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Spring break 2011


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Spring break 2011

  1. 1. SPRING BREAK 2011 – CHICAGO!!!<br />Just do it.<br /> Press Slide Show!!!!<br />
  2. 2. Why Chicago????<br />Reasons:<br />Why the he!! not???<br />Don’t even think about answering that<br />Direct transportation from Lafayette to Union Station; 3 hours and 33 minutes by Amtrak<br />About an hour longer than driving from Purdue but without the worries of parking fees, gas or having enough space<br />Looking to save this $pring Break???<br />Cheaper overall trip compared to air travel down south somewhere; transportation is relatively cheap per person<br />If you’re looking for vacation and a little down time<br />Trip is from Monday to Friday – four days outside of trip to relax and do whatever you want<br />City and surrounding area is full of stuff to do (many free activities): museums, opera (college student discounts), sports teams, other attractions<br />I haven’t been there since 6th grade<br />
  3. 3. This is what you can expect:<br />Coolosity Path Diagram:<br />
  4. 4. 2011 Purdue Info<br />Spring Break<br />Start Date:<br />Saturday, March 12 <br />End Date:<br />Sunday, March 20<br />
  5. 5. Possible Travel Stats<br />Trip Date: Monday, March 14th to Friday, March 18th<br />Transportation<br />Departure – 7 am (Monday)<br /> Amtrak Train Station – Lafayette<br />200 North Second Street, Lafayette, IN 47901<br />Return – 5:45 pm (Friday)<br />Union Station <br />225 South Canal Street, Chicago, IL 60606<br />Ticket Prices (1 reserved coach seat)<br />$19.00 – From Lafayette to Chicago<br />$24.00 – From Chicago to Lafayette<br />Travel time: 3 hours and 33 minutes<br />19.00 + 24.00 = $43.00<br />
  6. 6. Possible Hotel Stats<br />Best Western River North Hotel<br />125 W Ohio Street, Chicago, Illinois 60610-4203Phone: 312/467-0800 | Fax: 312/467-1665<br />Fun Facts:<br />Indoor pool<br />Minutes from Michigan Avenue, Navy Pier, Shedd Aquarium, Sears Tower and the Water Tower <br />1.3 miles from Union Station (about 8 minutes)<br />Near the Museum of Science and Industry and five miles from Soldier Field<br />
  7. 7. Possible Hotel Stats (continued)<br />Best Western River North Hotel<br />Rooms (Source:<br />Suite - 1 King and 1 Double, Nsmk, 3Rdbed Sofabed, Free Parking, 2Bedrms<br />The Plan <br />4 people per room<br />$79 per night for 4 nights <br />Total Cost including taxes = $457.16<br /> $114.29 / person<br />
  8. 8. Possible Hotel Stats (continued)<br />2. Howard Johnson Downtown<br />720 NORTH LASALLE STREET CHICAGO <br /> IL US 60654<br />Fun Facts:<br />Located 5 blocks from downtown<br />Chicago Place, 900 N Michigan Shops, and the Water Tower Mall are approximately one mile from the hotel<br />1.3 miles from Union Station (about 8 minutes)<br />2 miles from Soldier Field<br />Both hotels are relatively close<br />
  9. 9. Possible Hotel Stats (continued)<br />2. Howard Johnson Downtown<br />Rooms (Source:<br />Standard Room With 2 Double Beds Smoking Non Refundable<br />The Plan <br />4 people per room<br />$76 per night for 4 nights <br />Total Cost including taxes = $348.12<br /> $87.03 / person<br />
  10. 10. Show Me the Money!!!<br />Trip total cost up to this point:<br />Train tickets: 43<br />Hotel room costs: +87.03 or 114.29<br /> $130.03 or $157.29<br />
  11. 11. Maybe some activities???<br />Free Activities:<br />Lincoln Park Zoo<br />Grant Park<br />Chicago Cultural Center<br />Garfield Park Conservatory<br />Navy Pier<br />Art Institute of Chicago – (Free admission on Thursday evenings)<br />Water Tower Place – mall<br />Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park<br />Museum of Contemporary Art – free admission on Tuesday<br />Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum – free admission Thursday<br /><ul><li>More information at:</li></li></ul><li>Maybe some activities??? (cont’d)<br />CityPassoption: <br />$70 – Customer can choose 5 out of 7 of Chicago’s most popular museums and attractions; 9 day pass:<br />Shedd Aquarium - VIP entry includes all exhibits and choice of a 4D theater experience<br />Adler Planetarium - General admission and two theater shows at the most advanced planetarium on earth<br />The Field Museum - General admission to all permanent exhibits at this world-renowned museum of natural history<br />Museum of Science and Industry - General admission and one Omnimax Show at the western hemisphere’s largest science museum<br />Skydeck Chicago<br />John Hancock Observatory<br />More info at:<br /><ul><li>Many of these museums and attractions also offer free admission days throughout the year; this is just an option</li>