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Using Technology as a Remedy

Esmée Lechner
DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Five percent of all children in the Netherlands stutter. That’s one kid in every classroom. Many of them become victims of bullying. Talking out loud helps, but they avoid their speech handicap by texting on their phones. As a telecommunication brand, Vodafone wanted to show how (mobile) technology has a positive influence on people’s lives. In this talk Esmée is going to talk about the Get The Flow case, where they’ve build an app to help children to communicate better and use their phones to improve their speech.

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Using Technology as a Remedy

  1. 1. Using technology asaremedy February 19, 2018 @EsmeeLechner
  2. 2. Esm�e Lechner Senior Designer @ February 19, 2018 @EsmeeLechner
  3. 3. Increase emotional connection with Vodafone
  4. 4. Mobile technology can do more than only connect people
  5. 5. 5% of all children in the Netherlands stutter
  6. 6. People who stutter have a speech rhythm problem
  7. 7. Can we use the rhythm in rap to help children speak more fluently?
  8. 8. Design
  9. 9. Start over
  10. 10. Launch
  11. 11. GetTheFlowisusedby 70officialstutter therapies intheNetherlands
  12. 12. Andtherefore
  13. 13. February 19, 2018 @EsmeeLechner THANKS!