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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. C-SHOP innovative web based store management system. Unnatec specializes in development of innovative web solutions focusing on the retail & hospitality markets. Unnatec’s C-SHOP is a secured SaaS (software as a service) web based application suite, which includes all required features to operate any kind of store, small or big, independent or retail chain. C-SHOP model enables the operational flexibility needed to fulfill today’s competitive and fast changing retail market demands. With C-SHOP the store can grow and consume more services as needed and also grow up to a stores chain with central management capabilities. C-SHOP products are integrated and were designed to coexist with 3rd party system to allow a cost effective migration & expansion. The SaaS model delivers both the flexibility & reduced TCO (total cost of ownership). C-SHOP is a user friendly solution with the following advantages and added values: • Centralize web based solution • Guaranteed business continuity 24X7 • Secured data • Automatic data back up • Accessibility from any remote location 24X7 • Advanced business management through operational and sales reports • On line data transmitting to accounting and other external software • Automatic alerts to mobile phones and e-mail • Simple procedures, saving on resources • Optional mouse, keyboard or touch screen user interface • EFT, Chip & Pin, EMV integrated All you need to start using C-SHOP is a PC, a web browser and an Internet connection 11 Haamal St. Afek Industrial Park .P.O.B. 11404 .Rosh Haayin .Israel 48091 | Phone + 972-3-9016421 |
  2. 2. C-SHOP web based main components are: POS Smart point of sale and store management. Convenient, user friendly, cost effective and profitable system for sales operation, store management and customer preservation. Web based integrated to 3rd party systems. Accessible from any where, any place any time 24X7. BO/HO (back office/head office) Integrated & cost effective management. For a single store, or a chain of stores Stock control, Purchasing & ordering, item catalog & pricing, customer loyalty & reports. A backbone to 3rd party POS system, EFT terminals, ECR’s integration system. OLAP Sophisticated online analytical graphical views. Create your own views, respond to on-line trends, be able to see the real picture. An integrated component to display 3rd party information. Joined views from multiple sources of information. MOBILE Mobile PDA connected applications. Remote ordering. Stock entry. 11 Haamal St. Afek Industrial Park .P.O.B. 11404 .Rosh Haayin .Israel 48091 | Phone + 972-3-9016421 |