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  1. 1. Project : MED-3R MED - 3R : Extend the wastes’ lifespan Reduce the production of wastes Recycle the wastes in the Mediterranean Euro-mediterranean strategic platform for an adapted management of wastes The strategic Call for projects IEVP CT MED 118/12/2012 16:07 MED-3R Présentation Barcelona 18122012
  2. 2. MED -3RThe Projet MED-3R : is a Euro-méditerranean strategic platform for an adapted waste managment June to December 2012 : Negociation between the partnership MED-3R & the Common Management Authority (signature of the partnership convention between the project leader -the Metropole of NCA- & the 14 partners of the project ; signature of the subsidy contract between the project leader –the Metropole NCA6- & the Common Managment Authoriy) January 2013 : Beginning of the Project 2
  3. 3. MED-3RMED-3R = is a strategic project of the multilateral cross-border cooperation"Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme" which is part of the new EuropeanNeighborhood Policy & its financing Instrument (ENPI) on the theme of« Treatment & Recycling of Wastes » This project is part of the sustainable developpment strategy of Nice Côte d’Azur, which aims to become the green Metropole of the Mediterranean. 3
  4. 4. MED-3RInnovative character of the projectMED-3R project suggest innovations in approaches & services in order to respondon specific needs of the beneficiary territories.The elaboration of plans management will be adapted & innovative for it is theresult of a unique iterative step between the different complementary territoriesactors through the strategic platform MED-3R.This platform will enable the emergence of a new governance by an organizedconnection of the engineers & the municipal councilors in charge of the wastes inthe Mediterranean, based in an objective way by the specialists of the networkcities & experts.New services, new management methods & more efficient tools will be provided tothe territories. The platform MED-3R will become an operational tool of reference(web platform: expertise & technical support) in order to apply & adapt innovationsin the field of the waste management in the Mediterranean. This step will include 4demonstration projects implemented by some partners of the North & the South.
  5. 5. The MED-3R projectGeneral objective: (defined by the ENPI )Promote the Cross-Border Cooperation in order to contribute to the establishment of arationally ecologic management system of wastes, by targeting the prevention, the re-use, the recycling & the sustainable treatment.Specific objective: (Chosen by NCA & the 14 partners)Strengthen the governance & the participation of the public authorities, the industrial,commercial & educational sectors, the NGOs & the general public, in order to improvethe institutional framework of the wastes management. In order to:Reduce the wastes production on a Mediterranean scale, by highlighting the origins of thewastes, to be able to put in place the adequate strategies of waste collection & prevention.Develop an integrated & rationally ecologic waste management system that ensure thetreatment & the recycling, by exploring innovative technologies & sustainable methods ofwastes treatment & recycling. 5
  6. 6. Le projet MED-3RResults to achieve : The project aim to achieve the following resultsMake management plans of the integrated wastes (collect, distribution, valorization) by takingin consideration for each territory, the economic, geographic, social & environmental (zero wastes)dimensions.Strengthen the partners capacities & skills (training, staff equipments, residents participation)& the governance in the wastes management.Establish a common platform to support the cities hoping to put in place managementsystems, transfer/adapt practices, & looking for financing.Capitalize , test & spread in the established network, the best practices in the field ofplanification & urban wastes management.Put in place a plan to improve the equipments unadapted or inefficientMake pilot equipments for different wastes flux: organic waste (composting), hospitalswaste (dangerous), & electronics. This will enable the evaluation of the technical & financialfeasibility as well as the operational adaptability to the local conditions.Strengthen the available networks in the cities (EUROMED, MEDCITES) as well as thethematic networks for the wastes management (ACR+, SWEEPNET), by developingcollaborations. 6
