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Conventions of horror


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Conventions of horror

  1. 1. By Fern Barlow
  2. 2.  Small, isolated communities/places. Dark streets and narrow alleyways. Large cities or run down ghost towns. Anything that portrays the feeling of isolation or being alone.  Often places with a ‘dark’ history, abandoned hotels, houses, prisons or asylums.  Locations for good horror films could be: lakes, motorways, roads, woodlands, cabins, gloomy underground tunnels, creepy hotels, abounded houses, graveyard, asylum, blizzards and many other dark locations.
  3. 3.  POV shots are very important in horror films because it allows the audience to see the world from the monster/victims eye. This usually happens at the end or the middle of a typical horror film.  High and low angles can connote fear and nightmares  Framework sometimes makes it harder to see the killer creeping up.  Disturbing sounds are very important in a horror movie, diegetic sounds like footsteps and non-diegetic sounds like a heartbeat.  Shots used like ECU (extreme close up) on a certain victims face can help the audience identify horror and fear.  Editing can create unsettling tension and suspense. Is the editing hasn't been paced up you know that something very bad is about to happen.
  4. 4.  Screen style: dark colours are used like red and black, these particular colours portray evil, danger and blood  Low-key lighting helps to create dark shadowing and unfamiliar shapes in the darkness.  Props help us further identify the horror genre. Some specific props can help identify a certain villain or character.  The iconography of the villain displays fear and terror: vampires, zombies, werewolves and many others.
  5. 5.  The main victim/hero of the movie  The villain often a serial killer, ghost or monster  The immoral teenagers or citizens that always get killed  Good or bad police officers  Creepy children  Ghosts, Zombies, Psychopaths, stalker, the list goes on.
  6. 6.  Revenge  Lust  Envy  Suicide  Depression  Nightmares  Insanity  Supernatural  Good verse evil  Beyond death  Science gone bad  Zombie apocalypse  Childhood issues  Mental illness  madness  Possession