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Erika bor: Tourism ppt for English lesson

  1. 1. Erika Bor – Health Tourism StudentOulu University Of Applied Sciences, Oulu 31/10/2012
  2. 2. 1. General information 2. Concepts 3. Why the Hungarian Health Tourism? 4. Geothermal Gradient in Hungary 5. Hungary is a Land of Thermal Water 6. Mineral Waters of Hungary7. Unique Natural Conditions of Hungary 8. Royal Spas of Europe 9. Dental Tourism in Budapest10. Accommodation, Hotels in Budapest 11. Hungarian Gastronomy 12. Festival Tourism in Hungary 13. Questions 14. Bibliography
  3. 3. ‘The secret of water conceived in the ice…’- Jack Kerouac: On the Road -
  4. 4. Territory: 93. 030 km2Population: 10 millionCapital: BudapestForm of Government:Parliamentary democracyLanguage: HungaryCurrency: HUF(1 Euro=280 HUF) Photo by Google Oulu – Budapest 1985 km, 3 hour 50 minute Helsinki – Budapest 1470 km, 2 hour 20 minute
  5. 5. Health tourism is a special branch of tourismwhich focuses on the prevention and therecovery - mostly. Medical tourism is a travelling whichpurpose to participate in a sort of healthprocedure in a pleasant surrounding.Wellness tourism is a prevention programmewhich purpose for physical, spiritual andmental balance.
  6. 6. Because excellent hotels, spas and wellness services on good prices beneficial ingredients (sodium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, iodine, bromine…) and effects (painkiller, inflammatories) of fabulous thermal water dental tourism (dental treatment with sight-seeing) unique ingredients and effects of Hévíz and muds cave treatments and the using of weight baths
  7. 7. Average: 5oº C/100 m (1 and 1/2 timesas high as the worldwide average).Reason: Pannonian basin including also Hungary, the hot magma is nearer to the surface.Mean temperature: about 10º C on the surfacethe rock temperature is 60º C at the depth of 1 kmand 110º C at the depth of 2 kmand (already) 130-150º C at the depth of 2,5 km.
  8. 8. Hungary is extremely rich in thermal waters whichare world scale and on European scale it isoutstanding. Most of the mineral and medicinal waters containimportant minerals with curative powers (makesthem suitable for bathing and drinking cures).
  9. 9. Literature:
  10. 10. Bath of Gyopáros Miskolctapolca Cave Bath Aqua Park in Hajdúszoboszló The Castle Bath of Gyula The Turkish Bath of Eger Miskolctapolca Thermal And Cave Bath Photos by Google
  11. 11. Hévíz – ‘The Heaven of Rheumatic’The red water-lily is the most widely known symbol of Hévíz Photos by Google
  12. 12. Budapest Rudas Bath Gellért Thermal Bath Széchényi Bath Rác BathPhotos by Google
  13. 13. Bük Bath GyőrHarkány Photos by Google
  14. 14. 1. 2. 1. Sárvár 2. Zalakaros 3. Sikonda 3.Photos by Google
  15. 15. BalatonfüredAnna Ball Cardiac Hospital Photos by Google
  16. 16. Balaton - The Hungarian Sea…képek Photos by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor
  17. 17.  Struma is treated by Jodaqua of Sóshartyán. Osteoporosis is treated by Kékkúti, MohaiÁgnes, Parádi…Gastrointestinal disorders are treated by Mira,Hunyadi János… Photo by Google
  18. 18. Photos by
  19. 19. ‘Water has no taste, no color, no odor; it cannot be defined, art relished while evermysterious. Not necessary to life, but rather life itself. It fills us with a gratificationthat exceeds the delight of the senses.’ - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - Photo by Google
  20. 20. Hungary has certified medical waters certified minerals certified medical baths certified health resorts medical hotels certified medicinal caves recognized wellness muds 1 natural Carbon-dioxide dry bath (gas)
  21. 21. Medical Hotel in Kékestető (Mátra) Photos by Erika Bor
  22. 22. Tapolca Cave Indications for using cold cave is Szemlőhegy Cave respiratory diseases (lung Certified asthma). Béke Cave Indications for Medicinal Caves using warm cave is Abaliget Cave musculoskeletal disorders and diet.Szent István Cave Photos by Google
  23. 23. Wellness Muds of Hungary has painkiller effect on rheumatism illness immunisation system become stronger it cleans the skin (>>dermatology problems) is used anti-cellulite and psoriasis gynecological diseases (inflammation) are treated Photos by Google
  24. 24. Mofette in MátraderecskeThere is the only one natural Carbon-dioxide dry bath of the country, amofette operates. The patients whosuffering from vascular andlocomotor diseases are treated. Photos by Google
  25. 25. - Hungarian patent in the medicine of the spine - The patient is anchored onneck, fortified on arms, hangs inwater, has on ankles weights of 2-20 kg fixed with a belt. The target of this treatmentmethod is to stretch the spine.(Hajdúszoboszló, Hévíz,Zalakaros, Sárvár.) Photos by Google
  26. 26. Homeotherapy - Light TherapyMostly the menthal problems are treated by light terapy.Color: RED, scent: ’love vitality’Color: PURPLE, scent: ’antistress’Color: GREEN, scent: ’refreshing nature’Color: BLUE, scent: ’a sea of tranquility’Color: YELLOW, scent: ’harmony’Color: ORANGE, scent: ‘brightness’ Photo by Erika Bor
  27. 27. Homeotherapy - Herbarium RoomEffects of Plants:Nature has many herbal medicines for diabetes (cranberries, dills, Chinese tea, Hungarian György tea), for insomnia (levander), for lungs problems (chamomile, menthol herbal), for heart and circulation problems (fish oil; Omega 3, garlic,horse chesnut). Photo by Erika Bor
  28. 28. Metabolism andcirculation system areaccelerated bytangentorThe immunisationsystem became strongerHelp for the renewingof the skin Underwater massage Medical massage Physiotherapy treatments Galvanic bath Painkiller Indications: Weight bath arthritis neuritisMedical gymnastic in the water neuralgia Photos by Google
  29. 29. The Royal Spas of Europe (high quality baths withtraditions) were founded in Bad Wildungen in 1988.The founding members were Bath, Bad Wildungen andBudapest.The organization later added:Archena, Baden Baden, Bad Neuenahr, Bayreuth,Marienbad, Naantali, Sárvár.
