Gilmore girls- elisa


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Gilmore girls- elisa

  1. 2. The story begins when Lorelai, Rory’s mother, who has not seen her parents since Rory was born, ask them money for registering Rory in the prestigious school Hartford (Chillton). They accept but put one single condition, Rory and Lorelai would have to come to their house every Friday to have dinner. Centering around the daily life of a family,composed by a single mother and her teen daughter, this American drama series managed to last seven seasons. This series has really clever enjoyable and funny dialogues. References to movies, music, books, celebrities or feminism are constant. Almost all the character have a very close relation with music and in Lorelai’s and Rory’s life films are a sacred thing. The story takes place in Stars Hollow (Connecticut), but some other places appear, for example, Lorelai’s parents house, Rory’s school, and later on, her university, Yale. PLOT SETTINGS
  2. 3. Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) Lorelai is a really witty, funny, free-spirited, spontaneous woman. She loves coffee and snow and has an excelent relationship with her daughter, sometimes they even appear to be sisters. Only daughter of Richard and Emily Gilmore, Lorelai gets pregnant from Christofer, her high school boyfriend, when she’s sixteen years. Her parents wish she would become a young lady of the upper society but she never liked that world. When she gets pregnant her parents want her to get married so she leaves her home and starts working as a maid in the Independence Inn where she’s progresively promoted till she becomes the manager. Here she knows Sookie, who becomes her best friend. She lives in the hotel with Rory until she affords to buy a house in Stars Hollows. Her dream is to open her own hotel,wich she finally achives it when she buys the Dragon Fly Inn with Sookie. Lorelai goes out with several gays throughout the series and Christopher is always present in her life. However she finally ends with Luke Danes, the owner of the restaurant where she always have coffee. Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) Rory, as her mum, is really witty, they are very close and the rarely fight, they share the same taste for music and they both love coffee. Rory is really responsible and a great student. She attends Chilton Academy -thanks to her grandparents who pay it with the condition that they have dinner all together weekly- and studies her junior and senior years of the high school there. She graduates and enters the university. Although her dream had always been to study in Harvard she finally choses Yale, the university in which her grandparents studied. She majors in English although her passion is the journalism. For this, she starts working in the university newspaper, finally managing to become the editor. As her mum, she goes out with some boys during the series including Dean, her high school boyfriend, Jess , Luke’s nephew and Logan, who she knows at the university.
  3. 4. Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czuchry) Rory knows him at university. At first she doesn´t like him very much because she thinks regards him as a spoiled child who thinks he can do whatever he wants just because his father is rich. However, when she realises how he really appreciate her, she progresively starts to fall in love with him. THE BOYFRIENDS Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) He is the owner of “Luke’s Diner”. He seems rough and unfriendly, but he is a good person and cares a lot about the people he loves. He Knows Lorelai and Rory very well as they always go to his restaurant to have some coffee. He goes out with Lorelai, they even get engaged…
  4. 5. Sookie St. James (Melissa McCarthy) She is really friendly and kind-hearted. She is a culinary genious, very ambitious and perfectionist in her dishes. She gets married with Jackson and they have two sons, she is pregnant with her third child by the end of the series. She meets Lorelai when working together in the Independence Inn and they become best friend. Together they open their own hotel, the Dragon Fly. Lane Kym (Keiko Agena) She is Rory’s best friend since High School. She from Korean origins and her authoritharian mother oblies he to hide her passion for music (she has to hide her non-Christian CDs) as well as lots of other thing to her mother. When her mum discovers all this, they have a horrible fight and they don’t even talk to each other. Lane goes to live with her rock-and-roll band. Her mum realises that if she doesn’t accept her, she’s going to loose her, so they are reconciled. She marries Zach (one of the band members) and they have twins. She and Rory always tell everything to each other, they are really good friends, even when Rory leaves Stars Hollow to go to Yale. THE FRIENDS