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Open Source & Multi-sided Markets


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Speech given at the second edition of Innovators Barcamp , an unconference dedicated to innovation in Italian Public Administrations.

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Open Source & Multi-sided Markets

  1. 1. Open Source Reuse in Public Administrations: multi-sided markets & reusable OS technologies Roberto Galoppini Innovators Barcamp 2010 Rome, 17 May
  2. 2. 2001: Startup 1994: Slackware 0.94 2002: 2004: Consorzio 2005: OS Strategy 2009: ODF Plugfest 2010: SOS Open Source
  3. 4. “ I failed to make the chess team because of my height.”
  4. 10. “ The early community is willing to trade time to save money; the late community is willing to trade money to save time. My customer is in the late community.”
  5. 13. Top Downloads (Italy)
  6. 17. A community is just a group of people that share a common interest — they don’t have to like each other.”
  7. 20. Roberto Galoppini SOS Open Source: email: roberto.galoppini <at>