DATA SHEET: Interval Billing      Interval Billing      eMeter applications support advanced pricing structures      for f...
DATA SHEET: Interval Billing      eMeter Offerings      • eMeter EnergyIP                                            • Set...
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eMeter Interval Billing Application Data Sheet


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eMeter Interval Billing Application Data Sheet

  1. 1. DATA SHEET: Interval Billing Interval Billing eMeter applications support advanced pricing structures for fast, foolproof billing with no risk to your CIS Interval Billing includes all of the functionality offered in the Register Billing application plus support for Advanced Billing Determinants (ABD) calculated from interval reads. Interval Billing readily adapts to evolving regulatory requirements, allowing you to adjust your price modeling rapidly. With eMeter Interval Billing you can: Support new pricing structures. With interval data reads, you have the opportunity to offer more complex rate structures and rebate programs. eMeter Interval Billing uses an Advanced Billing Determinant OVERVIEW • 700,000 Meters (ABD) engine to process interval reads into daily and billing cycle usage- Deployed based billing determinants as set forth by the utility or regulator. The • On TOU pricing (Hourly) 500,000 Meters ABD module summarizes the data set over the requested billing span and • Toronto, Ontario, delivers billing determinants to the billing system. All data is then stored Canada in the Metered Usage Data Repository (MUDR). Bill off interval data with no risk to your CIS. Since calculations are done within the EnergyIP platform, you protect your CIS and still get the eMeter Customers are added benefits of billing from interval data. #1 for Interval Billing: Toronto Hydro relies Present month-to-date usage data. By performing the billing determinant summations on a daily basis, the EnergyIP platform can on eMeter applications support end-user presentation of “month-to-date” information as well to run the world’s first as spread computational loads over time. mandatory large-scale TOU pricing program. Report statistics. Each set of summary data includes statistics on the number of estimated intervals and estimated usage. These statistics can be used to determine the officially reported status of the usage data.© 2011 eMeter Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. DATA SHEET: Interval Billing eMeter Offerings • eMeter EnergyIP • Settlements • Register Billing • Network Loss Management • Interval Billing • Analytics Foundation • Outage Event Management • Smart Grid Appliance • Remote Connect/Disconnect • Integration Adapters • Energy Engage™ Customer Portal • SAP MDUS Integration Adapter • Prepayment Support • eMeter Professional Services and Support • Customer Service Representative Portal Building Applications on a Strong Foundation eMeter applications run on our MDM Platform, eMeter EnergyIP®, the industry’s leading MDM system, which delivers information and automation in real-time to manage the Smart Grid. With eMeter’s modular design you start fast, use only what you need, and incrementally scale to meet new requirements. You can add additional applications as you need them, or have an application custom-built for your needs. eMeter EnergyIP allows you to adapt to regulatory changes and capitalize on new technology or business opportunities, dramatically improving operational efficiencies and customer service. eMeter provides the essential software that enables leading electric, gas and water utilities worldwide to realize the full benefits of the Smart Grid, reducing operational costs, increasing service reliability, boosting customer satisfaction, and driving energy efficiency. eMeter Corporation Energy Information You Can Act On. +1 (650) 227-7770© 2011 eMeter Corporation eMeter ®, the eMeter Logo ®, EnergyIP ®, Energy Engage™ and any other trademark found on the eMeter Trade-marks List that are referred to or displayed in the document are trademarks or registered trademarks of eMeter Corporation or its affiliates inthe US and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.