Paving the way for the Mediterranean Solar Plan


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Paving the way for the Mediterranean Solar Plan

  1. 1. Paving the Way for the Mediterranean Solar Plan Z’ev Gross Country Coordinator
  2. 2. What is the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP)? Originally articulated by France, Germany and Egypt (2006/2007) Officially launched as a project of The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Part of the EU/Med free trade area effort (Barcelona Process) Will define large scale RE projects for power, develop grid interconnections as well as EE opportunities Originally designed to put 20 GW RE (solar) capacity by 2020
  3. 3. EU Directive – Promotion of Use of Energy from Renewable Resources (2009) Enhancing ramifications on MSP - supported MSP by giving it a market (import) Restricting Ramifications on MSP - support limited to power sourced in facilities commissioned after Directive goes into force - Mechanisms to track and account for generation, imports etc. - Must be incorporated in agreements with third countries
  4. 4. Paving the Way for MSP EU funded project creating “platform” for MSP; Itself aimed at assisting the Mediterranean Partner Countries create an environment enabling significant increase in deployment of sustainable energy systems based on RE; PWMSP structured to address country by country needs (“vertical tasks”) as well as regional issues which must be addressed to assure the successful implementation of MSP (“horizontal tasks”). Project Consortium: MVV decon (Germany)(Consortium Leader), ENEA (Italy); RTE International (France); Sonelgaz (Algeria); Terna (Italy)
  5. 5. “Vertical Task” 1 - Improvement of Regulatory and Legislative Framework Benchmarking of existing practices (vs. EU) (x) Roadmaps- Regulatory Convergence (vs. EU) (c) Discussion of Roadmaps with Country Stakeholders Definition of Infrastructure Needs (x) Revised National Roadmaps – Regional Roadmap – Regional Seminar Implementation of Regional Roadmap
  6. 6. “Vertical Task” 2 – Transfer of Knowledge and Capacity Building Improved intra/inter regional transfer of knowledge - Questionnaire + baseline (c) - Roadmap for cooperation - International Seminar – Euro-Med cooperation in R&D - F/U of knowledge transfer Capacity Building - Clean Technology Platform (good practices database) - Strategic research agenda and implementation plan - Training Programs
  7. 7. “Vertical Task” 3 - Support to Implement Sustainable Energy Policies Institutional setting for RE promotion - Benchmarking institutional setting - Roadmaps to best practice - Discussion with stakeholders - Revised roadmaps + regional seminar Policies allowing competitive RE deployment - Promotion of arrangements for registering CDM projects - Promoting registration of certificates of renewables’ origin - Promoting transparent, low-risk instruments for grid- connected renewables - Ensuring preferential dispatch - Manual of best practice
  8. 8. “Vertical Task” 3 - Support to Implement Sustainable Energy Policies (cont.) Recommendations on Governance of MSP - Advice on governance
  9. 9. “Vertical Task” 4- Support to Investment Bridging Fossil/Alternative/RE cost gap - Determination of costs and benefits (c) - Determination of cost sharing formulae Making projects bankable - Creation of support tools for MSP project investment - Direct assistance to investors - MSP investment Road Show
  10. 10. “Horizontal Task” A – Mediterranean Grid and European Backbone Evaluation Assess present state of electrical infrastructures Network access and potential congestion Define needs for refurbishment and reinforcement
  11. 11. “Horizontal Task” B – Key Issues Supporting MSP Master Plan Implementation Definition of the adequacy of generation evolution in light of exchanges situation with neighboring countries Conceptual design of a portable and scalable reference project for rural application Assess storage technologies and define guidelines for tailored application to specific needs of Southern and Eastern Med countries Coordination with ongoing EU efforts – e.g. MEDRING
  12. 12. Thank you for your Attention Z’ev Gross 050-6206269