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DATA SHEET: eMeter EnergyIP                                         eMeter EnergyIP                                       ...
DATA SHEET: eMeter EnergyIP                           Core Functionality                           •	 Data Synchronization...
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DATA SHEET: eMeter EnergyIP      •	 Identify And Quantify Loss or Theft: Utilizing eMeter EnergyIP’s analytic capabilities...
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eMeter EnergyIP Data Sheet


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eMeter EnergyIP Data Sheet

  1. 1. DATA SHEET: eMeter EnergyIP eMeter EnergyIP The industry standard for Meter Data Management to meet the needs of today’s – and tomorrow’s utility. eMeter® EnergyIP® is the platform upon which all of eMeter’s Smart Energy solutions are built. EnergyIP has the most large-scale, mass-market deployments of Meter Data Management in the industry. “After an extensive evaluation, we found eMeter EnergyIP captures the complex relationships among assets, premises, customer accounts, users, applications, and services that must be managed in the right partner in any successful Smart meter network. With its automated business processes and eMeter with their workflows, eMeter EnergyIP provides real-time information and automation to EnergyIP solution. integrate enterprise systems and drive Smart Grid Management. eMeter EnergyIP eMeter demonstrated supports all aspects of Smart meter deployment and operation, serving as the their experience with “central nervous system” of a utility and turning data into actionable information that can be leveraged across the utility. large scale smart meter deployments eMeter EnergyIP offers several unique capabilities including: and their commitment • Industry Leading Scalability: eMeter EnergyIP is the only product designed to integration with from the ground up to handle the complexity of a multi-million point AMI our SAP customer deployment – rather than being adapted from a system built for smaller scale system.” deployments. Chris Barron, Chief Information Officer, CPS Energy • Enterprise Agility: eMeter EnergyIP’s delivers a flexible architecture to support any Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and integrates with multiple utility enterprise systems to accommodate regulatory and business process changes in a low-cost, non-disruptive way. • Interoperability: Out of the box adapters for multiple Smart meter communication networks reduce overall cost and maintenance. • Automated, Event-driven Operations: Real-time processing data and operations data allows for the fastest possible decision making and improved efficiencies in billing cash flow, IT reconciliation, customer responsiveness, and logistics. Together, these solutions enable utilities to fully realize the benefits of Smart metering and AMI including improvements in operational efficiencies as well as consumer demand-side collaboration.© 2011 eMeter Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. DATA SHEET: eMeter EnergyIP Core Functionality • Data Synchronization Engine: Synchronizes data with the AMI, Customer Information System (CIS), and other enterprise applications using FlexSync, an incremental, transactional-based approach to synchronizing data in real-time. • Data Repository: Uses a database partitioned Metered Usage Data Repository (MUDR) to maintain performance, while storing a plethora of Advanced Metering data. • Service Oriented Architecture: Integrates all of your legacy, current, and future systems, permitting consistent information viewing across all types of meters and meter-data collection systems with no loss of data and without updating existing systems. • Workflow Engine: Persistently maintains and handles requests that require workflow processing and tracks the progress of each operation. • Audit Tracking: Allows users to configure which business components and fields to audit, and to determine the scope of the audit. Audit features support system operations and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. • Validation, Estimating & Editing (VEE): Performs real-time interval data validation and estimation according to configurable rules, allows graphical editing of metered data, and instantaneously verifies the accuracy of interval data and make corrections in real-time. • Analytics Foundation: A star schema Analytics Engine, separate from core transaction processing, provides near real-time access to information without compromising operational performance. • Reporting Frameworks: Presents customizable reports of AMI Health, outage analysis and event analysis, letting business and technical users view the same report portal to mine for problems.2
  3. 3. DATA SHEET: eMeter EnergyIP Operational Benefits eMeter EnergyIP provides you with a flexible platform that allows you to add applications such as Billing, Remote Connect/Disconnect, Energy Engage, and Outage Event Management. You will see operational efficiencies increase across the board as eMeter EnergyIP and applications:EMETER APPLICATIOnSAnD PLATFORM • Improve Customer Service: Agents have detailed, real-time, accurateExTEnSIOnS information for first call resolution of incoming inquiries.• Register Billing • Reduce Operating Costs: Flexible enterprise integration provides near• Interval Billing real-time access to end-user consumption data and incident data through• Outage Event Management reports and analysis which help to minimize losses and inefficiencies.• Remote Connect/ Disconnect • Accelerate Cash Flow: Billing is based on up-to-date, validated usage• Energy Engage™ Customer Portal information.• Prepayment Support• Customer Service • Delivers Advanced Tariffs: Sophisticated time-based usage billing Representative Portal determinants processing supports any demand response program.• Settlements• Network Loss • Automate Outage Detection: Real-time information helps your Outage Management Management System to complete repairs quickly and efficiently. Data• Analytics Foundation Analytics combines disparate power-on/off events into single outage events• Graphical Reporting Framework so utilities can easily see outage duration and associated impact. 3
  4. 4. DATA SHEET: eMeter EnergyIP • Identify And Quantify Loss or Theft: Utilizing eMeter EnergyIP’s analytic capabilities, you can find locations where losses are occurring and determine the magnitude. • Automate Remote Meter Connect/Disconnect: Services can be reconnected and disconnected without sending personnel on-site. • Track Advanced Metering Assets: Track and manage assets such as meters and communications modules through installation, operation and maintenance to reduce cost and customer disruption. • Improve Distribution Quality: Timely and accurate metering information improves grid and pipeline reliability, and supports distributed generation initiatives. • Provide Flexible Data Validation: Utilities can implement a method of validation and estimation to conform to ever-evolving regulations. • Troubleshoot the Smart Grid: eMeter Analytics Foundation allows utilities to pin-point errors among massive read volumes to see specific problem spots, create service requests, and ensure service level agreements are met. Community Benefits • Reduces Peak Demand: Supports time-of-use pricing to encourage end users to reduce consumption during peak times. • Improves Energy Efficiency and Reduces Carbon Footprint: Supports demand response programs to reduce end user consumption and greenhouse gases. • Engages Customers in Energy Management: Gives customers access to detailed usage data to empower self-regulation. Experience eMeter provides essential software that enables electric, gas, and water utilities to realize the full benefits of the Smart Grid. Leading utilities worldwide depend on eMeter Smart Grid Management Software to reduce operational costs, improve customer service, and drive energy efficiency. With the most large-scale deployments in the industry and strategic partnerships with Accenture, IBM, Logica, SAP, Siemens and Verizon; eMeter has built a reputation for unparalleled expertise that ensures customer success. eMeter Corporation Energy Information You Can Act On. +1 (650) 227-7770© 2011 eMeter Corporation eMeter ®, the eMeter Logo ®, EnergyIP ®, Energy Engage™ and any other trademark found on the eMeter Trade-marks List that are referred to or displayed in the document are trademarks or registered trademarks of eMeter Corporation or its affiliates inthe US and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.