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Angel Ferdinand Marcos


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Angel Ferdinand Marcos - GIDIFA

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  • Marcos died in 1989. Is he being triad after his death? Is this why he is being called "Angel" Ferdinand Marcos? I certainly would not refer to this dictator as an angel by any stretch of the imagination. They have paper work in the hereafter? And who is this Rauthschild character? Is this a Rothschild? And why is this even on the internet? Is this the work of some demented person or someone looking to make themselves look important? Or is this an example of the Illuminati telling the world of what they are doing? I have heard they do that.
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Angel Ferdinand Marcos

  1. 1. THE UNITED STATES OF NORTH AMERICA THE REPUBLIC OF NORTH AMERICA THE FAMILY OF NATIONS 1721-Present 03 July 2017 Ref: Legal Notice / Angel Ferdinand Marcos/ GIDIFA To Whom It May Concern: This legal notice confirms that H.E. HRH Royal Prime Minister of the Royal Imperial Sovereign Government of The United States of North America – The Republic of North America, The Federal Reserve System and Board of Governors of The Federal Reserve System has concluded its investigation regarding Ediberto del Carmen a.k.a. Angel Ferdinand Marcos and Global Infrastructure Development, & International Agency (GIDIFA). Accordingly, in cooperation with the American Embassy (Philippines), Philippine National Security Council, Philippine Department of Justice, Philippine Statistics Authority and Philippines Association of Certified Fraud Examiner, and after carefully reviewing the documents presented by GIDIFA in question, It has been determined through legal finding and facts, therefore, it is hereby concluded, that the documents in question, are indeed a fraud, moreover, that Ediberto del Carmen a.k.a. Angel Ferdinand Marcos and Global Infrastructure, Development, & International Agency (GIDIFA), is a fraud, and engaging in international financial criminal activity to further enhance one’s personal wealth while defrauding others. Further, neither Ediberto del Carmen a.k.a. Angel Ferdinand Marcos and Global Infrastructure, Development, & International Agency (GIDIFA), are owners, members, agents, representatives, employees nor affiliate of the United Nations, The United States of North America, The Republic of North America, The Central Bank of North America, The Preamble Bank of North America, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, The United States Treasury, The Federal Reserve System, The Federal Reserve Bank, International Court of Justice nor of the International Criminal Court, moreover, nor are these criminal suspects in question, are signatories to any assets under the control of the aforementioned agencies, et. al.. If Ediberto del Carmen a.k.a. Angel Ferdinand Marcos and GIDIFA presented documents from the above- mentioned governmental agencies, and International Bill of Exchange bearing Winston Shrout and the United States Treasury as third party payee, you are hereby instructed to contact INTERPOL International Financial Crime Unit Federal Bureau of Investigation and Philippine law-enforcement agencies, In closing, If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office, at the number herein stated below. 1701 Pennsylvanian Avenue ● Suite 400 ● Washington DC 20004 ● Phone: 01.202.417.8328
  2. 2. Sincerely, Ernest Rauthschild H.E. HRH Ernest Rauthschild Royal Prime Minister 8216-8217 The United States of North America The Republic of North America The Family of Nations Enclosure: cc: Mr. Donald J. Trump, President, United States, Incorporated Mr. Rodrigo "Rody" Roa Duterte, President, Republic of Philippines The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, D.C./ Philippines INTERPOL/ Central Intelligence Agency / U.S. Secret Service 2