  30. 30. The Royal Spas of Europe Where once emperors, kings, high nobility and famous heads of state found relaxation of the highest standard, you too are cordially invited to let yourself be treated like a king. Royal Spas return you to a time when European spas were flourishing experience wellness in sublime elegance. These are European spas and health resorts rich in tradition: emperors, kings, members of the high nobility and famous heads of state can be counted among their guests, making them famous 30
  31. 31. …treatment and sight-seeing in a foreign country…’We had a great holiday in Budapest, along with newsmiles!’’Treatment and services, we got just were perfect…’’We saved more than 70% on our dental treatments!’ Photo by
  32. 32. Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Hilton Hotel Budapest InterContinental Budapest Le Meridien Hotel Budapest Kempinski Hotel Corvinus 10. Accommodation5 star hotels in Budapest Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge Marriott Hotel BudapestPhotos by Google New York Palace Budapest
  33. 33. 4 star hotels in Budapest Hotel Bristol BudapestContinental Hotel Zara Budapest Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget Grand Hotel Hungária Hotel Gellért Danubius Hotel Taverna Queens Court Hotel & Residence Hotel Astoria Danubius Photos by Google
  34. 34. Andy Vajna’s Restaurant (Nobu)Gundel Restaurant Photos by Google
  35. 35. goulash soup chicken meat soup Palóc soup Jókai bean soup Wiener schnitzelstuffed cabbage lecsó stuffed peppersHortobágy pancake bejgli Dobos cake Photos by Google
  36. 36. Borsodi Hegyalja Festival Carnival of Flowers in Debrecen1. Borsodi Hegyalja Festival2. Carnival of Flowers in Debrecen3. Heineken Balaton Sounds4. Sopron VOLT Festival5. SZIGET Festival in Budapest Balaton Sounds6. Formula 1 Hungarian Sopron VOLT Festival Grand Pix Photos by Google Sziget Festival in Budapest Formula 1
  37. 37. Veszprém Summer Festival Baroque Wedding Ceremony in Győr 7. SZIN 8. Veszprém Summer Festival 9. Baroque Wedding Ceremony in Győr 10. Mohács Busó Festival (Busójárás) 11. Csaba Sausage Festival 12. International Kisüsti Pálinka Festival Mohács Busó Festival in Gyula 13. Renaissance Carnival of Gyula Renaissance Carnival in Gyula Csaba Sausage FestivalPhotos by Google International Pálinka Festival in Gyula
  38. 38. 14. Csaba Beer Festival andKnuckle parade… Photos by
  39. 39. Csaba Beer Festival and Knuckleparade… Photos by
  40. 40. ‘Good wine is a good health…’ Fütyülős ‘Beer is a liquid gold…’ Photos by Google
  41. 41. 1. As tourism student how can you recommend forigners your beautiful country’s tourist attractions abroad?2. Which motivation power put pressure on you when you choose your holiday destination?3. Tourism for quality of life - or vice versa…? It is not mean that when we are tourists, it improves our quality of life.4. What kind of tourism development strategy do you recommend a small town for breaking out?5. ...where the fence is made of sausages - the gastro-tourism is conquest in Békéscsaba. Would you like to participate in this festival if the chance is given to you? What kind of programme are you interested in?
  42. 42. 6. The development of health tourism able to increase the customer traffic?7. How do you see the Hungarian health tourism market is able to competitive by international standards?8. Festival and gastro-tourism can be a ‘medicine’ of economic recovery?9. Hungarian mineral and thermal waters are able to fight in the international competitions?10. Do you agree with the next statement? Tourism creates jobs in every field!’ (for instance; construction industry, beauty industry, hotel industry, trade and catering...) This is the one reason why is important to develop and invest money in the tourism.
  43. 43. BooksÁkos Teslár, Villő Korányi, Enikő Kovács, Noémi Kovács: User’s Guide To Hungary 2006/2007. Tempus Public Foundation,Budapest, 2005.Ferenc Balogh: Idegenforgalmi földrajz I. Magyarország. Képzőművészeti Kiadó Kft., Kaposvár, 2007.Középiskolai földrajzi atlasz. Cartographia Tankönyvkiadó Kft., Budapest, 2011.Midi Világatlasz országlexikonnal. Nyír-Karta Bt., Nyíregyháza, 2004.Official Budapest Guide. BTDM Nonprofit Kft., Budapest, 2012.Rehabilitáció és balneoterápia, Wellness 2004. Bp. Pharmindex CMP. Medica, 2004.Photosby Googleby Erika Bor: www.borerika.fotoalbum.hu
  44. 44.
  45. 45. ‘We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charmand adventure. There is no end to the adventures we canhave if only we seek them with our eyes open.’ - Jawaharal Nehru -
  46. 46. Thank you for your attention! Köszönöm a figyelmet! szöveg Kiitos mielenkiinnosta! Photo by Erika Bor Photo by Erika Bor