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Universal piezoresistive pressure sensor


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Universal piezoresistive pressure sensor

  1. 1. [键入文字] Shaanxi Xinshion Instruments Co.,ltd Universal piezoresistive pressure sensor The products are diffused silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor. Is the shape of our own design and all have very sophisticated sensor Products. It is the use of piezoresistive effect theory, using semiconductor integrated circuit technology and a special process for the mechanical quantity detection sensor. Its main characteristic is high precision, high sensitivity, high stability and high reliability. CYG101 is one of our design shaped piezoresistive pressure sensor series. In fact, life expectancy has reached measured 107 pressure cycle, the average time between failures of 105 hours or more, can also be used to measure as low as-100Kpanegative pressure, positive pressure measurement accuracy and the same. CYG113 range to the next until hundreds of thousands of mm water column, with higher resolution, high sensitivity, rapid Gang is the best choice for low pressure measurement. The CYG105, CYG115 is targeted at the high pressure forces the design process With excellent cost performance and dynamic performance. 1. The major technical indicatorsModel CYG113 CYG101 CYG105 CYG115Measuring 0-4,6,10... KPa 0—100…1000KPa 0—1,1.6…MPa 0—10,16…MParangeZero output ≤±10mvFull scale 50mV±30﹪ 80mV±30﹪outputOverload 150%Power Supply Constant current power supply5-12mA or voltage source power supply15VDCBridge 0.6—1.2 KimpedanceCompensation ﹣10℃—﹢60℃ Web: Mobile: 86-13379020279 MP:86-029-83499609 / Fax:86-029-83499609
  2. 2. [键入文字] Shaanxi Xinshion Instruments Co.,ltdtemperaturezoneWorking ﹣40℃—﹢80℃temperatureFor media On silicon, glass, epoxy resin does not corrode, compatible media 2. Tranche performance parameters Index 0:00 pm drift Zero Sensitivity Nonlinear ±% No repeatability,File-level mv /8hours temperature temperature FS hysteresis % FS coefficient coefficient ×10-4 / ℃ · FS ×10-4 / ℃ · FSA 0.2 5 5 0.5 0.2B 0.1 3 3 0.3 0.15C 0.1 1.5 2 0.15 0.1D Accuracy requirements specified 3. Standard form, the pressure interface and shell material below is CYG101, CYG113, CYG105, CYG115standard form, standard pressure connection M12×1, M20X1.5, the shell Material for the1Cr18Ni9-Shaping stainless steel. Can accept non-standard shape, the pressure interface, the material processing requirements. Web: Mobile: 86-13379020279 MP:86-029-83499609 / Fax:86-029-83499609
  3. 3. [键入文字] Shaanxi Xinshion Instruments Co.,ltdWeb: MSN:art1230gavin@hotmail.comMobile: 86-13379020279 MP:86-029-83499609 / Fax:86-029-83499609