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  1. 1. Jamaica
  2. 2. Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean region with more than 2.8 million people and Christians make up the majority.
  3. 3. Rastafarianism, a religious, cultural and political movement that originated in Jamaica, is based on the belief that Haile Sellasie - the last emperor of Jamaica – is the god of the black race. Operation World reports: Jamaica has one of the highest homicide rates in the world and half the male population are drug users.
  4. 4. Please pray for opendoors for ministry in Jamaica.
  5. 5. Prayer Points Pray for open doors for ministry. Pray for spiritual awakening and a revival in the nation and amongst the people of Jamaica. Pray for more workers to have the heart to reach out to the lost in Jamaica; pray for the youth to have a saving knowledge of Christ. Pray against the corruption in government, violence, armed crime and drug trafficking. Pray for Christians to reach out to the poorest of the poor in Jamaica and share God’s love to those who have nothing.