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The Ethereum Experience


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"The ethereum Experience" was a presentation by Dr Gavin Wood hosted at the ethereum London Meetup.

Gavin presents an exclusive update in the latest developments of the ethereum platform, including some never-seen-before UI mockups of what ethereum might eventually look like at launch.

Gavin also covers a more generalist view of ethereum and how it could fit in a zero-trust, decentralized 'Web 3.0' model as part of an ecosystem of decentralized content distribution, messaging and networking.

For the video of the event (which will be posted from the 12 May 2014 onwards), please see our YouTube Channel :

For more ethereum meetups in London, please visit

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The Ethereum Experience

  1. 1. ethereumethereum The ethereum Experience
  2. 2. ethereumethereum Universal transaction ledger Protocol determines: order meaning in terms of state change
  3. 3. ethereumethereum Arbitrary state stored between transactions Arbitrary state changes due to transactions thus Provides arbitration & enforcement for agreements with arbitrary mechanics
  4. 4. ethereumethereum In short The Crypto-social-contract. or Crypto-Law
  5. 5. ethereumethereum Proof-of-Concept V Significant changes Ether sale
  6. 6. ethereumethereum Proof-of-Concept V Web-Tech API Mutan, Serpent, LLL Explorer, Debugger Out soon!
  7. 7. ethereumethereum Significant Changes Caller pays Blockchain rent Contracts as objects (no EXTRO) Proof-of-Work
  8. 8. ethereumethereum Contracts as objects (no EXTRO) Cleaner contract inter-op Sell data in Ethereum as a service
  9. 9. ethereumethereum Proof-of-Work General-purpose computation Memory-hard ASIC would be Ethereum transaction processor :-)
  10. 10. ethereumethereum Ether sale
  11. 11. ethereumethereum Ether sale Bear with us “2 weeks out” (80% chance it'll happen in a month)
  12. 12. ethereumethereum Act 2.0
  13. 13. ethereumethereum SQL &c. | Web Server = Backend PHP, Node.js, ... | browser | WebApp/Site = Frontend HTML/CSS/JS Local Remote :-( Bad Old Days
  14. 14. ethereumethereum Problem Underlying technology predicated on: Trust (in “authorities”) Centralisation & specifity
  15. 15. ethereumethereum Trust Cost of Meddling: ~£0 (Marginal) Cost of Attacking: ~£0 If you must trust, trust people, not orgs!
  16. 16. ethereumethereum Centralisation Easily made Easily broken (into)
  17. 17. ethereumethereum Solution?
  18. 18. ethereumethereum Honesty.
  19. 19. ethereumethereum Divide, conquer and be honest Public? Spread far & wide. Private? Encrypt, (sign,) spread far & wide. Agreed? Sign, form consensus, spread far & wide. Always, automatically, between ourselves.
  20. 20. ethereumethereum Different technology for different interactions: Publication & distribution Messaging & bulletins Agreements & relationships
  21. 21. ethereumethereum Act 3.0
  22. 22. ethereumethereum Web 3.0
  23. 23. ethereumethereum Swarm Publication & distribution Whisper Messaging & bulletins Ethereum Agreements & relationships
  24. 24. ethereumethereum Swarm P2P as always! Data sharing a bit like BitTorrent Semi-permanent, any size of data.
  25. 25. ethereumethereum Swarm More agile Peer-steering & adaption More secure Encryption, possibly onion routing Better incentivisation Zero-trust logging of contributions
  26. 26. ethereumethereum Whisper Messaging Think UDP Transient publication Think broadcast Configurable TTL Not strictly async or sync
  27. 27. ethereumethereum Whisper Peer network spreads all message data Nodes optimse peers to optimise & repair network Secure Private content always encrypted Dark Messages routed probabilistically based on attributes Fast/durable trade-off Shorter-lived messages routed ahead of more permanent
  28. 28. ethereumethereum Ethereum State of Affairs Account balances, reputation, … Agreements Contracts, unfinished business Archival “What happened for it to end up like this?”
  29. 29. ethereumethereum All together...
  30. 30. ethereumethereum Compared to what you know...
  31. 31. ethereumethereum An example: Marketplace
  32. 32. ethereumethereum No “authorities” to trust. No centralisation to fail. Just individuals cooperating under agreement for mutual benefit.
  33. 33. ethereumethereum Advert is public. Transction is private. Payment is agreed. Just like Real Life.
  34. 34. ethereumethereum The Experience!
  35. 35. ethereumethereum Goals same as always: Usable Information-rich Ease of interaction
  36. 36. ethereumethereum The past...
  37. 37. ethereumethereum Bitcoin
  38. 38. ethereumethereum Multibit
  39. 39. ethereumethereum Great, but it's just one app.
  40. 40. ethereumethereum Tiles
  41. 41. ethereumethereum Dock & Icons
  42. 42. ethereumethereum Tabs & Icons
  43. 43. ethereumethereum What the future might look like...
  44. 44. ethereumethereum Dock & URI/Page By Richard Burton
  45. 45. ethereumethereum Dock & URI/Page By Richard Burton
  46. 46. ethereumethereum Dock & URI/Page By Richard Burton
  47. 47. ethereumethereum Dock & URI/Page By Richard Burton
  48. 48. ethereumethereum Tiles & Pane By avsa
  49. 49. ethereumethereum Information on the side...
  50. 50. ethereumethereum Tiles & Pane By avsa
  51. 51. Tiles & Pane
  52. 52. ethereumethereum Simultaneous information from many ÐApps ÐApps self-contained for security & comprehension Extensible Lightweight Familiar
  53. 53. ethereumethereum The new Web?