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My ideal vacation


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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My ideal vacation

  2. 2. GEOGrAPHIC LOCATION• Is located to North West from de Colombian Caribeean Coast.• The Weather is hot.• People of the island are mostly of African descent.
  3. 3. SAN ANDréS• In this place you can find the most beautiful beaches of Colombia.• It ´ s a very visited by tourists and there are many hotels.• It ´ s an ideal place to relax and to learn an other culture.
  4. 4. SAN ANDrES´S SEA • You can watch the seven color ´ s sea. • There are corals and sea animals. • There are algae and some variety of goldfish.
  5. 5. AQUArIUM • You can eat delicious seafood. • You can practice water sports and wonderful extreme. • There is skin diving and caretaje.
  6. 6. ISLAND JOHNNY CAY • There are some deports extreme like sunfish, and katesurf, and windsurf. • You can listen to music like reggae. • You can go for a ride to the island by golf cart.
  7. 7. bEFOrE TO TrAVEL• Go online to find a flight. • Don ` t forget your cash• Make reservations in and sun hats. advance in the hotel. • Buy a tourist card.• You can wear appropriate • Camera to take clothing for beach like: pictures. bathing suit, and sandals, • Take photo ID. sunglasses, sunscreen, shorts and dresses in cotton. • Make things for personal hygiene.
  8. 8. SUGGESTIONS• Don ´ t forget to visit Jonny • Take cash with you for Cay. tours.• Something you can not • Wear light clothing. miss is the return to the • It should help preserve the island in golf cart. environment.• You can buy things such as • Don ´ t forget the sunscreen perfumes, and electronics, for skin care. and liquor drinks, and • Finally, something candys and stuff. important that can not pass up is to try the seafood.