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Digital Manuscripts Toolkit, using IIIF and JavaScript. Monica Messaggi Kaya

FOWA London 2015

Monica is part of the DMT project at the Bodleian Libraries (University of Oxford) that aims to create a toolkit using IIIF standard ( for images, a server solution (to store images of manuscripts and metadata), and a client solution using JavaScript to build an authoring tool that allows editing the manuscript manifest and its metadata. Working specifically on the authoring tool, and on the challenges that different types of manifests presents for the developer. You will have a glimpse of the whole picture and then she taps into the libraries used, choices made, collaboration experiences and lessons learned so far.

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Digital Manuscripts Toolkit, using IIIF and JavaScript. Monica Messaggi Kaya

  1. 1. DIGITAL MANUSCRIPTS TOOLKITDIGITAL MANUSCRIPTS TOOLKIT The journey so far... Monica Messaggi Kaya @monicams
  2. 2. ABOUT MEABOUT ME Javascript / Front-end developer at Bodleian Libraries University of Oxford
  3. 3. WHAT IS DMT?WHAT IS DMT? Easy to use toolkit focus on the study and presentation of medieval manuscripts, working with digital materials in innovative and exciting ways Project blog at
  4. 4. WHY?WHY? Content is available through a great many different viewers, websites, and approaches. Varied levels of quality, functionality and ease of access, and to lots of duplicated effort
  5. 5. AIMSAIMS Use, develop, and repurpose digital manuscripts and other cultural heritage materials
  6. 6. International Image Interoperability Framework Two Linked Data-based APIs - an and a - to allow reuse of content, creating a global network whereby institutions can share materials and allow innovative development. Image API Presentation API
  7. 7. Deploy an image server that supports the IIIF Image API STEPS TO WORK WITH IIIFSTEPS TO WORK WITH IIIF Publish metadata about your image-based objects that complies to IIIF Presentation API Deploy and integrate software that allows you to discover and display IIIF-compliant image resources
  8. 8. The IIIF Image API URI for requesting an image must conform to the following URI Template: {scheme}://{server}{/prefix}/{identifier}/{region}/{size}/{rotation}/{quality}.{format} IIIF IMAGE APIIIIF IMAGE API For example: Demo:
  9. 9. Digital images are a container for much of the information content in the Web-based delivery of “stuff” *. IIIF PRESENTATION APIIIIF PRESENTATION API * museum objects, books, newspapers, letters, manuscripts, maps, scrolls, single sheet collections, and digital surrogates of textiles, realia and ephemera.
  10. 10. Each manifest must, and is very likely to, have one sequence, but may have more than one. PRIMARY RESOURCESPRIMARY RESOURCES Each sequence must have at least one canvas and is likely to have more than one. Each canvas should have one or more content resources associated with it. Zero is possible but unlikely; it represents the case where the page exists (or existed) but has not been digitized.
  11. 11. DESCRIPTIVE PROPERTIESDESCRIPTIVE PROPERTIES label A human readable label, name or title for the resource. metadata A list of short descriptive entries, given as pairs of human readable label and value to be displayed to the user. thumbnail A small image that depicts or pictorially represents the resource that the property is attached to. PRESENTATION RESOURCE PROPERTIESPRESENTATION RESOURCE PROPERTIES
  12. 12. RIGHTS AND LICENSING PROPERTIESRIGHTS AND LICENSING PROPERTIES attribution A human readable label that must be displayed when the resource it is associated with is displayed or used. logo A small image that represents an individual or organization associated with the resource it is attached to. license A link to an external resource that describes the license or rights statement under which the resource is being used. PRESENTATION RESOURCE PROPERTIESPRESENTATION RESOURCE PROPERTIES
