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How to Make Money on the Internet?


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How to Make Money on the Internet

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How to Make Money on the Internet?

  2. 2. AFFILIATE MARKETINGAffiliates make money on the Internet promotingproducts and servicesThey work from home, so no commuting time orcosts - how much would you otherwise pay for car,depreciation, fuel, tax, insurance?Work when it suits you, e.g. rainy days, nothing on TVAffiliate marketing can help you achieve this goal.
  3. 3. WHAT PRODUCT SHALL I PROMOTE?High value, niche products are best to promoteNiche products have fewer competitors, soadvertising is easier, more affordable, commission ishigher - bad products are those that everyone elsepromotes, e.g. mobile phones, too many competitorsAdvertise products via YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook,Pay Per Click, AdWords, the smarter you are, themore visitors you will attract.
  5. 5. EXAMPLE PRODUCTHovercraft are popularfor leisure and manycommercial applicationsNot many competitorsEasier to promoteTypical payout $650 persale
  6. 6. HOW AFFILIATES WORKAffiliates promoteproduct via InternetwebsiteVisitors to websiterequest informationfrom manufacturer viaenquiry form with IDAffiliates onlypromote, do not sell
  7. 7. TARGET MARKETINGYour website mighttarget rescueapplications forhovercraft, for flood,mud, ice, sand rescuesVisitors make enquiry- if they buy, you earncommission.
  8. 8. TARGET MARKETINGYou might promotehovercraft for rentalridesYour website has enquiryform that sends enquiryto manufacturer - themanufacturer handles thesales process, affiliatessimply promote
  9. 9. COMMISSIONIf, when customer buyshovercraft, you getpaid a commissionbased on % of salevalue - affiliatesoftware tracks sale toyou via form - youhave a unique cookiehtml code, generatedby your website to IDyou as affiliate.
  10. 10. NO LIMIT TO EARNINGSThe smarter you arevia target marketing,the more likely youwill attract the righttype to customer toyour websiteThe last slide providesa link to the AffiliateSchool website, tips onhow to promote.
  11. 11. ATTRACT CUSTOMERSThere are many cleverways to attract theright type ofcustomers - thesmarter the affiliate,the more commissionthey earn - what arehovercraft used for?
  12. 12. RESEARCH MARKETHovercraft travel overany flat surface, so canbe used for surveywork, bridge repair,leisure, rentals,SuperYachts, etc.Research the marketpotential - attract theright type of customerto your website.
  13. 13. HOW TO GET STARTED?Hov Pod Hovercraft runan affiliate program -typical payout $650 persale, no limit on earnings.Fast growing
  14. 14. AFFILIATE