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1cc+Media Lab Aug 2008


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1cc+Media Lab Aug 2008

  1. 1. 1CC+Media Lab Trip Report Mike Lee
  2. 2. Mass Media Workshop Monday 7/28/2008 Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos, Developer of Cerebro
  3. 3. OLPC HQ 7/30
  4. 4. OLPC HQ 7/30 Meeting Marvin Minsky Seth shows off the 55w solar blanket XOs everywhere SJ Klein
  5. 5. OLPC HQ 7/30 With Michael Stone, Seth Woodworth and some of the interns at the Cambridge Brewing Company.
  6. 6. OLPC HQ 7/30 XO Lorax mod Seth’s Firefox 3 swag The children’s stories are pouring in The repair bench
  7. 7. OLPC HQ 7/30 Experimental antenna design taped to a window in the Patmos Conference room.
  8. 8. OLPC HQ 7/30 Nicholas’ office is almost always empty Hanging out in the Patmos Conference Room
  9. 9. OLPC HQ 8/1 I met with Cynthia Solomon on Friday morning to get some feedback on my camera periscope.
  10. 10. Media Lab 7/30 – 8/1 New wing of the Media Lab underway Scratch Conference banner
  11. 11. Media Lab 7/30 – 8/1 Ed Boyden, Neuroengineering Huggable Robot
  12. 12. Media Lab 7/30 – 8/1 E15 3D Texture Engine Siftables
  13. 13. Media Lab 7/30 – 8/1 SNiF Labs Boston skyline from Logan
  14. 14. 10 Watt Solar Panel Tests Under mostly sunny conditions in Washington, D.C. area: Approx. 3h 45m to charge the XO from empty. This is over one hour more than the factory claim of 2h 40m.
  15. 15. OLPC Learning Club Our web site: Note: Meetings will be on the THIRD Saturday for the rest of the year at various locations. Watch the blog.