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99 names of allah


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99 names of allah

  1. 1. 99 Names of Allah The All Beneficent, The Most Merciful in Essence, The1 ‫الرحمن‬ Ar-Rahmān Compassionate, The Most Gracious2 ‫الرحيم‬ Ar-Rahīm The Most Merciful, The Most Merciful in Actions3 ‫الملك‬ Al-Malik The King, The Sovereign, The True and Ultimate King4 ‫القدوس‬ Al-Quddūs The Most Holy, The Most Pure, The Most Perfect The Peace and Blessing, The Source of Peace and5 ‫السالم‬ As-Salām Safety, The Most Perfect The Guarantor, The Self Affirming, The Granter of6 ‫المؤمن‬ Al-Mumin Security, The Affirmer of Truth7 ‫المھيمن‬ Al-Muhaymin The Guardian, The Preserver, The Overseeing Protector8 ‫العزيز‬ Al-ʿAzīz The Almighty, The Self Sufficient, The Most Honorable The Powerful, The Irresistible, The Compeller,9 ‫الجبار‬ Al-Jabbār The Restorer/Improver of Affairs, The Most Lofty10 ‫المتكبر‬ Al-Mutakabbir The Tremendous11 ‫الخالق‬ Al-Khāliq The Creator12 ‫البارئ‬ Al-Bāri The Rightful13 ‫المصور‬ Al-Muṣawwir The Fashioner of Forms14 ‫الغفار‬ Al-Ghaffār The Ever Forgiving15 ‫القھار‬ Al-Qahhār The All Compelling Subduer16 ‫الوھاب‬ Al-Wahhāb The Bestower17 ‫الرزاق‬ Ar-Razzāq The Ever Providing18 ‫الفتاح‬ Al-Fattāh The Opener, The Victory Giver19 ‫العليم‬ Al-ʿAlīm The All Knowing, The Omniscient20 ‫القابض‬ Al-Qābiḍ The Restrainer, The Straightener21 ‫الباسط‬ Al-Bāsiṭ The Expander, The Munificent22 ‫الخافض‬ Al-Khāfiḍ The Abaser23 ‫الرافع‬ Ar-Rāfiʿ The Exalter24 ‫المعز‬ Al-Muʿizz The Giver of Honour25 ‫المذل‬ Al-Mudhill The Giver of Dishonour26 ‫السميع‬ As-Samīʿ The All Hearing27 ‫البصير‬ Al-Baṣīr The All Seeing28 ‫الحكم‬ Al-Ḥakam The Judge, The Arbitrator29 ‫العدل‬ Al-`Adl The Utterly Just30 ‫اللطيف‬ Al-Laṭīf The Subtly Kind31 ‫الخبير‬ Al-Khabīr The All Aware - Page 1 -
  2. 2. 32 ‫الحليم‬ Al-Ḥalīm The Forbearing, The Indulgent33 ‫العظيم‬ Al-ʿAẓīm The Magnificent, The Infinite34 ‫الغفور‬ Al-Ghafūr The All Forgiving35 ‫الشكور‬ Ash-Shakūr The Grateful36 ‫العلي‬ Al-ʿAliyy The Sublimely Exalted37 ‫الكبير‬ Al-Kabīr The Great38 ‫الحفيظ‬ Al-Ḥafīẓ The Preserver39 ‫المقيت‬ Al-Muqīt The Nourisher40 ‫الحسيب‬ Al-Ḥasīb The Bringer of Judgment41 ‫الجليل‬ Al-Jalīl The Majestic42 ‫الكريم‬ Al-Karīm The Bountiful, The Generous43 ‫الرقيب‬ Ar-Raqīb The Watchful44 ‫المجيب‬ Al-Mujīb The Responsive, The Answerer45 ‫الواسع‬ Al-Wāsiʿ The Vast, The All Encompassing46 ‫الحكيم‬ Al-Ḥakīm The Wise47 ‫الودود‬ Al-Wadūd The Loving, The Kind One48 ‫المجيد‬ Al-Majīd The All Glorious49 ‫الباعث‬ Al-Bāʿith The Raiser of The Dead50 ‫الشھيد‬ Ash-Shahīd