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Ethereum at Hackernews London


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Companion slides to Stephan Tual's presentation on Ethereum at HackerNews London -

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Ethereum at Hackernews London

  1. 1. ethe reum THE WEB, WITHOUT SERVERS ! Stephan Tual, CCO @stephantual
  2. 2. WHY ETHEREUM? • What happens when you use a centralised service? • Where else does this apply to us as users? As developers? • Centralised models are single point of failures that you have to put your trust into. “The Web’s future relies on individuals owning their data” - Tim Berners-Lee
  3. 3. WHAT IS ETHEREUM? • An 100% open source platform to build and distribute decentralized applications ! • No middle men ! • Social sites, Financial systems, Voting mechanisms, Games, Reputation Systems ! • 100% peer to peer, censorship-proof ! • All nodes validate the network at all times, coming into consensus ! • Users stay in control of their funds and information at all times == THE WEB, WITHOUT THE SERVERS
  4. 4. HOW DO I BUILD ON ETHEREUM? • Consensus at scale a notoriously hard problem to solve ! • Ethereum makes it trivial to build on top of such a platform ! • Ethereum raised USD 18m and plans to release in q1 of next year
  5. 5. HOW DOES IT WORK? Blockchain technology where trust is achieved on a open network ! Contracts as your applications backends, maintained by the network ! Zero infrastructure and impervious to denial of service attacks
  6. 6. Anything USE CASES
  7. 7. BYE BYE MIDDLEMEN, YOU HAD YOUR FUN 1/2 • No more eBay outrageous fees • On a p2p system you have to bring true to your users • Examples of Airlock the decentralised airbnb and many more • Applicable to digital art, any smart property • IBM Adept IoT validation
  8. 8. BYE BYE MIDDLEMEN, YOU HAD YOUR FUN 2/2 Contracts the perfect ledger to issue tokens of value Kickstarter offers you T-shirts, such an app on Ethereum would give you shares
  9. 9. NODE INCENTIVIZATION Mesh networks Distributed computing (BOINC, folding at home) Measurement of clean energy production Rewards for actions in the physical world
  11. 11. ! Could be machine-controled corporations or simply autonomous coops DAOS
  15. 15. MIST, THE ETHEREUM BROWSER Reactive programming Global pseudonymous single sign on
  16. 16. THE STORY SO FAR Software - Started November 2013 - 3 open source reference clients in C++, Go, Python in proof of concept 7 stage - Many more community clients in the works: node.js , java, clojure, objectiveC Community - 81 meetups group worldwide, 6k members - 100k uniques on our site/month - 10k followers on twitter
  17. 17. ACCELERATING INNOVATION Anyone can bootstrap a business through a kickstarter on steroids Universal access to financial instruments Reputation as a collateral New paradigm of autonomous app components you can leverage which vertical will be disrupted first?
  18. 18. ethe reum p resented by @st ephantual ! Forums: Web: Twitter: @ethereumproject IRC: #ethereum (freenode)