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Cosapi basic class 2


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Cosapi basic class 2

Published in: Education
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Cosapi basic class 2

  1. 1. COSAPI ENGLISHTRAINING PROGRAM Conducted by: Marco Loyola Florián Basic Group Class 2
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONGood afternoon Good afternoon Marcoclass!How are you today? Fine, thanks. And you?I’m fine too.
  3. 3. COSAPI: The Trujillo TempleProject OFFICES The Technical Office The Production Office The Project Management Office The OSH Office (Occupational Safety and Health) The Administrative Office The Quality Management Office The Procurement Office The Warehouse The Management Office The Contract Management Office The Topography Office The Equipment and Service Office
  4. 4. INTRODUCTIONSI’m Fernando Guzman, from the management office.My name is Antonio Cruz, from the OSH office.My name’s Peter Carpenter from the procurement officeMy Kate Simpson, from the technical office.Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too!
  5. 5. CONVERSATIONA: Hello.B: Hi.A: What’s your name?B: My name is Julio Alva, from the production office.A: Nice to meet you Julio. I’m Cesar Lopez, from the OSH office.B: Nice to meet you too Cesar.
  6. 6. COUNTRIES - NATIONALITIES ArantesI am Marco Loyola He is EdsonI am from Trujillo, He is from BrazilPeru PeruvianI am He is Brazilian He is a politician.I am a teacher. She is Madona He is Hugh Grant. She is from The US He is from England. She is American. He is English. She is a singer. He is an actor.
  7. 7. Personal Pronouns – Verb ToI am be I’mYou are Peruvian. Brazilian. You’reHe is from Peru from Brazil. He’sShe is American English. She’sIt is from the US from England It’sWe are We ‘reYou are You’reThey are They’re Contractions I am I’m You are You’re He is He’s She is She’s It is It’s We are We ‘re You are You’re They are They’re
  8. 8. Personal PronounsRosa is from Lima. She is from Lima – She’s from Lima.Cesar is Peruvian. He is Peruvian. – He’s Peruvian.Manuel and Rita are from Brazil. They are from Brazil. – They’re from Brazil.My wife is from The US. She is from The US. – She’s from The US.Robert and I are from Lima. We are from Lima –We’re are from LimaCOSAPI is from Peru. COSAPI is Peruvian.
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  11. 11. Countries - Nationalities