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Using Mobile Barcodes for Interactive Marketing


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Using Mobile Barcodes for Interactive Marketing

  1. 1. Using Mobile Barcodesfor Interactive Marketing
  2. 2. What Can a Mobile Barcode Do?1. Direct to a website2. Add to contacts3. Save to calendar4. Show location on map5. Make phone call6. Prepopulate an email7. Send a text message8. Deliver a note9. “Follow” on Twitter10. “Like” on Facebook11. “Connect” on LinkedIn12. Watch on YouTube13. Gather customer feedback14. Deliver a coupon15. Enter a contest16. Download a file
  3. 3. Create• Creating codes is fast and easy• Gauge Mobile codes can performvariety of functions• A colour code can be assigned toany code, to fit the creative• Codes can be saved in variousformats and sizes• Codes can have a predeterminedlife-span with an alternate destinationafter expiry, or remain activeindefinitely
  4. 4. Modify• All barcodes are dynamic• They can be relinked to perform acompletely new function at any time• There is no need to generate a newbarcode or reproduce your material• The barcodes will always be currentand accurate
  5. 5. Manage• All barcodes can be organized intocampaigns• The campaigns can be furtherorganized by client• Account administrator can grantaccess to multiple users• The users can have access to the entireaccount or a specific client only• Each user can have full privileges or belimited to read-only access
  6. 6. Track• Each barcode is linked to live-timeanalytics, detailing:– Number of unique scans– Number of total scans– Type of phone that was used– When the scans took place (to the hour)– Where the scans came from (general)• Ability to compare performance ofcodes and/or campaigns• Available option to gatherdemographic information andexact location of each scan
  7. 7. USE CASES
  8. 8. CONTESTS AND GAMES1. Point of sale contest2. Immediate redemption or draws3. Location based game
  9. 9. REWARDS1. Mobile coupons2. Collectible points3. Loyalty programs
  10. 10. PURCHASE1. Mobile commerce2. Advance purchase3. Purchase for others
  11. 11. CONTENT SAMPLING1. Sample music before purchase2. Listen to authors intro to a book3. Rich content from static creative
  12. 12. FEEDBACK1. Like, Follow or Check-in2. Surveys and reviews3. Voting and live polls
  13. 13. HOW TO1. Help or assistance2. Recipes and instructions3. Demonstrations
  14. 14. 10 Rules to Remember1. Assist consumer in the use of the QR Code2. Drive to a mobile friendly page3. Be weary of cell reception4. Add value to the consumer5. Track the performance of your codes6. Test offers and landing pages7. Make the promotion unique8. Test the codes in the field9. Keep the links fresh and accurate10. Start using the codes today!
  15. 15. MOBILE MARKETING PLATFORMVisit to sign up for your free account today.