • Select the most convenient and affordable program for your needs. • Get introduced to the latest strategies and best practices and to help you optimize the use of your resource budget. • Let us help you. Call today to set of a FREE initial consultation of visit our website and schedule a virtual advisory session with an expert today! Call us at 1-319-887-5665 1-319-887-5665
  10. 10. Thank You Let us help you. Contact us for a free initial consultation. 1-319-887-5665