  7. 7. MED-3RProject partnersProject leader : Metropole Nice Côte d’Azur (France)Partners : 1. Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Nice Côte d’Azur (France) 2. City of Genova (Italy) 3. Pôle de compétitivité Ea Eco-Innovation (France) 4. Office International de l’Eau (France) 5. Système Euro-Méditerranéen d’Information dans le Domaine de l’Eau (France) 6. City of Hyères (France) 7. Centre de Recherche de l’Urbanisme, de l’Infrastructure et de l’Ecologie (Italy) 8. City of Sousse (Tunisia) 9. City of Sfax (Tunisia) 10. City of Jbail-Byblos (Lebanon) 11. City of Blat (Lebanon) 12. Autorité de la Zone Economique Spéciale d’Aqaba (Jordan) 13. Agence Nationale pour la Gestion des Déchets (Tunisia) 14. Institut Préparatoire aux Etudes d’Ingénieurs de Sfax (Tunisia) 7
  8. 8. MED-3RPassociated partners of the project1. Regional Council of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur2. General Council of the Alpes Maritimes3. Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainableResource management (ACR+ network)4. Ministry Of Environment – Lebanon (MOE)5. The Metropolitan Area Of Barcelona, (MEDCITES network)6. The Regional Solid Waste Exchange of Information and ExpertiseNetwork (GIZ) (SWEEPNET network)7. Préfecture de Région PACA (MEDDTL, ADEME, DREAL PACA etDDTM06) 8
  9. 9. MED-3REstimation of the financial plan between the 15 partners of the total budget Expenses Ex-Tax Revenues Ex-Tax WP1 1 326 630 € FEDER 4 308 482 € WP2 408 368 € Self-financing 478 720 € WP3 213 562 € WP4 420 328 € WP5 489 335 € WP6 1 666 452 € WP7 78 525€ TOTAL 4 787 202€ TOTAL 4 787 202 € 9
  10. 10. Diagram of the Governance of the MED-3R project Project Cities: Sousse, Sfax, Networks: EUROMED, Authorities: Social-Partnership leader Gênes, Jbail, Blat Sweepnet, MedCités, ANGED economical: CCI Hyères, Aqaba ASEZA SEMIDE, ACR+ Nice, EA Eco‐ Innova°, NCA (associated) OIEau, CRUIE, IPEIS…Decision body Monitoring & Steering Committee (MSC) WP2 WP 1 WP3 WP7 Transversal Work Communication Coordination Capitalization Evaluation Packages (WP) NCA/EUROMED NCA ANged Genova University WP4 WP5 Management of the WP6 Strategic Platform urban wastes plans Pilot actions Sousse SEMIDEOperational GenovaWork packages 1-Structur the 1-Needs 2- Practices 1-Defining the 2-Work(WP) platform analysis transfer pilot sites achievement pilotes 2- Tools 3-Fields 4- Identify the 3- Renforcer 4- Strenghen the development evaluation major les capacités governance innovations 10
  11. 11. work packages (WP) Common WP5 – Wastes methodology for Management Plans creating wastes (WMP) management plans Partners cities 8 territories partners for the project + integration WP4 of 5 cities during the COMMON project STRATEGIC PLATFORM Experts netwoks & WP6 - Pilots Cities netwoks Wastes types Strenghen the 13 pilot institutional actions Diffusion of capacities &good practices shared over 7 support in the themes on 8Mediterranean territories 11
  12. 12. The MED-3R project Numéro Groupe de tâches Coordinateur de GT WP 1 Management & coordination NCA WP 2 Communication, broadcast NCA/ EUROMEDAction Plan: WP 3 Capitalization ANGEDThis project is made up of WP 4 Strategic networks platform7 work packages (WP) for a sustainable & adapted management of wastes in the& 15 partners. Mediterranean Sousse WP 5 Wastes managements plans For a better governace Genova WP 6 Pilot actions: 13 actions shared over 7 themes on 8 territories (Wastes : from the Project leader: catering, organic, electric & The director of electronic equipment, aid activities the C.D.W.M. with infectious risks, plastic, waste Isabelle sorting, enhancement & wastes RAESER treatment) SEMIDE WP 7 Evaluation of the project University of Genova 12
  13. 13. Other actions to achieve during the project• Reception of all the partners of the 1st Monitoring Committee in Nice• Reception of all the partners & all the local, regional, national & euro-mediterraneanactors (200 persons) for the inaugural seminar in Nice• Creation of the project web-site• Defining & setting up the different management plans of the territorial partners• Pilot Action 1 on the catering wastes in partnership with the “Chambre de Commerce etd’Industrie Nice Côte d’Azur”• Pilot Action 9 on the electric & electronic equipments wastes• Pilot Action 10 on the aid activities with infectious risks wastes 13
  14. 14. : Pilot Actions - Coordination SEMIDE13 pilot actions shared on 7 themes will be accomplished on 8 territories of the project.Theme 1 : Catering wastesCoordinator : CCINCAOperators : CCINCA/ Metropole NCA (pilot 1), Genova (pilot 2), Hyères (pilot 3)Participant partners : CRUIE, Pole EATheme 2 : Organic wastes (composting)Thème 3 : Recycling sortingTheme 4 : Electric & electronic equipmentsCoordinator & operator : Metropole NCA (pilot 9)Participant partners : OIEau & Pole EaTheme 5 : Aid activities with infectious risks wastesCoordinator : Metropole NCAOperators : Metropole NCA (pilot 10), Hyères (pilot 11)Participant partners : OIEau & Pole EaTheme 6 : Plastic wastesTheme 7 : Enhancement & treatment of the islands wastes 14
  15. 15. MED-3RThank you for your participation 15 MED-3R Présentation Barcelona 18122012