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  1. 1. How Google Apps can help cut costs
  2. 2. What are Google Apps? ° Google Apps are a suite of web based products. ° These products are hosted by Google and accessed through any standard web browser. ° Service started in August of 2006
  3. 3. What is in Google Apps? ' Gmail — An email application. ° Google Talk — A chat and intemet calling application ° Google Calender — Collaboration Software ° Google Docs — Office Applications ° The Start Page — Customized web portal. ° Google Page Creator — Web page creation software
  4. 4. Available options and costs. Standard Edition ° 2 GB of mail storage ° Mobile Access ° Online Support ° Unlimited number of Users ° Price: Free
  5. 5. Available options and costs. Premire Edition All the feature of Standard plus: ° 25 GB of mail storage ° Guaranteed 99.9% uptime ° Resource scheduling ° Message retention services ° Email migration tools. ° Live support ° and more. ° Price $50 per account per year.
  6. 6. Comparison with Microsoft Solution Required to compare to Standard Edition ° Office Standard Edition — $372.99 ° Microsoft Front Page - $109.99 ° Microsoft Small Business server $559.99 w 5 CALs ( One CAL required per user. $452.99 per addition 5 CALS) Cost for 50 user office: $28785.90* *Prices 10/21/07 via CDW. com
  7. 7. Detriments ' Requires a high speed connection to the intemet. If intemet goes out, applications unreachable. ° Lack of control as far as features and updates. ° Users would have direct access to chat applications. May affect work levels by chatting.
  8. 8. Benefits Hosted applications do not require additional server hardware. Security issues are dealt with by Google. Web based applications allow for employees to work from anywhere effectively Customized portal provides relevant news stories and other information. Low costs
  9. 9. Links ° Google Apps https: //www. google. corr1/a/ ° Edition Comparison https: //www. goo gle. corr1/ a/ help/ intl/ en/ admins/ CClltl0l ° Gmail http: //www. gmail. com