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Focus Group Open Source 04.10.2011 Massimiliano Belardi


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Focus Group Open Source 04.10.2011 Massimiliano Belardi

  1. 1. Massimiliano BelardiLinux su Mainframe“10 anni di esperienze con i clienti”
  2. 2. zEnterprise - 2011IBM zEnterprise™ System – Best-in-class systems and software technologiesA “System of Systems” that unifies IT for predictable service delivery IBM zEnterprise 196 zEnterprise Unified zEnterprise BladeCenter (z196) Resource Manager Extension (zBX) Optimized to host large-scale Unifies management of Selected IBM POWER7 blades database, transaction, and resources, extending IBM and IBM System x Blades* for mission-critical applications System z qualities of service tens of thousands of AIX and The most efficient platform end-to-end across workloads Linux applications for large-scale Linux® Provides platform, hardware High-performance optimizers consolidation and workload management and appliances to accelerate Capable of massive scale-up time to insight and reduce cost New easy-to-use z/OS V1.12 Dedicated high-performance * All statements regarding IBM future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, private network and represents goals and objectives only. © 2010 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. • “Linux brings open innovation to all IBM server and storage system platforms, freeing datacenters from vendor lock-in with choice and flexibility to scale your business on the fastest growing operating system in the world*”. • IBM is among the top Companies in Linux Kermel contribution. • IBM holds ongoing, significant roles in a large number ofLinux-related and other open source projects, as*: - Linux Kernel Components - KVM and Xen - Apache, Samba - Common Criteria Certification - Infiniband -Community Linux Distributions •Linux on System z is not a special Linux - Pure ASCII environment! - Does not need any other OS to run on a mainframe - Not a replacement for any other OS on IBM System z - Novell-SuSE and RedHat are the supported distributions Source: Linux Kernel Development - August 2009*Source: IBM is committed to Linux and Open Source.
  4. 4. Red HatRED HAT RED HAT on System z - the solution for:The Open Source Market Leader Supporting business growth#1 in Customer Value - CIO Insight Survey Consolidation and virtualizationLeading contributor to Linux innovation Cloud application deliveryRED HAT ENTERPRISE LINUXThousands of certified ISV applicationsHighest security accreditations (via SELinux)Superior virtualization – RHEVBetter provisioning and management – Satellite12 years of co-development with IBM z114 OFFER“The choice to invest in Red Hat Up to 50% discount on 1 or 3 year term Red Hatwas largely based on its subscriptions for IBM System z 114commitment to Expires December 31, 2011the ongoing development of the CONTACTplatform and its strong support Your local IBM representative or Business Partnercapabilities, particularly inreference to supporting Red Hat TERMSEnterprise This offer is only available for IFLs running on the IBM z114 (business class) mainframe. It is not available for IFLs onLinux on the mainframe,” the z196, or any z9® or z10® model mainframe. Promotion ends 12/31/2011; however, customer quotes submitted on or– Lyle Johnston, infrastructure before 12/31/2011 are valid for purchase until 2/29/2012.architect for BNZ
  5. 5. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server w! for IBM zEnterprise and zBX Ne If you own this... You get these...Honoring ten years of our customers loyalty to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z,SUSE makes the following offering to all SUSE Linux System z customers:Free Basic Subscription of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for x86-64 for unlimited use with allIBM zBX hardware. ‒ Only available to registered SUSE customers with active subscription for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z. This is available for existing subscriptions and new purchases ‒ Additional support services for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on zBX are also available as special promotion offering from SUSE or, alternatively, can be added via IBM service agreements. A Basic Subscription for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server includes Code Maintenance, such as patches, fixes and security updates A Priority Subscription for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server includes Basic Subscription deliveries plus 24x7 Support services delivered by the Novell Technical Services organization 5
