Bahamas presentation 2012


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Bahamas presentation 2012

  1. 1. BahamasBy: Jake and Adam
  2. 2. Languages• Majority of people in the Bahamas speak English. They speak the rules of British English. For example in regular English they say hello, but in British English they say cheerio. British English English Cheerio= Hello Cheers= Thank you Loo= Bathroom Chips= fries
  3. 3. How does British English affect the culture if the United States• Their language influences the culture of the United States, because when tourist come down their to visit and they could want something like their luggage, and down their instead of the word luggage they use baggage, or instead of garbage they use bin
  4. 4. Foods• In the Bahamas Seafood is very popular, some popular dishes are crab cakes, fish sandwich, and pan fried walleye. Some popular desserts are Johnny cakes or Dulce de Leche. Many Americans love seafood especially Walleye, Walleye is a very popular dish as you read many Bahamians like it.
  5. 5. Music• Some popular music in the Bahamas is Hip Hop and Rap, most of the kids listen to that. Some rappers names are C.O Sparks, and Shotta Boyz Bliss. Also another popular music there is Junkanoo. Junkanoo was started with the Indians and that style is very liked in the Bahamas.
  6. 6. Economic Aspect• The Bahamas has many resources, some are salt, timber, and fish. The tourism in the Bahamas is very popular. 48% of the Bahamas income comes from the tourism, one big tourism place is the Atlantis. Some of the people that import from the Bahamas are the U.S and the UK. The U.S imports a lot of stuff from the Bahamas so if anything happened to the Bahamas that would impact the U.S greatly
  7. 7. Current Standard• The Literacy here is very high, it is 95.5%. The life expectancy is about like any other country at 73 years. Very little people that live in the Bahamas are poor. Finally the unemployment rate for the Bahamas is very low compared to other countries it stands at 7.6% of their population. In the U.S the unemployment rate is 8.2% another fairly low one. So this impacts the U.S a lot, because if tourist came here most people would know how to read and it would be that hard as it is for tourist that go to countries that don’t know how to read.
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