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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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  1. 1. End of Term Reflection by hunter.w
  2. 2. My Favorite Things I Did ThisTerm My number one favorite thing I did this term is going to UCOL I really liked reading just stupid by Andy griffin production and making The buildings
  3. 3. Libary books I got out thisterm I got out bone dinosaur encyclopedia just annoying and just stupid......
  4. 4. Reflection Pow. I reached 2 goals and did not reach 3 but its ok. Wow. What did you learn this term my class learnt about fractions Now. Next term I will focus on getting my libary books back in time.
  5. 5. Goals I reached and goals Idid not reach Academic. my Academic goal for this term is to move up a group in reading. I am going to acheve my Academic goal by reading a harry potter book because its the bigest book I have. I did not reach this goalphysical . my goal is to kick a rugby ball 5 meters because I want to play for marest. I did not reach this goalsocial .my social goal to play better with tomas because I always say he is in I reached this goalPersonal. my personal goal is to face my fear because I never trust my self I reached this goal
  6. 6. the end