  14. 14. Using JSON for linking data ( ) to organise and connect Json - ease of developement Linked data - play nice with others JSON-LD HOW?HOW?
  15. 15. { // Metadata about this manifest file "@context":"", "@id":"", "@type":"sc:Manifest", // Descriptive metadata about the object/work "label": "Book 1", "metadata": [ {"label":"Author", "value":"Anne Author"}, {"label":"Published", "value": [ {"@value": "Paris, circa 1400", "@language":"en"}, {"@value": "Paris, environ 1400", "@language":"fr"} ] }, {"label":"Source", "value": "<span>From: <a href="">Some Collection</a></span>"} ], "description":"A longer description of this example book. It should give some real information.", "thumbnail": { "@id": ",100/0/default.jpg", "service": { "@context":"", "@id":"", "profile":"" } }, // Presentation Information "viewingDirection": "right-to-left", "viewingHint": "paged", // Rights Information
  16. 16. Image server - deliver easily installable versions of IIP and Loris (probably via images)Docker DMT PROGRESSDMT PROGRESS
  17. 17. Metadata IIIF compliance via (python)Manifest Factory DMT PROGRESSDMT PROGRESS
  18. 18. Discovery: This reunites an early Qur’anic manuscript which had been split and dispersed and is now held by four institutions: Bodleian (UK), Wolfenbuttel (Germany), Chester Beatty Library (Dublin), and the BnF (Paris) Digital Mushaf project DMT PROGRESSDMT PROGRESS
  19. 19. Display IIIF-compliant image resources Using on the Another example: - demo Mirador Mushaf pilot project UniversalViewer Arch. G b.6 DMT PROGRESSDMT PROGRESS
  20. 20. Research of existing tools and libraries To name a few: Grunt, Node.js, jQuery, Karma, underscore.js, pubsub.js, handlebars.js, URI.js, mousetrap.js, ZeroClipboard.js, d3.js, state-machine.js, tinymce.js, qTip2, sinon.js, Jasmine, Istanbul, Travis and more. DMT PROGRESSDMT PROGRESS
  21. 21. Viewers OpenSeadragon Mirador UniversalViewer DMT PROGRESSDMT PROGRESS
  22. 22. UI mockup for Manifest editor Authoring tool easy to use, drag and drop features, editing labels (without *having to type* json) DMT PROGRESSDMT PROGRESS
  23. 23. Few tests Using JSON Editor as base But a change on the project is near… I’m looking to reuse DMT PROGRESSDMT PROGRESS
  24. 24. equals challenges AMAZING USE-CASESAMAZING USE-CASES
  25. 25. Dr Daron Burrows Associate Professor of Medieval French Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages Anglo-Norman Apocalypse Manuscripts held in the Bodleian Library THE APOCALYPSE IN OXFORDTHE APOCALYPSE IN OXFORD MS Bodley 401
  26. 26. Alex Franklin & Daniel Sawyer D.Phil. Candidates in medieval English Faculty of English Language & Literature ROLLING HISTORY IN FIFTEENTH-CENTURY ENGLAND ROLLING HISTORYROLLING HISTORY MS Barlow 53, membrane 1, medallion 3
  27. 27. Jennifer Shurville D.Phil. Candidate History of Art Department THE ROTA DOMINICE ORATIONIS DIGITISATION PROJECT THE ROTA DOMINICE ORATIONISTHE ROTA DOMINICE ORATIONIS Vercelli, ACVC, fp, 'Rota Dominice orationis'. Image courtesy of Fondazione Museo del Tesoro del Duomo e Archivio Capitolare di Vercelli.
  28. 28. Dr Emilio Bonfiglio British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow Faculty of Oriental Studies Robin Meyer Armenian Exhibition Curator D. Phil. Candidate, Faculty of Linguistics Armenian Codicology and Palaeography DIGITAL TEACHING TOOLSDIGITAL TEACHING TOOLS Image courtesy of R. Meyer & E. Bonfiglio
  29. 29. Stanford, Harvard and Yale in the USA Bibliothèque nationale de France and C2RMF in Europe British Library and the Wellcome Library in the UK. COLABORATIONCOLABORATION
  31. 31. Special thanks: Judith Siefring – DMT use-cases Matt McGrattan – DMT/IIIF and server info Rob Sanderson – Pictures (via ) Challenge by Nicolai Traasdahl Tarp Storm by Frantzou Fleurine Viewer by Rohit Padmanabhan Squirrel by Good Free Photos Before you think out of the box (via ) IIIF slides Unsplash Lastlemon CREDITSCREDITS
  32. 32. THANK YOU!
  33. 33. Monica Messaggi Kaya Slides at @monicams