Cosapi basic class 1


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Cosapi basic class 1

  1. 1. COSAPI ENGLISHTRAINING PROGRAM Conducted by: Marco Loyola Florián Class 1
  2. 2. Good afternoon class! Good afternoon Marco How are you today? Fine, thanks. And you? I’m fine too. INTRODUCTIONHello! My name is Marco Loyola. Hi Marco. Nice to meet you!Nice to meet you too.Good afternoon. I’m Guillermo Dávila Hi Guillermo. Nice to meet youNice to meet you too.
  3. 3. Formal GreetingsGood morning Marco (Single) Mr. LoyolaGood afternoon Mr. Marco Loyola (Men) (Married ) Miss Rosa ChávezGood evening Miss Chávez (women) Mrs. Rojas Ms. Alva Ms. Rosario Alva Madam Sir
  4. 4. Informal Greetings Hi Guillermo Hello there Hey guys Greetings: Questions I’m fine What’s up? Not muchHow are you? I’m just fine NothingHow are you today? Fine What’s new? What’s up?How are you doing? Great Thank you! Good Thanks!How is it going? Excellent I’m ok All right So-so And you? How about you? What about you?
  5. 5. Greetings: Conversation Conversation 1 Conversation 2A: Good morning Mr. Travis. A: Hi John!B: Hello Anna, how are you? B: Hey Anna, how is it going?A: I’m fine, thank you. And you? A: All right, and you?B: I’m ok. B: I’m ok, thanks. Conversation 3 Conversation 4A: Good afternoon Miss Rosales; A: Alex! Hi! how are you today? B: Hi Ullianof, What’s up?B: Hello Sandra. I’m fine, and you? A: Not much, and you?A: I’m just fine. B: Good
  6. 6. INTRODUCTIONSI am Julian SmithI’m Fernando Guzman, from Cosapi.My name is Antonio Cruz, from the Head office in Lima.My name’s Peter, Peter Carpenter.My name’s Kate, by the way. Kate Simpson.What’s your name?Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too.It’s a pleasure to meet you. It’s my pleasure.Glad to meet you! Glad to meet you too.It’s nice to meet you! It’s nice to meet you too.My pleasure Mr. Thompson! The pleasure is mine.How do you do? How do you do?
  7. 7. INTRODUCTIONS: Conversation Conversation 1A: Good afternoon Mr. Guzmán. I’m Julio Ayvar, from the project in Trujillo.B: Good afternoon Mr. Ayvar. It’s a pleasure to meet you.A: It’s my pleasure . Conversation 2A: Hello, I’m Francisco Corcuera, from the Head Office in Lima.B: Hi Francisco, I’m Jules Arana, from the OSH office In Trujillo.A: Nice to meet you Jules.B: Nice to meet you too Francisco. Conversation 3A: Good evening. I’m Julio Ferreyros, from COSAPI.B: Good evening Mr. Ferreyros. I’m Mercedes Cruz, from Graña & Montero.A: How do you do Ms. Cruz?B: How do you do Mr. Ferreryros.
  8. 8. INTRODUCING PEOPLEThis is ………Let me introduce you to…I’d like you to meet…Examples:Julio, this is Charles.Andrea, this is Tony, from the Technical Office.Mr. Guzman, let me introduce you to my Wife, Karla.Ms. Diaz. I’d like you to meet Mr. Oman. He is the Manager of the projectin Trujillo.
  9. 9. INTRODUCING PEOPLE:CONVERSATION Conversation 1A: Good afternoon Mr. Perez. I’m Sam Smith, from the project in Trujillo.B: Good afternoon Sam, it’s a pleasure to meet you.A: It’s my pleasure. By the way, let me introduce you to Ken Lee, he is our Human Resources Manager .C: Nice to meet you Mr. Perez.B: Nice to meet you Mr. Lee. Please, call me David.C: Ok. Please, call me Ken. Conversation 2 A: Hi. I’m Victor Urbina, from the Logistics Department. B: Hello Victor, I’m Alberto Salas, from the OSH office. Nice to meet you! A: Nice to meet you too .By the way, this is Juan Carlos, from the Technical Office. B: Hi Juan Carlos, nice to meet you! C: Nice to meet you too.