Develop a Quick and Dirty Web interface to your database


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So you want to develop to your database? Do you have your own tools to check performance? Does Chris Shaw's Utility Database sound like a tool you have and want a web interface, but don’t want to write a lot of code? I will demonstrate how a simple ASP.Net MVC site can be developed and deployed against your database. See firsthand how easy we can use Shaw's utility database and access across the web over a mobile device so you may manage performance online whilst zipping your drink of choice.

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Develop a Quick and Dirty Web interface to your database

  1. Develop a Quick and Dirty Webinterface to your database:for the DBA and other non-developers Gabriel Villa @extofer
  2. @extofer Page 2
  3. Objective… Answer the question: What is ASP.Net MVC?…Set you on your way to develop to your owndatabase…And Write less code Page 3
  4. Microsoft’s Web Evolution Page 4
  5. Microsoft’s Web Evolution • DHTML • Active Server Pages • ASP.Net Web Forms • ASP.Net MVC Page 5
  6. What is ASP.Net MVC? Model View Controller Pattern Coordinates User inputs Controller and outputs User BusinessInterface Logic View Model ASP.Net Page 6
  7. Programming code… moi? • HTML 5 • CSS3 View • Scripts • Razor • C#/VB.Net Controller Model • Any other .Net CLR Page 7
  8. What is needed?• .Net Framework 4.x• Microsoft Visual Studio• Visual Web Developer 2010 Express• Entity Framework• Db Context Generator• Initializr• Utility Database• Windows Phone Emulator• Version Control Page 8
  9. Page 9
  10. Open Source Community • Distributed Revision Control • Fork a project • Pull request and participate • Rapid Application development Page 10
  11. OS Version Control Hosting • Code Plex • • Google Code • • BitBucket • • GitHub • Page 11
  12. TFS Mercurial Git SVN OtherCode Plex X X XBitBucket X XGoogle X XCodeGit Hub X Page 12
  13. Obligatory Image of Bacon Page 13
  14. ASP.Net MVC Directory Structure App_Data – physical data store Content – CSS, images Controller – class files for each controller, each named in the same convention, i.e “HomeController” Models – business logic classes Scripts – client side scripts to support application, such as Jquery and AJAX Views – location of the view files Page 14
  15. Resources• .Net Framework 4.x • Download: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details• Visual Web Developer 2010 Express • Free Developer Tools - Visual Studio 2010 Express | Microsoft Visual Studio• Nuget or Extention Manager • Entity Framework • Db Context Generator• Initializr • Start an HTML5 Boilerplate project in 15 seconds! Page 15
  16. Resources .. cont’d • Utility Database • Authored by Chris Shaw • • Windows Phone Emulator • WP SDK 7.1 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details • Version Control • Getting Started With TFS 11 Express Beta - Chaks SharePoint Corner - Site Home - MSDN Blogs • Git - Fast Version Control System • TortoiseSVN • Mecurial Page 16
  17. Was it good for you?We answered what ASP.Net MVC isSet you on your way to develop to your owndatabaseWe wrote less codeOpen Source CommunityDeployed Page 17
  18. Thank you! Gabriel Villa @extoferYou can download the project on GitHub: Page 18