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Unconventional Influences


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The slides for "Unconventional Influences" keynote given by Alan Richardson at Eurostar 2012, 6th November 2012 at the Amsterdam RAI

You can find more papers and conference talks by Alan Richardson at

Published in: Technology
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Unconventional Influences

  1. 1. Unconventional InfluencesAlan Richardson, Compendium Developments @esconfs #esconfs
  2. 2. UnconventionalInfluences Alan Richardson @eviltester
  3. 3. Change Testing
  4. 4. “So... there was this guy”
  5. 5. “Whomadlyentered aworld ofMadness”
  6. 6. “But eventually he learned”
  7. 7. Unconventional Influences ● Go to the source ● Requisite Variety● Unconvention ● Utilisation● Ghosthunting● E-prime
  8. 8. The Uncon 94 “ But whether its narrowness and bigotry, upon my part, or not, I do not go to seances for data... ...usually I can find data to prove anything that I (Charles Fort, want to prove ” LO!, 1931)
  9. 9. I Care
  10. 10. ASSAP
  11. 11. EE-Prime
  12. 12. “No more definitions”
  13. 13. Go to the source
  14. 14. Requisite Variety
  15. 15. “No more standard testing terms”“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.Donec faucibus condimentum est, facilisis vulputate elitpretium in. Nunc leo dui, feugiat sit amet posuere vel,laoreet porttitor lorem. Ut vel velit non risus blandit laciniased vehicula massa. Pellentesque vel velit et velit auctorinterdum. Nunc accumsan nisi et neque rutrum vitaealiquet velit lobortis. Nam congue, sem nec ultriceselementum, neque nunc tincidunt ipsum, quis elementumdui libero a tortor. Pellentesque tincidunt pulvinar odio inelementum. Proin vel tellus eros, sed consectetur lacus.Morbi diam sapien, tincidunt ut feugiat id, bibendum aerat. Nunc non convallis ipsum. Praesent interdum antein dolor tristique quis ultrices velit consectetur.”
  16. 16. Utilisation
  17. 17. “Simplify Massively”
  18. 18. “Take Responsibility”
  19. 19. Next...