  6. 6. zEnterprise - 2011Linux on IBM System z in 2Q2010 Installed Linux MIPS Total Installed Linux MIPS The momentum continues: - Shipped IFL engine volumes increased 6% from 1H09 to 1H10 - Installed IFL MIPS increased 8% from 1Q10 to 2Q10 - Installed IFL MIPS increased 37% from 2Q09 to 2Q10 More than 3,200 applications available for Linux 3 4 5 6 7 8 1Q 9 2Q 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 - 80 new ISV applications ported to Linux on System z in 1H10 Linux is 18% of the System z customer install base (MIPS) 70% of the top-100-System z-clients are running Linux on System z - Average number of IFLs installed at top-100-clients grew from 8 IFLs in 4Q09 to 11 IFLs in 2Q10 Two Linux partners: Novell SUSE and Red Hat Gold standard in virtualization with z/VM® © 2010 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. zEnterprise - 2011Designed for Greater Savings, Operational Simplification and SystemReliabilityExtended capabilities for serverconsolidation and IT optimization Linux on Improved total system capacity zEnterprise 196 - Up to 80 user-configurable cores Dramatic improvement: Up to 3 TB of real memory per server Increased internal networks (HiperSockets™) Up to Quad-core 5.2 GHz processor - New instructions to accelerate Java™ code 60% Improvement in performance - Designed to improve processor-intensive workloads Ability to extend amount of addressable storage capacity for 35% Less cost Improved power efficiencyExtended qualities of service With no increase in energy Concurrent add/delete of I/O consumption Redundant array of independent memory (RAIM) And even better performance with HiperSockets network traffic analyzer new software Crypto Express3 cryptographic enhancements © 2010 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. zEnterprise - 2011 z196 Delivers Impressive IFL Scalability EnhancementsConsolidate more virtual Linux servers per core - per z/VM LPAR - per z196 Require even fewer physical servers, fewer network devices, fewer switches, less disk space, less energy, and less floor space Spend even less on software license fees with extreme levels of resource sharing and workload consolidation Increase the productivity of your IT staff as they manage even more server images on a single zEnterprise 196 server Run 50 or more virtual Increasing Customer Value servers per core1 Up to 80% reduction in energy cost2 Potentially host 1000s Up to 70% reduction in labor cost2 of Linux server images using z/VM1 Up to 90% reduction in software costs3 1 Client results will vary by types of workloads, technology level of consolidated servers, utilization factor, and other implementation requirements. Savings will vary by client. 2 When consolidating distributed environments on to Linux on System z. IBM Internal Study based on Oracle SW with Nehalem 4 core running 25% utilization. Results may vary. 3 When consolidating distributed Oracle licenses on to Linux on System z. IBM Internal Study based on Oracle SW with Nehalem 4 core running 25% utilization. Results may vary. © 2010 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. zEnterprise - 2011 System z’s Extreme Virtualization Built into the architecture not an “add on” feature System z • Deploy virtual servers in seconds • Highly granular resource sharing (<1%) PR/SM™ • Add physical resources without taking system down, scale out to 1000s of virtual servers • Do more with less: More virtual servers per core, LPAR – Up to 60 Logical partitions Share more physical resources across servers • Extensive virtual server life-cycle management • Hardware-enforced isolation z/VM – 100s of virtual servers – Shared Memory Distributed Platforms • Limited per-core virtual server scalability • Physical server sprawl is needed to scale • Operational complexity increases as virtual server images grow • VMWare, Xen, Virtual Iron focus only on x86, not cross platform hardware management. © 2010 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. zEnterprise - 2011 Best Fit WorkloadsLinux on System z can run workloads such as business intelligence with Cognos® andSPSS®, data warehousing and data serving with InfoSphere®, DB2® and Oracle Database,collaboration with the Lotus® suite, Enterprise Content Management, as well as vendorapplications like SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite, Java™ and WebSphere®-based applicationserving. OLTP 57% Web Serving 54% Batch 43% Recommended “best fit” workloads: CRM/ERP 23% Data services: Cognos, SPSS, DB2, InfoSphere, Informix®, Oracle Application 51% Database, Builders WebFOCUS, … Develop. Business applications: WebSphere, SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Data Warehousing 37% … Data Analysis 29% Development & test: e.g. of WebSphere / Java applications, … 18% Email/Collaboration Email & collaboration: Lotus Domino®, Lotus Collaboration products, Web 2.0, … Security 51% Netw orking 43% Network Infrastructure: FTP, NFS, DNS, …; File & Print 31% Business connectors: WebSphere MQSeries®, DB2 Connect™, CICS® Transaction Gateway; Security Services: Firewall, Proxy, … Systems Mgm t. 49% Cloud Management: Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Other w orkload 29% Service, Software as a Service, Business Process as a Service Percentage of survey respondents. Source: 4Q2010 IBM Market Intelligence © 2010 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. zEnterprise - 2011 Maximizing Utilization of Resources Up to 100% server utilization compared to 10-20% distributed server utilization1 Shared everything infrastructure allows for maximum utilization of resources – CPU, Memory, Network, Adapters, Cryptography, Devices Moderate distributed servers Up to 100% utilized System z server 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App App Typically single application per Multiple applications on one physical server physical System z server 1 Source: Joe Clabby © 2010 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. zEnterprise - 2011The economics of Linux on z114 for consolidation and cost reduction Consolidate an average of 30 distributed servers or more on a single core, or hundreds in a single footprint. Deliver a virtual Linux server for approximately $500 per year or as little as a $1.45 per day per virtual server (TCA)1 TCA Analysis: Consolidate 40 Oracle server cores onto 3 Linux cores on z114 Lower acquisition costs of hardware and software vs. distributed servers – up to 51% less than Nehalem2 in new footprint (Enterprise Linux Server (ELS)) – – or up to 62% less when adding to existing footprint (Solution Edition for Enterprise Linux (SEEL)) – Plus, additional savings in DR, floor space, power, cooling and labor costs1,200,0001,000,000 Oracle OS 800,000 -37% VM SW 600,000 -51% HW MA -62% 400,000 HW 200,000 0 New z10 BC™ z114 z114 x86 4 IFL ELS 3 IFL ELS 3 IFL SEEL 1 Based on US Enterprise Linux Server pricing. Pricing may vary by country. Model configuration included 10 IFL cores running a mixed workload averaging 31 virtual machines per core with varying degrees of activity. Includes zEnterprise hardware and z/VM virtualization software. Does not include Linux OS or middleware software. 2 Distributed server comparison is based on IBM cost modeling of Linux on zEnterprise vs. alternative distributed servers. Given there are multiple factors in this analysis such as © 2010 IBM Corporation utilization rates, application type, local pricing, etc., savings may vary by user.
  13. 13. zEnterprise - 2011Linux on IBM System zAn ideal platform for enterprise-class IT optimization and cloudcomputingSmarter computing based on an IT infrastructure thatcombines Linux® with the industry-leading IBM System z®and the out-standing IBM z/VM® virtualization technologiesfor server and workload consolidation, new Linux workloadsand cloud at an attractive price. Highlights Simplified IT infrastructure inside a single IBM System z Highly scalable, flexible and secure, sharing all system resources Tight integration of workloads Business continuance that help minimize revenue loss due to downtime Smarter computing at an attractive price — pay less as you run more © 2010 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Universita di Bari BENEFITS to Clients Innovative Cloud Solutions Wine Market Cloud computing allows Support for 60 wineries to multiple organizations to determine demand and tap into heavy-duty get best market price computing power at minimal cost. Fish Market MoniCA It lowers the barrier for Electronic fish auction for Logistics solution tracks local businesses to benefit fishermen while on boats and collects data real time from this technology. Solution Edition for Cloud Computing Solve community challenges Universita di Bari, established in 1924, is developing cloud-based solutions for a consortium of companies and universities from five regions of southern Italy.14 Press release:
  15. 15. Massimiliano BelardiSystem z Sales Specialist – IBM ItalyMobile: +39 335