The Witness51 ‫الحق‬ Al-Ḥaqq The Truth, The Real52 ‫الوكيل‬ Al-Wakīl The Trustee, The Dependable53 ‫القوى‬ Al-Qawwiyy The Strong54 ‫المتين‬ Al-Matīn The Firm, The Steadfast55 ‫الولى‬ Al-Waliyy The Protecting Friend, Patron and Helper56 ‫الحميد‬ Al-Hamid The All Praiseworthy57 ‫المحصى‬ Al-Muḥṣi The Accounter, The Numberer of All58 ‫المبدئ‬ Al-Mubdi The Producer, Originator, and Initiator of All59 ‫المعيد‬ Al-Muʿīd The Restorer, The Reinstater Who Brings Back All60 ‫المحيى‬ Al-Muḥyi The Giver of Life61 ‫المميت‬ Al-Mumīt The Bringer of Death, The Destroyer62 ‫الحي‬ Al-Ḥayy The Ever Living63 ‫القيوم‬ Al-Qayyūm The Self Subsisting Sustainer of All64 ‫الواجد‬ Al-Wājid The Perceiver, The Finder, The Unfailing65 ‫الماجد‬ Al-Mājid The Illustrious, The Magnificent66 ‫الواحد‬ Al-Wāḥid The One, The Unique, Manifestation of Unity - Page 2 -
  3. 3. 67 ‫االحد‬ Al-Aḥad The One, the All Inclusive, The Indivisible The Self Sufficient, The Impregnable,68 ‫الصمد‬ Aṣ-Ṣamad The Eternally Besought of All, The Everlasting69 ‫القادر‬ Al-Qādir The All Able70 ‫المقتدر‬ Al-Muqtadir The All Determiner, The Dominant71 ‫المقدم‬ Al-Muqaddim The Expediter, He Who Brings Forward72 ‫المؤخر‬ Al-Muakhkhir The Delayer, He Who Puts Far Away73 ‫األول‬ Al-Awwal The First(Alpha)74 ‫األخر‬ Al-Akhir The Last(Omega)75 ‫الظاھر‬ Aẓ-ẓāhir The Manifest, The All Victorious76 ‫الباطن‬ Al-Bāṭin The Hidden, The All Encompassing77 ‫الوالي‬ Al-Wāli The Patron78 ‫المتعالي‬ Al-Mutāʿali The Self Exalted79 ‫البر‬ Al-Barr The Most Kind and Righteous80 ‫التواب‬ At-Tawwāb The Ever Returning, Ever Relenting81 ‫المنتقم‬ Al-Muntaqim The Avenger82 ‫العفو‬ Al-ʿAfuww The Pardoner, The Effacer of Sins83 ‫الرؤوف‬ Ar-Raūf The Compassionate, The All Pitying84 ‫مالك الملك‬ Mālik-ul-Mulk The Owner of All Sovereignty85 ‫ذو الجالل واإلكرام‬ Dhū-l-Jalāli wa-l-ikrām The Lord of Majesty and Generosity86 ‫المقسط‬ Al-Muqsi The Equitable, The Requiter87 ‫الجامع‬ Al-Jāmiʿ The Gatherer, The Unifier88 ‫الغني‬ Al-Ghaniyy The All Rich, The Independent89 ‫المغني‬ Al-Mughni The Enricher, The Emancipator90 ‫المانع‬ Al-Māniʿ The Withholder, The Shielder, the Defender The Distressor, The Harmer, The Afflictor91 ‫الضار‬ Aḍ-Ḍārr This attribute can only be found in hadith92 ‫النافع‬ An-Nāfiʿ The Propitious, The Benefactor93 ‫النور‬ An-Nūr The Light94 ‫الھادي‬ Al-Hādi The Guide95 ‫البديع‬ Al-Badīʿ The Incomparable, The Originator96 ‫الباقي‬ Al-Bāqi The Ever Enduring and Immutable97 ‫الوارث‬ Al-Wārith The Heir, The Inheritor of All98 ‫الرشيد‬ Ar-Rashīd The Guide, Infallible Teacher and Knower99 ‫الصبور‬ Aṣ-Ṣabūr The Patient, The Timeless. - Page 3 -