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  1. 1. Term 2 goals created by gess
  2. 2.  This term my goals are... Academic:
  3. 3. Reading goal I want to get better at reading out imformation.
  4. 4. Writing goal I want to get better at writing more words in my weekly reflection.
  5. 5. Maths goal I want to complete my 4th to last task on study ladder by completing study ladder.
  6. 6. Social:
  7. 7. being a good friend goal I want to focus on playing with my friends more often.
  8. 8. Manner goal by being kind:)
  9. 9. Phisical:
  10. 10. P.E goal My goal in P.E is to get my throwing right and ready.
  11. 11. Fitness goal to get faster at running and try not to be seaweed when we all are playing seaweed
  12. 12. sports goal I want to get better at playing hockey to achieve it I need to play it this summer.
  13. 13. Personial:
  14. 14. behavior goals I want to get better at not demanding at home.
  15. 15. Home goals I want to get better at feeding the animals at home I’m going to achieve it by feeding the animals more often.