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Pray for Macau


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Pray for Macau

  1. 1. Macau
  2. 2. Macau, located in China’s Southeast Coast, is called the “Las Vegas of the East” for its gambling and glitz.
  3. 3. There is over half a million people in Macau. Although predominantly Buddhist, religion in Macau is diverse and the people are free to practice their faith.
  4. 4. Every Nation Macau is being overseen by Gio and Mariel Saynes.
  5. 5. Prayer Points • Pray for wisdom, grace, favor and provision for Gio and Mariel Saynes and their family as they lead the church in Macau. • Pray for wisdom, direction and grace for the leadership team in the Pearl Delta Region of China. • Pray that more locals will be added to the church in Macau and established in the faith. • Pray that our outreach in Tung Chung and Lingnan University will gather more young people. • Pray for favor for the members of our church in Macau who were affected by the recession and for them to remain strong in the faith.