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Department of Defense
Dun & Bradstreet Report


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  1. 1. 2/24/12 Compan Profile About | Contact | Help | Log Off This subscription includes: Corporate Famil Tree de ail Global Reach de ail Company Name Phone SIC Cit State Advanced Search >> District of Columbia Search Sea ch Re l > Uni ed S a e Depa men of Defen e > Uni ed S a e Depa men of Defen e P in United States Department of Defense D-U-N-S Number: 00-195-7737 Location Type: Headquarters Company Name: United States Department of Subsidiary Status: Subsidiary Defense Plant/Facility Size: 1,000,000 Sq Ft Owns/Rents: Owns Mail Address: 1400 Defense Pentagon Foreign Trade: Import/Export Washington, DC, USA 20301-1400 Year Established: 1947 View Map Ownership: Private County: Arlington Prescreen Score: Low Risk MSA: Washington-Arlington-Alexandria Headquarters: Executive Office of the United Country Phone Code: 1 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Phone: 703-692-7100 Washington, DC, USA, 20500-0003 Web Address: 202-456-1414 View Comprehensive Record Global Ultimate Parent: Government of The United E Capitol 1 1st St NE Washington, DC, USA 20002 202-224-3121 Global Ultimate Parent 161906193 D-U-N-S Number: Corporate Family Tree for this Company Employee Count: 2,768,886 (All Si e ) Employment: Current Year: 5,000 (Indi id al Si e) 1 Yr Prior: 5,000 | Trend: 0.00 2 Yr Prior: 5,000 | Trend: 0.00 3 Yr Prior: 5,000 | Trend: 0.00 Executives: Mr Raymond F Dubois - Administration; Director Ms Janine Davidson - Assistant Secretary Mr Derek J Mitchell - Assistant Secretary Mr Linton Wells - Assistant Secretary Ms Vicki Huddleston - Assistant Secretary Ms Nancy E Boyda - Assistant Secretary Ms Patricia J Walker - Assistant Secretary Mr Joseph McMillan - Assistant Secretary .selector .com.e pro /Summar Vie /InlineProfile.asp 1/2
  2. 2. 2/24/12 Compan Profile Mr Joseph McMillan - Assistant Secretary Mr Colin Kahl - Assistant Secretary Mr Michael Mullen - Chairman Mr James E Cartwright - Vice Chairman Mr William E Ward - Commander Mr Duncan J McNabb - Commander; Transportation Mr Timothy J Keating - Commander Mr Kevin P Chilton - Commander Mr James N Mattis - Commander Mr Michael OBar - Chief Mr Craig R McKinley - Chief Mr Paul A Brinkley - Corporate Secretary Mr Ashton B Carter - Corporate Secretary Mr James R Clapper Jr - Corporate Secretary Mr Robert F Hale - Corporate Secretary Mr William J Lynn III - Corporate Secretary Mr Pete F Verga - Corporate Secretary Mich A Le Flournoy - Corporate Secretary Mr Bill Carr - Corporate Secretary Mr Robert M Gates - Corporate Secretary Mr Gary Roughead - Operations Staff Ms Teresa M Salazar - Controller Ms Susan Joyner - Librarian Mr Mac Odom - Librarian Mr James T Freihofer - Manager Mr Victor E Renuart Jr - Commissioner; Commander Mr James G Stavridis - Commissioner; Commander Mr Douglas Fraser - Commissioner; Commander Mr David Lester - MIS Director Mr Brent Saunders - Information Technology Manager Mr Gary Minnick - IT/Internet Support; Internal Medicine Gene Penaredondo - IT/Internet Support; Internal Medicine Mr Steve Jackson - IT Specialist Mr John Collier - Systems Staff Ms Colleen McGuire - Director Mr Clarence A Johnson - Director Mr Jeffrey A Wieringa - Director Mr Charles E McQueary - Director Mr David M Fisher - Director Mr John G Hathaway - Director Mr David W Duma - Director Mr Arthur J Myers - Director Mr Alan S Thompson - Director Executive Biographies: Mr Michael Mullen SWORN IN AS THE 17TH CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF ON OCT. 1, 2007. SERVES AS THE PRINCIPAL MILITARY ADVISOR TO THE PRESIDENT, THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL, AND THE HOMELAND SECURITY COUNCIL. Mr Robert M Gates SWORN IN ON DECEMBER 18, 2006 AS THE 22ND SECRETARY OF DEFENSE. BEFORE ENTERING HIS PRESENT POST, SECRETARY GATES WAS THE PRESIDENT OF TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, THE NATIONS SEVENTH LARGEST UNIVERSITY. PRIOR TO ASSUMING THE PRESIDENCY OF TEXAS A&M ON AUGUST 1, 2002, HE SERVED AS INTERIM DEAN OF THE GEORGE BUSH SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC SERVICE AT TEXAS A&M FROM 1999 TO 2001. SIC Code(s): 97110000 - National security (Primary) 97110401 - National security, Federal government Line of Business: National Security Product(s): NATIONAL SECURITY FORCES NATIONAL SECURITY, GOVERNMENT: Federal NAICS Code(s): 928110 - National Security (Primary) Dun & Bradstreet. All rights reserved. .selector .com.e pro /Summar Vie /InlineProfile.asp 2/2