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PythonBridge: Executing python code from Smalltalk


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Talk from ESUG19, Cologne, Germany

Published in: Technology
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PythonBridge: Executing python code from Smalltalk

  1. 1. PythonBridge Executing python code from Smalltalk Alejandro Infante Work sponsored by
  2. 2. Workbook = xlsxwriter.Workbook(‘file.xlsx’) Worksheet = workbook.add_worksheet() worksheet.write(‘A1’, ‘Köln beers Rocks!’) workbook.close() Write an excel file using python:
  3. 3. workbook := XWCF sendAndWait: (#xlsxwriter asP3GI => #Workbook callWith: #(‘file.xlsx’)). xlsxwriter.Workbook(‘file.xlsx’) Worksheet := XWCF sendAndWait: (workbook => #add_worksheet callWith: #()). workbook.add_worksheet() XWCF sendAndWait: (worksheet => #write callWith: #(‘A1’ ‘Köln beers Rocks!’)). worksheet.write(‘A1’, ‘Köln beers Rocks!’) XWCF sendAndWait: (workbook => #close callWith: #()). workbook.close() How we do it from Pharo?