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DATA SHEET: Settlements Settlements eMeter applications are the fastest path to turn your data into actionable information...
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eMeter Settlements Application Data Sheet


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eMeter Settlements Application Data Sheet

  1. 1. DATA SHEET: Settlements Settlements eMeter applications are the fastest path to turn your data into actionable information that can be leveraged across your utility. eMeter Settlements aggregates interval meter data and reports net balances of energy produced, exchanged, and consumed to enable financial settlement in the wholesale energy market. With eMeter Settlements you can: Enable financial settlements of market transactions. The Settlements application allows you to give wholesale market participants access to interval data and aggregated usage data, giving all parties the clearest picture of usage to drive quick and easy financial settlements. You can review data quality in a drillable, user- friendly report. The Settlements application delivers adaptable XML messages to market participants. Compare energy production and consumption. eMeter Settlements uses actual interval data instead of profiles, so you have the most accurate report on the net balance of consumers’ drawing and producers’ supplying the grid. Provide aggregates for each market entity. You can manage data aggregation by Grid Area, market role, or other market characteristics, allowing you to provide participants, such as energy suppliers, grid operators, and balance providers with just the information they need to manage their business. Drives efficient wholesale markets. With your wealth of real-time usage data from EnergyIP, the Settlements application shares business critical data and crucial aggregates that drive the competitive retail market. Data grid loss can be analyzed and energy distribution can be fine tuned for the rapidly changing grid environment. Supports Data Versioning. The Settlements application supports locking data, exception processing, and version auditing to finalize market transactions and ensure contract fulfillment. Extend dynamic pricing and demand response to all market participants. As consumer behavior modifies, interval data on individual consumers allows retailers to determine the price points where the demand curve changes. Settlements processes and aggregates this data so that retailers can influence demand with price. Building Applications on a Strong Foundation eMeter Applications run on our information platform, eMeter EnergyIP®, the industry’s leading MDM system, which delivers information and automation in real-time to manage the Smart Grid. With eMeter’s modular design you start fast, use only what you need, and incrementally scale to meet new requirements. You can add additional applications as you need them, or have an application custom-built for your needs. eMeter EnergyIP allows you to adapt to regulatory changes and capitalize on new technology or business opportunities, dramatically improving operational efficiencies and customer service. eMeter provides the essential software that enables leading electric, gas and water utilities worldwide to realize the full benefits of the Smart Grid, reducing operational costs, increasing service reliability, boosting customer satisfaction, and driving energy efficiency.© 2011 eMeter Corporation. All rights reserved.